Working at Home Opportunities – What are real?

Welcome to Money and Freedom Online. Working at home Opportunities and What are real is today’s post.

Make Money working at home- Is this possible?

Can you really earn money at home or is this just another way of scamming money out of you.

Is your money safe?

How do you make honest money?

How long does it take to make money?

How do you know when you have the right place to learn from?

Is there a real, honest platform with Integrity that is not going to rip you off?

How much does it cost?

Let’s look at how to help you and your future now and how easy it is to get started and not get ripped off

All the promises to make you rich

Promises you don’t have to do anything except pay an amount of money and everything else is done for you.

Have you seen sites like this while you have been surfing the net?

Ad for scam

This is a typical scam trying to entice people into their scheme and this just doesn’t work although these people have created multiple sites all saying the same thing. BEWARE!!!!! SCAM Alert!!!!!

There is NO such thing as doing nothing and getting rich except by winning the lotto or being left a large inheritance so if you think working at home is an easy ride, think again.

It requires consistent effort, a good learning platform, and self-belief so if you believe in yourself, let’s look into how to get you making money with some working at home opportunities.

Of course, once you have put in the effort and build a great business, and then, you will have new and fun choices about what to do each day, maybe where to travel, where to live, and whether you want to grow and develop another online business to add to your portfolio of future money.

What is Real?

With so many scams online and also offers from legitimate companies with a high price fee it can be difficult to find a great place to learn how to make money with working at home opportunities and lots of these places are NOT worth the money.


  • How long does it take to make money online?

It all depends on how hard you are prepared to work and whether or not you need to learn some essential skills to be excellent at Online Work.

  • How much should I have to pay to invest in my future?

I say prepare to work on your business consistently for the next 2 years to really get it rocking and this would cost approx: $1000 or less or more if you buy extra things like page builders and professional themes.

  • How many hours each week should I put aside?

If you want to earn a full-time living as quickly as possible I would say around 20-25 hours per week depending on how quickly you learn and utilize what you learn.

  • Can I start learning for free?

Yes, some platforms allow this- Click here to see what I mean.

There a lot more unanswered questions from you I am sure but if you keep reading, things will become clearer to you.

Finding a real business that can help you become a success online and how do you know which 1 to go with?

Check out these things

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they reputable- What are people saying?
  • Will they teach you everything you need to know about Online Work
  • Have they got 24/7 Support?
  • Do their prices keep going up? Beware of Upsells
  • Can you join for free to check out the company?

Being able to join a platform to see if it’s a fit for you is so great as it gives you the opportunity to look around inside, see what people are saying if there’s a live chat space and perhaps get started with any training offered to you so you are able to make an informed decision on whether to stay and invest in your future or keep looking somewhere else online for more working at home opportunities.

Begin Your Journey with working at home oppotunities

Working at Home Opportunities are everywhere online but most of them pay around $5, such as surveys and other types of work.

The real way to make money and serious money is to learn how to create and build your own online business and I am going to share with you, which platform I chose to learn what I know and why 2 million people are members of this place.

Wealthy Affiliate is Home for me Online.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2018 as a free member and within a couple of hours of being inside the platform, I knew premium was going to be my next step.

From there I learned everything possible and did everything that is taught in the training and soon I was on my way to earning money online.

Excitement is a small emotion considering how my life has changed and all of it is thanks to being part of the NO1 Platform on the Internet regarding any work from home opportunities.

Yes, it takes time, focus, determination, and consistent effort to build a solid foundation for your future but hey, have you ever known a great building that been built in a short time and lasts through history?

Well, it’s the same for your online business. 1st you must learn, then you must use what you learn to build and keep building by following all the training step by step. Click here to check out the 1st 10 lessons for FREE.

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer its members?

Here is a screenshot of the 2 memberships when you join Wealthy Affiliate and if you have any questions,

please ask me in the comments section below this post.

Let's Get Started

No, it’s not for everyone. It takes time and a great work ethic to be able to build success in anything you choose to do in life but if you are prepared for days where you get frustrated, things don’t go how you planned, you get down because you are not making sales in your 1st month or you stop working and go do stuff irrelevant to making money.

Opportunities are everywhere, scammers are everywhere and I am honored to share Wealthy Affiliate with you in this post.

But, I don’t want you to take my word for it. You don’t know me. I could be another fool trying to tempt you into a scam. I can assure you I’m not but you must take a look for yourself and then it’s truly up to you and nothing I have suggested.

Win-win because I know 100% how fabulous Wealthy Affiliate is and I now have 3 businesses online and every day is a fun day, working out new titles for articles, learning more advanced stuff to keep me growing and learning and becoming more and more of authority online. This makes me smile and I know if I can do this, anyone with a good attitude can too,

I’m 61 and knew nothing about growing a business online and today, I teach people how to do this and love everything about all I have learned over the past 18months.

Bring on the net 18 months because I know there are going to be some exciting times ahead and I hope you also take the opportunity to do what I am doing. I will be your mentor/coach and I look forward to working with you and watching you turn your life into something a lot better for you and your family if you have one.

Updates and Keeping it Real

Young Man working online at home with working at home opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate has been rated as the NO.1 platform for working at home opportunities and Kyle and Carson the 2 Founders and Owners have not increased their prices for over 10 years and intend to keep it like this to make sure every day people can become successful online as this is where the future of selling and buying is going and with more and more companies moving to online to sell their products this is the perfect time to start your own business as an Affiliate Marketer.

Starting part-time and continuing to learn and grow will give you a full-time living earning very good money as a passive income which is another reason to do this.

More and more businesses are closing down due to what is happening online and this is going to increase so people with jobs are not safe in many places. One day, you are happy working hard for your boss, and the next day, you are told not to come back as there is no job anymore.

Has this happened to you?

What would you do if this happened?

Computerized management systems are being used more as well and this takes away the need for humans because 1 person can manage a system whereas in the past there was a large team all with different roles to play in this system management.

Robot taking your job

Don’t leave it too late to create an income for yourself that will continue to grow and give you a life you deserve without struggling to make ends meet time and time again. So frustrating to live from paycheck to paycheck and with the training and 24/7 support you will get from Wealthy Affiliate, what have you got to lose?

Nothing!! You won’t even be asked for your credit card or debit card when you join because Kyle and Carson want all members to feel happy and safe when they join and they want to give you time to see if you are going to enjoy all that is offered as a premium member.

Check out this post on different ways to make money with Affiliate Marketing, all of which are legitimate and can be used as you learn and grow.

There are more ways than what you read above on how to make money online but this will give you some idea of what is in store for you when you get started and get building.

It isn’t hard if you learn from experts and accept help from the members inside Wealthy Affiliate who are available 24/7 as well. With over 1900 Experts in Online Marketing there to help, you will never be stuck for answers to any questions you have and if you make a mistake while learning, the support team will fix things so you can keep moving forward.

Question: Will the Market place ever get saturated with Affiliate Marketers?

NO, and the reason for this is simple. Over 4 billion people surf the Internet looking to buy, sell, learn and teach and the numbers will only continue to grow as the Internet expands more and more to accommodate people moving to the Online World.

I have only 1 regret and that is I didn’t start doing this 10 years ago as I know I would now be a multi-millionaire. For me and for others it is never too late to make a choice that will truly benefit you and your future and I am so happy I made the decision to join a platform that teaches everything anyone needs to learn to become an online success.

All you need to do is get started and keep learning and growing your future. It really is that simple.

Earn while you Learn with WA

Wealthy Affiliate ProgramInside Wealthy Affiliate, you can also earn while you learn through the 2 Affiliate Programs offered to members. You can refer people to Wealthy Affiliate and also Jaaxy which is rated as one of the best Keyword Research Tools online for Marketers.

You can also help out with comments in the comments thread and you can earn money doing this which can help pay for your premium membership.


Working at home opportunities are everywhere as I mentioned earlier however most of them offer very small amounts of money for what they offer.

Building your own business gives you so many benefits.

  • Freedom to work the hours you choose from wherever you are.
  • Doing what you enjoy
  • Earning a great living
  • Having more time for loved ones
  • Having more time to do the things you enjoy.
  • Travel
  • No Boss
  • Independence
  • An income that truly outdoes a job, unless you are a cardiac surgeon of course – lol

I have enjoyed writing this post today and hope I have helped you with your future decisions on how to make money working from home.

Ok, if you have questions, please ask below in the comments box and if you want to contact me please email:, and I will reply to you within 24-48 hours

Thanks for stopping by

2020 is yours!!! so grab it and let’s get you moving forward to greater things in life.

I wish you the best,


Vicki Crawford








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  1. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and after reading it I found a great way to earn from the online marketplace. Notable among them is Wealthy Affiliate and from here I can earn easy because I myself have a Premium membership on the Wealthy Affiliate website and from here I am trying to find a way to earn my income. Wealthy Affiliate is a great medium for earning online, and if anyone takes a Primer membership, they can easily find a place for themselves online, and there is a whole series of tutorials on how to do affiliate marketing online. I myself have enjoyed watching these tutorial videos and I hope that many others will benefit from this article.

    • Yes, the video training, the tutorials and the OEC and Bootcamp training are worth thousands of dollars and as premium members, we get everything offered to us to learn and utilize what we learn and I wish you continued success with WA and your online future

  2. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the  public as it has been of help to me. I must say that you have done a very nice job on this article as it is very interesting and informative too,this are very nice opportunity to work from home and I think they would suit me I many areas.

    • I’m glad I can help you with your decisions about joining a great platform to learn and grow online and I hope I get to work with you along the way

  3. Hello Vicki, nice to see you share this post. For me, it is just like a guide on avoiding scam and how to actually make money online. Some persons up till date do not believe that money can be made online. My father doubted me until I went to the bank to withdraw some amount he never expected me to have, lol, now he believes that it is possible to make money online. Some persons don’t believe because they’ve been scammed before. Making money online takes a lot of hardwork though but it will surely pay.


    • Yes there will be people that don’t believe what you are doing is worth it but when the money starts coming in, they soon change their minds don’t they

      All the best as you continue to grow your future and may the money keep growing as well

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing opportunities of working at home.

    Nowadays everyone wants to work from home and make money. I searched on the internet but I found only fake information and platforms trying to trick you by saying “make money without doing anything”. I didn’t see anyone earning money without working. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I want to say that this is the only platform where I have been able to make money and continue to grow my own online business. All the training I have available are very useful and dedicated to beginners. I appreciate that you honestly recommend this platform where real money is earned and with work and ambition everything is possible. Thanks again for this. Good luck! 

  5. Hi Vicki, I really wanna appreciate you for this educative and informative article you have here, I think you have said it all.
    It is not very easy to start a business online, especially earning from home, it involves a lot of risk taking, but with resilience and tenacity, the yield is quite sure.
    A lot of scams flying around but in the same vain there are also businesses which are still legit, it depends on the ability to source from the right channels

    One of the best means of making money online is wealthy affiliates.

    • Hi Carol

      I’m glad you are with Wealthy Affiliate as well and I wish you a successful 2020 and beyond as you grow online and build a wonderful business

    • Thank you Carol and I wish you all the best for 2020 and beyond
      The more we work towards our goals the closer we get to greater success so never give up and always keep believing

  6. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article .I am a working man but it has been very difficult for me to get this job in my family .So I was always looking for opportunities to work at home and look for some such articles. I am so happy to have found your article today. In fact, at one time people thought there was no work at home. But the world that has gone a long way today has helped to take this online world forward .I saw a friend of mine talking about how to make money online as well as handle the world .That friend of mine was another inspiration to me. And that article just added to your level of inspiration. I saw my friend working at the wealthy affiliate and he now works on this platform and is making a lot of money. And I saw him start earning while learning the job. I think that might be a plus point for me. And I believe this platform provides a great opportunity to work at home .And I think another thing I and my friends should remember is that there is consistency with proper training and strong confidence in myself.I have gained a lot of knowledge from your articles. And I certainly collected his article for the future. And I hope for you that I can make this platform a bigger place by following every tips you give. At the same time I want to say that I will join this platform very soon and will make good money in a very short period of time and show that I have the opportunity to work from home, but only want to take advantage of that opportunity. 

    • A great attitude Shanta and I hope you do join soon and get started building a great future for yourself 

      Work well and grow big and enjoy everything WA offers members

  7. Hello Vicky!

    We can make money from home if we strongly desire and want it, and if we work for it carefully, which means also not falling into online traps aka scams. And if we start to do something on a good platform like WA, we should not desist over the time, or at least start it again if we happen to encounter some difficult periods.

    I agree that it takes time and efforts to succeed, and that there is no huge luck like winning the lottery (except for a very few people).

    Good luck! Peter

    • Hi Peter

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 

      Thank you- I love working on my future and it is paying me which is wonderful

      You enjoy 2020 and success in all you work for with WA

  8. With all those scam sites out there, more people should take a chance with Wealthy Affiliate. I have an online business that I started in 2018 and plan to make it an authority online also. It’s all thanks to WA! When I first started the training for free, I honestly wanted to continue learning. Before I knew it, I had an amazing website before I even made any payments.

    In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate stands alone in the niche of online business and it has the proof to back it up.


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