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Blogging and making money in 2019

Imagine how cool it would be to be able to work from home Online, blogging and make a part-time income which eventually becomes a full time income- How would this change things for you?

.It won’t happen overnight because great things take time and effort and also consistency so if you are read you are ready to move forward into 2019 doing what you enjoy, then keep reading and let’s get into this further here.

“Success starts when you take the 1st Step”



What does it take to get started?

A question often asked by people who visit money and freedom online and my answer to everyone is this.

All you need is the Internet and some training  to teach you how to create and build a website you love and a product/subject you enjoy and lets get blogging and helping people all over the world with the blogs you are going to share and if you learn to do it well, you can make a lot of money once you have built a solid foundation for your site and got lots of great blogs published.

People are drawn to blogs that are rich in content and offer great advice, maybe product reviews, lessons on how to do something like DIY for instance or maybe you can teach someone how to write like you do and offer them your services once you get really proficient.

So you want to build a website and now you are probably thinking- Oh me, that’s hard or that’s gonna cost me heaps. Well, I have news for you.

Yes, it is going to cost you some money but I know you will realise that to build a business,  nothing is free and every business on the planet cost money to build and yours is no different so for around a cup of coffee per day $3 you can build your business which is pretty darn good.

I found a platform that has given me the opportunity to learn all I need and I have built 4 businesses online now, working from home full time which is really awesome and you can work your way into full time as well should you choose this.

Everything in 1 Place

I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free to have a look around inside this platform and within a few hours of beginning there I got a really strong feeling, this place was going to be the perfect fit for me, so 2 days later, I paid the bonus offer of $19 and became a premium member and got started immediately on the training offered in this state of the art platform.

When I started my 1st lesson, I remember thinking, How am I ever going to do this when I know literally nothing about how to build a website and within a few minutes I had my very 1st website built. I know sounds like I’m talking nonsense to you but believe me I’m not, you see as a premium member you get to choose from over 3000 WordPress Themes so I chose a theme I liked, I bought my own dot-com domain name and I pushed the create a website button and within around 40 seconds my website was ready for me to publish. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited to own my very 1st website that was going to be my future online and off I went through each lesson of the training, learning absolutely everything I needed to build a successful indexed and ranked Website- Yes, even Google, Yahoo and Bing liked my site and I was away in the online world.

Even today, I look back and think about those early days and how much I learned by doing all the lesson and modules to complete the Online Entrepreneur Certification and today I feel so grateful to Carson and Kyle for building this business over 14 years ago to help people like you and I build a future online. amazing and the best part is, it works. All you have to do is do what I did, follow the training, learn and keep building and don’t stop.

Wealthy Affiliate has it all

  • Support 24/7
  • Training x 2
  • 1 on 1 coaching if you need it
  • Live chat to help you will questions 24/7
  • Over 1800 Experts to give you a hand
  • 25 Site Rubix Websites
  • 25 dot-com websites
  • Hosting
  • SSL SEcurity, SEO Analytics
  • Weekly live video training
  • Recorded Training
  • Tutorials
  • WA Blogs from members helping us to learn new skills
  • Keyword Tool incorporated- Jaaxy
  • 2 x Affiliate Programs to earn money
  • Earn while you learn for all members
  • E-commerce
  • woo commerce and more

Within the platform, you will find the answer to everything you ever need to know and the most incredible part is you will see NO upsells, no hideous add-ons just when you are wanting more. In wealthy Affiliate, every premium member is given everything to use and to learn for the hosting/membership fee and that’s it.

Content is King

When you have your website built, you are ready to start blogging and to gain popularity there are some really important things you need to do and one of them is to choose excellent Keywords to use in your title and within your blog and inside Wealthy Affiliate we use Jaaxy for free as part of our hosting/ membership.

I will be writing another blog soon based on how to use Jaaxy however if you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn all about this amazing tool in the training and you will set up for life.

Using great keywords gets you indexed quickly and also helps with rankings with the Search Engines and you really want to make this happen as soon as you start blogging so please learn this skill as soon as you can.

OK, you have got your keywords to use in your blog so how many words should your blog be?

When I was a newbie to this I figured, you just write until you are over it and publish, which in a way is kind of true although, you really need to make sure with each blog, you have helped people and given as much information to them as possible so they understand what you are helping them with.

This will create trust, reliability and yes, you got it, ranking which in turn leads to money, which leads me to the big one for most people.

How and when will I make money?

Money is on most people minds these days and the great news is the Internet is huge and growing so fast with over 4 Billion people surfing online looking for products, to buy, sell, learn about, teach and invent and there are numerous ways to make money from blogging so let’s learn more about this.

Affiliate Marketing- Check this link for more details on this, please


Drop Shipping


All of these are great options to earn a full-time income once you have chosen which one you might enjoy learning about and growing and all of these are taught within Wealthy Affiliate as part of your Premium Membership so lets get you started and by the time 2019 arrives, you will already be ahead and growing so you will be in a good place.

You will need to stay focused, believe in yourself and be determined to become successful and whatever you do, when things feel a bit tricky keep pushing yourself. All of the leaders, myself included tell every member in Wealthy Affiliate, to become successful, you need to work for it. Money will not drop in your lap or your bank account and this is Not a Get Rich Quick Scam, it is a genuine chance for anyone to create and build a hugely successful business so please join for free and come and see what its all about at Wealthy Affiliate and also if you like what you see grab the 7 day offer to go premium for $19 and lets get you ready to work from home online – Blogging and making money in 2019 and for many many years to come if you learn and grow and build well

I love Wealthy Affiliate and so do 1.2 million members and I invite you to become one of these great members

Go easy- Be awesome                                   


Founder of Money and Freedom Online

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  1. I have had so many failures trying to make money online. I have been on this since 2016 but every effort seem futile. Until a friend invited me to join wealthy affiliate.

     I joined as a starter and stayed for 1 year as a starter I really learnt a lot with the free tools and so recently I upgraded my account to premium so I can fully implement all I have learnt with the resources at WA. 

    I know WA is my last bus stop to success and I can’t wait to share my success story.

    • What a great choice you made joining Wealthy Affiliate and I hope you enjoy much success and a long and happy journey

      Go well and thanks for your input


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