Working from Home Opportunities -10 Top Choices for 2020 and Beyond

create financial freedom

How Do You Create Financial Freedom?

What should I do with my Life?

 How can I make money working from home?

 Can I work Part-time until I earn enough to quit my job?

 Can I make a Full-Time income working from Home?

Whether you are currently working in a job or at home looking to build a great future for yourself, you can do this online and today I am excited to share some working from home opportunities for you to get you started on your journey to financial freedom.

Before we get into this, I am going to tell you, no matter what you choose to do, it is going to take time and effort and self-belief to keep you moving forward and if you have a big WHY, this will keep you motivated especially in the early days when you are still new and the money hasn’t started coming in.

This is the time to keep working hard every chance you get because the fruit will grow and the fruit will become abundant for you if you don’t give up on what you are doing along the way.

Loads of people get started and when things get a little difficult, they stop and give up- Never stop believing, and always know there is help close by when you need it. (Please reach out if you need some coaching along the way)

1. Start your own Blog

Old trypewriter

Blogging can make you a lot of money but you have to know how to do it right before you make great money.

Content: When choosing your subject to blog about it is limitless because people all over the world, in fact over 4 billion people are online every month looking for solutions to problems, challenges, buying and so much more and if you write awesome blogs and connect them to some really large sites, you will get paid for this.

If you would like to learn how to have your own website for FREE and built within 15 minutes please click here. You do not need to know how to code or do anything technical. It really is a breeze to get started. 🙂

Having your own website is one of the best ways to gain authority in your chosen niche and make money as well.

You could use to build your site but it is a lot easier to learn with my NO.1 recommendation

Once you have content you can join these places to connect with people all over the world.

Blogger is a place to join for free to add your blogs this one can be monetized using Google AdWords.

Wix is another place you can blog when you build your own website. If you go with Wix, you are not able to transfer your website to another hosting platform as Wix does not use WordPress so it can be challenging and frustrating.

Linkedin is a professional platform where you can join for free and add your blogs and also connect with other people who are interested in what you are about.

Pinterest is awesome and you can add images from your blog to Pinterest and also write blogs on Pinterest and add images as well and this platform is amazing for traffic back to your site.

Twitter is great although you must keep your tweets to a minimum so no adding lengthy posts, however, you can link your tweet back to your website if you have one.

Instagram is also great for getting noticed online and a really good platform to join for free

You could write an Online Course if you are qualified to do this and if this is for you, then please go to Udemy or Fiverr if you are thinking of freelancing.

Have you considered freelancing? Click here to learn more


You could write an ebook on anything you love to write about and then self-publish it on Amazon as a Kindle book.

Amazon Kindle Publish

This is a really great place to get started although you may want to choose other places to sell it as well, such as Draft2Digital.

I am currently self-publishing my 2nd children’s book with this company and so far so good so I am very happy.

eBooks don’t have to be novels, they can be about anything of interest to you as the writer so enjoy and all the very best with your next project. You can make them as short or long as you want them to be.


Upwork is always looking for excellent content writers in a load of different categories so go take a look.

Also if you want to learn how to write your own amazing book, please click here to see how Brian Tracy teaches people.

Brian is a remarkable man and such a great teacher. He is a leader in Personal Development and helps people all over the world and has done this for over 40 years.

Brian Tracy is one of the greatest teachers and over the years, I have learned some amazing and insightful information from this man. Brilliant!!

2.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

With over 4 Billion People surfing the Internet looking for products to buy, build, and sell and with more and more companies using the Internet to gain more sales, the need for excellent Affiliate Marketers, is growing exponentially, and becoming an Affiliate Marketer is a simple process.

4 core steps to Affiliate Marketing

Imagine your niche is Dog Grooming. I typed Affiliate programs for Dog Grooming into Google and this the results that I found.

affiliate programs for dog grooming

As you can see above there are over 16 million results on Google for this niche and if you write a list of all the interests you have or talents you would like to share with people, I am sure the results will amaze you.

Let’s check another niche: Saddles 

Affiliate Programs for Saddles

31 Million results for this niche- Incredible.

Affiliate Marketing is fun and can bring in some serious money over time, so what do you need to do to become successful as an Affiliate Marketer.

1. Choose a Niche that can be monetized as you build your business

2. Write excellent blog posts to gain visitors to your site by sharing information on which are the best products, how to choose a product, how to build something, how to learn something…..

3. Apply to Affiliate Companies and once you are accepted, you will share the company links and banners on your site and when visitors click on those banners or links, they will be taken directly to the company’s website, where if they buy a product or join a program, you will receive a commission for helping out.

If you would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing Companies please click here.

Get started with Affiliate Marketing

The original owner of this website was a Success Coach and a Successful Affiliate Marketer and Affiliate Marketing is my NO.1 choice on working from home opportunities because it is free to start, easy to learn and the rewards are awesome, once you learn how to do this type of business well and I recommend you take a look at the platform I belong to so you can determine whether this platform has what you would enjoy. Please click here to go read a review on this platform.

I knew nothing about Online Work or the best way to make money from home and now I teach people all around the world, how to build a truly successful online business, and every day I get to work my own hours at home doing what I love.

What could be better? Well, I guess traveling the world with your laptop as an Affiliate Marketer would be amazing and I know many people who do this and have been to so many incredible countries while they are working online. What a great life!!

3.Build a Store


Building your own Store online is another good way to make money online and Yes, it will cost you some money but every business worth building costs money, and investing in your future will pay dividends down the track if you work consistently, learn the skills and keep progressing until you reach your goals.




Above are some places for you to check out if selling products with your own store is something you would enjoy and all the best checking the how to’s with this type of business.

4. Dropshipping

shopping online

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment method. Instead of a store stocking products, it purchases the products from a third party supplier. The products are then shipped directly to the consumer.

You do not need to set up a store and if you would like to learn all you need to learn about dropshipping… please click here.

Drop Shipping is another of my working from home opportunities that can create a great passive income over time but you must learn how to do this type of business properly so please click the link above as this will help you learn all you need to know from experts in this field.

Aliexpress is worth checking out to learn about how they operate and what is need to use their services.

5.Build Websites

man working n laptop

If you already know how to build websites, then this is a great opportunity to grow your business, offering people your services and making money,

If you want to learn how to do this please click here for more information. You do not need to know coding and all the technical jargon so it is definitely worth checking out as there is serious money to be made helping people with this service.

Local marketing is a great place to gain business and also, of course, you can spread yourself across the world with online marketing done professionally to gain more and more visitors to your own site where you can offer services to clients.

6. Selling Ad Spaces


Ok, so you have a website built and you want to monetize it and by offering Advertising Spaces to clients, this can be very lucrative.

Let’s say you offer a rate of $40 per month to each company and have 10 companies all paying for advertising space on your site. This is an extra $400 per month which could give you money to help grow your business with say, a pro page builder plugin, a bigger email marketing package, a new program you want to learn from.

Selling ad spaces is a great way to generate ongoing income so approach different companies relative to your site and what you are marketing and get people aboard. Offer a yearly discounted price as well because business owners like to know this is available and will often pay yearly especially when it is in their budget spend.



I have to add this to my list of working from home opportunities as I don’t know if you are already a professional in a certain field of work and I feel it is important to understand that whether or not you are, you can learn the skills necessary to become a consultant in so many different niches.

Marketing, Branding your business, How to write amazing content, How to take a business to the next level, Sales and Marketing, and so much more.

Consulting is just a fancy name for helping people grow their business and there are thousands of people who can do this extremely well so please ask yourself, “What can I offer people?” and you can then turn this into a Consulting business.

If you need coaching for this concept, please reach out as I have some coaching slots available to help you.

email and in the subject bar, please write Coaching. Check out Vicki’s website here:

Check out Consulting. com Sam Ovens started out in a garage at his parents’ home in Auckland New Zealand on a laptop.

Today, Sam is one of the most recognized Consultants around the world so go read Sam’s story and check out what he offers people.

He is an energized young Entrepreneur who gives 120% to everything he does and will continue to grow because he is determined to help people become better at what they want to achieve.

You can also become great at Consulting if you are prepared to learn the ropes and work hard consistently and as with any business you build, this takes time and loads of hard work and learning but it is really worth every second of the journey.

8.Life Coach

life coaching

Do you love helping people?

Are you empathetic towards people?

Can you remain objective?

Are you a great listener?

If you answered Yes to these questions, then becoming a Life Coach might be perfect for you.

Even though this industry has been around for a very long time, it is still growing and there is still a need worldwide for great Coaches.

If you would like to train as a Coach, please email at and I will be in touch within 48 hours of receipt of your email.

Life Coach, Success Coach, Motivation Coach, Inspirational Coach, Family Coach, Kids Coach……. the list of Coaching possibilities that will create a wonderful future not only for you but also the people you work with is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and if you are passionate about helping people live greater lives, then this will be a wonderful choice for you and I hope to hear from you.

Our Coaching Course is 6 weeks and when you have completed this, we also offer help getting you up and running.

Look at how Tony Robbins began and some of the other great leaders in Personal Development. They all started small and over time they grew into giants in the Personal Development arena and you can do this too.

Check out Tony’s programs by clicking here.

9.Natural Healing

natural healing

This is another of my favorite, working from home opportunities and the market is open to you if you are passionate about alternative healing.

People all over the world are getting sick from the drugs they are taking. The side effects are often worse than the illness people are suffering from and more and more people are looking for natural healing alternatives so this is a great choice for a business.

Check out this article on Turmeric and it’s healing properties

If you are a healer, you might want to seriously consider this as an online business. Every day people are looking online for natural solutions to help them with – How to lose weight, How to sleep better, How to feel more energized, What to do for restless legs?…

There are 1000’s of healing tips and natural remedies for people and building a business based on Natural healing would be a real winner.

Here is a relatively new site from Racheal who is into Access Bars and Racheal is building a work from a home business based around this field of natural healing.

Here is another healing site on meditation worth checking out- click here

Relaxation methods




EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) If you want to learn and qualify in EFT, please email with EFT in the subject line- The course is available on Skype. add vickycrawford1958 and leave a message.

Healing with Crystals…

I could write 100’s more modalities but I am sure your mind is giving you loads of different things you could work with to help people all over the world in this fast-growing industry.

10.CBD Business

cbd products

One of the fasted growing industries in the world and it is said to grow to a 20 billion dollar industry by 2020. Now that’s fast.

CBD is a great business opportunity and if you are willing to put in some time and learn how to promote CBD, you could stand to make loads of money from this type of business.

WARNING!!!! Do not buy products or recommend products from China as many are products have come from toxic soil.

Ok, let’s move on.

If you already have a website relating to natural healing or green products or saving our planet, you might want to add in CBD and a really great way to do this is by becoming an affiliate and marketing products that are already doing great.

Click here to join Joys Organic for FREE

Joy Organics Store

Then we have CTFO and this company is also free to join see and you can build through Network Marketing and you get free websites to use to help you market these awesome products so if this is the route you want to take it is a highly recommended company. For more information on CTFO, you may click here for a review about them.

There are loads of different companies relating to CBD Products so if this is something you want to get started with, then google CBD and see what comes up.

Another really great place to join is HB Naturals and their support is awesome. They have a private FB group and loads of supportive material to get you up and building.

If you haven’t yet got your own website and would like one to start your own business please keep reading as it is such a simple process and well worth doing.

Having your Own Website


I hope you are still here after all the reading you have done. 🙂

All the above mentioned working from home opportunities are going to give you passive income which could turn into a very large income every month if you do things well.

This last section of this post is about creating and building your own website and the reason I am sharing this is that having a great website, gives you the opportunity to create and build with your own style and your own flare which is attractive to people who are searching online.

Yes, there are millions of websites out there but so many of them are not really authentic and are filled with so much junk and scammy offers and when you create and build your own authentic site, you are in charge of everything.

The colors, the theme, the title, and everything you add as you build.

I highly recommend you build a WordPress Site by joining my NO.1 recommendation to learn how to do this easily and it’s free to get started.

It takes around 15 minutes to set up your very own website/business. I know this sounds a bit over the top but it’s true. 🙂

1 in 3 people use WordPress to build with as it is easy, efficient and you get an authentic site, not one like the guy or girl next door.

Using sites that are drag n drop is ok but they are so generic and you can tell when you visit these sites that this is how they are made.

WordPress gives you the chance to build your own site and giving it your own “flavor”, your own personality and this gives you more credibility as you get more and more visitors and we all know more visitors, means more sales and this means more money for you.

I belong to an amazing platform where you can learn everything you need to create and build a truly awesome future online doing whatever you choose to do.

Whether it’s blogging, affiliate marketing, opening a store online, or dropshipping, by joining my NO.1 recommendation as a place that has it all, you will save loads of time and money because this platform has it all.

Who am I talking about?

Wealthy Affiliate.

I have left the best till last because it is ranked NO.1 on the Internet as the best training platform as well as a great place to create and build your own business online.

Wealthy Affiliate changed my life and has given me the chance to live life on my terms with no boss telling me the hours I should work and paying me the same amount week after week.

It has given me Money and Time Freedom and Wealthy Affiliate can do the same for you.

courage poster

With over 14 years of experience, this platform is a state of the art place for anyone who wants to learn how to grow success online. All you have to do is join for FREE and get started on the OEC(Online Entrepreneur Certification) training program inside which consists of 50 lessons for you to complete while you are growing and building your own business.

There are over 1900 Experts inside the platform working 24/7 to ensure all the members are moving forward. There is also the Live chat where you can go to ask questions, connect with other online business builders from every part of the world.

The support team who work 24/7 in the background are also there to keep everything running 100% and to fix any mistakes you may make along the way.

To read a review on this platform, please click here.

Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was founded over 14 years ago by Kyle and Carson, 2 young men who wanted to build a “Pay it Forward” platform where anyone of any age and background can learn how to build a great future online and the success from members is phenomenal and I believe it all comes down to the way these 2 guys offer so much to the members and the training programs, plus the 1000’s of resources and the live training events held every week and are hosted by, Jay, Wealthy Affiliate top trainer.

By the way, these sessions are recorded to let people in different time zones watch them when it suits them.

Here is an image of some of the success that happens inside this place.

success at Wealthy Affiliate

Working from home opportunities can be expensive and when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was amazed when I decided to invest in premium membership what was actually given to me for such a small fee.

Premium members get hosting, 25 free websites, 25 sites, SSL Security, 1 on 1 Coaching, Live Chat, 24/7 Support, a community of people all helping each other along the way, 2 Training Programs, Website Backup, Keyword Research tool, Website Analysis and the most incredible part of being a member is, you can earn while you learn.

Yes, you read that correctly. Inside the platform, we have 2 threads. 1 for comments and one for feedback and when you become a certified commenter you start earning money and some of the members pay for their membership this way.

Also if you refer people to Wealthy Affiliate, you also get paid for this service and the commission % is the highest in the Affiliate Industry.

Also if you get a certain amount of referrals in 1 year, you get an all-expenses, paid trip to Las Vegas where you get to connect with other Super Affiliates and of course, Kyle and Carson, and let me tell you, this trip is something else. You are treated like Kings and Queens the whole time you are there- It is fabulous.

There will be no pressure placed on you to become a premium member at any time, however, if you are truly serious about making a full time living online, then I suggest you do this.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, take a good look inside the platform, do the 1st 10 lessons of the OEC Training program, build a free website and get started on your journey and then, if you feel WA has what you need, get the bonus offer of paying only $19 for your 1st month and go premium and keep learning and building a successful future online.

If you would like to build your 1st website now for free, just type in the name of your site in the box below to get started.

Remember, make sure this name relates to the niche you are passionate about and if down the track you decide to buy a dot com domain name, you can transfer this site across to the new one.

Domain names including hosting and security are around $13.99 inside Wealthy Affiliate and this is for 1 year.


Well, we are at the end, and if you are still here after all the reading, Congratulations!!!

You have the mindset and the “stick-to-it” ability to do this and I hope you enjoy a long and hugely successful business online making loads of money along the way.

If you need a hand or have questions, please reach out as I am here to help you in any way I can.

Also if you want to become a Coach, we have spaces available so be in touch to let us know.

EFT training is available on Skype as I mentioned earlier so email us to get more details

I am excited to have shared this post with working from home opportunities and I hope you bookmark this site and revisit.

Even better on the right-hand side of this page, you can join our mailing list to get updates on what we are helping people with and we promise we will never spam your email inbox or sell your information as we respect your privacy 100%

Go well and be awesome as 2019 gets closer to an end- Start today and in 6 months from now, you will be smiling from all you have achieved and I look forward to knowing how you are getting on so please stay in touch.

vicki@moneyandfreedomonline is my email and I would love to hear from you

Should you join Wealthy Affiliate, I will be your personal coach/mentor inside the platform as part of your membership so let’s do this and make you successful too.

Until next time

Vicki Crawford

Vicki Crawford

Signing out

P.S. Please leave a comment or ask any questions you may have and I will reply to you within 24 hours

You rock!!

Thank you

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20 thoughts on “Working from Home Opportunities -10 Top Choices for 2020 and Beyond”

  1. This is a great article, I once tried drop shipping but I guess there are a lot more than I think to learn and it didn’t work out for me, but when I start my affiliate marketing business, it seems to be my thing! 

    The key is no matter which business you are in, you need time and effort, and very importantly you need to love what you are doing.

  2. There is really a bunch of ways one can use to make money online. With all these, a lot of people would really wonder why it is still so difficult to make money online. Even with the popular affiliate marketing, the fact is that to succeed online is no easy task and requires work. But one can always go through the short cut by using paid ads. For example, one can go through this path if they decide to want to sell a course online. It is risky but you can see results faster if done right.

    • Hi Jay

      Yes building any business takes time and hard work but if people only knew how easy it becomes once you have done the hard yards, there would be millions of successful online entrepreneurs

      The trouble is a lot of people want instant gratification and are not prepared to learn and work to gain income

      I am so glad you are doing things the right way

      Go well and thanks for your input

  3. It is really amazing that there are so many opportunities out there that one can grab and start making money online. Your encouragement to keep working hard especially at the beginning is much welcomed. This is the period most people give up and end up missing on these great opportunities. I am currently using your number 1 & 2 methods, and affiliate marketing is currently my main hustle. You have really explained well how the affiliate marketing world works. I am glad I am using your recommended Wealthy Affiliate Platform. The WA platform has taught me so much about websites that I am even building some sites for a few clients. Online business does work if someone is committed to putting in the time and effort. Thank you for these great recommendations.

    • How awesome, Carol. Building sites for clients is a great income earner and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, you have learned how to do this so well done and all the best as you continue to grow online

  4. Hi Vicki,

    i really enjoyed reading your article on the top 10 working from home opportunities. Some of them sound a little too technical for me as I am not overly comfortable on the computer. Do you think I could do wealthy affiliate as this sounds perfect for me, but I am worried that I won’t have the necessary computer skills? Thanks in advance, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew- As I mentioned in this post, when I 1st got started online, I knew nothing and I joined Wealthy Affiliate to see what it was all about and now I am a successful Affiliate Marketer and the training inside the platform is so easy to follow and if I can do it- Anyone can so go check it out for free to see what you think

  5. Thanks for the very thorough and practical article on the ways to earn money from home! I have been trying some of these but I will test dropshipping in the near future, have you tried aliexpress dropshipping? if yes, could it be starter friendly? I fully agree with the possibilities of the CBD industry, I have been maintaining three CBD sites for two years now and it grows very fast.

    • I haven’t tried dropshipping yet Jesse but I am sure if you get some training you will do great and well done on having your CBD sites doing so well- A great niche choice

      Go well

  6. This post, has so many great ideas, that I have never heard of.  As a new blog website owner who is focusing on affiliate marketing.  Blogger and WIX are both something I haven’t heard of, and will shortly be looking into them both.  You offer a lot of great choices of businesses that can help with the dream of working from home.

    I certainly have that dream and I think your post is super helpful to anyone in my position trying to make the dream happen. 
    Great job and thank you

    • Hi Coralie

      Thanks for the positive input today

      Good on you for choosing Affiliate Marketing as it has so many options to go with it and all the best as you learn more and grow huge online.

  7. This is my 2nd month working from home..Blogging world is scary..Having no experience in the field..But so far im absolutely loving it…It’s easy money to earn…Working out in the world was getting me no where in life..I have goals and intend to achieve my goals with persistence.. This was a good article to read, it gave me more inspiration to keep working at it & becoming more experienced in the blogging world.. Keep up the great work! Best wishes!

    • Hi Genia

      Glad you enjoyed this post and well done choosing to do something to really benefit your future 

      Working online is the way to go for sure so keep on working steadily and watch all the fun happen for you

      All the best

  8. Living the American dream of working from home and earning quite immensely is what we all want to achieve but then, very few sets of people achieve it and as such, seeing that you have shared various ways to do it here is really great. Writing has been my thing right from time so, engaging in either affiliate marketing or blogging would be my most favoured picks from the list here. Thanks

    • Glad you are on track with your passion Rodarrick

      I am from New Zealand and you are right living the dream is what a lot of people crave but not so many pursue due to laziness, lack of self belief and determination

      I wish you well on your journey

  9. Wow Vicki, what an incredible guide to home opportunities. I am already a blog writer but you have listed some other ideas that I simply have to take a look at. The CBD oil is something I have been interested in for a while now. You have highlighted several companies . do you know if they sell their products in Australia?  

    The other thing I noticed on your blog and I have been afraid to start is dropshipping. Again, this is something I have been wanting to start for some time now but haven’t been to sure how to begin, I will be returning to your site to click on the link. Hopefully it will be the start of something big for me. Thank you for this comprehensive guide. Jim

    • Hi Jim

      Yes, some of the CBD companies have products that are allowed into Australia, however, it would pay to check before you jump in, although having said this you could join for free as I am sure both Australia and NZ will become open markets in the near future.

      Also, dropshipping can be very lucrative so let me know how you go with it

      I have not pursued this yet but have spoken with some very successful dropshipping merchants

      Go well in your endeavours, Jim and be successful 🙂

  10. Great,
    I’ve read many make money online articles, but few are as thorough as this. For anyone who wants to start the online journey, this information is more than enough. You talked about wealthy affiliate, there is no platform out there like wealthy affiliate. The support, training, super website hosting platform and many more.
    Thanks for such great info!

    • Hi Magalu and thank you for your positive comment today and I am glad you have found Wealthy Affiliate as it is a truly awesome platform that has everything anyone could need to build a great future online and I wish you continued growth and success in all you work for


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