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Vicki - Founder
I’m Vicki the founder of Money and Freedom Online
I’m Bob, the new owner of Money and Freedom Online

Vicki started this website with you in mind as so often these days we see people searching online for ways to create more income and unfortunately there are also a lot of really bad websites online offering people all sorts of promises which are hurting peoples pockets.

Scams are everywhere and this is why we decided to create this site so we could help people learn how to become successful online Entrepreneurs by using an honest platform and growing successful businesses.

Bob’s Story:

Updated December 6, 2020:

I live in South Carolina in the United States. I have a wife (Karen) and a daughter (11 years old), which means the world to me.

I met Vicki online at Wealthy Affiliate and I enjoyed much of her writing in the WA platform. Her blog posts there were always full of information and inspiration. I consider her a mentor and friend and will still seek advice from her from time to time.

I bought this website from her after she offered it to me as she sought other pursuits.

My purpose is very much the same as what she intended with this site… to help people understand affiliate marketing and find ways to navigate the waters of online entrepreneurship. I also share her view to help people find their way around the scams of the online community.

I plan to leave her content here as it is way more valuable than I can do. Besides, I didn’t want to start all over again. I have changed some of the links to my profile in WA as her links there will no longer work. I have added some of my own and replaced some of her other affiliate links as well.

My goal is to continue this site as she intended for it to be and I hope to be just as informative and inspiring as she is to all those she continues to help.

Vicki’s Story:   

I live in a sleepy seaside town and love to go fishing when I can as the sea is about 2 minutes away which is perfect 🙂

I have 2 awesome adult children and 3 grandchildren who are delightful young people and I also have 2 wee dogs who are great friends and good company.

I spend a lot of time helping people build their online businesses and this is my favorite thing to do as I love seeing success happen for the people I work with.

I have money and time freedom and I hope by sharing my knowledge and some tips along the way, you too can enjoy a lifestyle of choice.

Why We Want To Help People

As a child I learned empathy, compassion, and kindness as my sister was disabled and in a much harder place than I was and in my adult years I was a singer-songwriter and my songs are written based on my life.

Here is a link to my songs- Spotify 🙂

In 2006 my life changed and I had life-saving brain surgery and from the time I came through the recovery, I knew my purpose was to encourage and empower people wherever I went.

This led to studying Personal Development which then led to owning my own business and then progressed to do this online and that’s when I knew I needed a great platform to learn how to do all this online stuff.

When I was 1st looking to build a successful business online, I too got caught in a few dodgy business opportunities and lost money every time which was tough, and so annoying and a little costly as well.

I soon became aware of what Scam sites look like and what the carrots are that people used to try to hook ordinary people like you and me into believing they are real when they are only out for one thing.

To feather their bank accounts with innocent people’s hard-earned money.

I’m not young anymore but in my years online I have helped a lot of people grow amazing businesses online and this is my passion in life.

Helping people create, learn and build an online future and are what I intend to do until I’m too old to do this 🙂

The Goal Of This Site

This website will be dedicated to Tools, tips, Strategies, and more and will cover topics like word press/content writing. How to overcome challenges when writing, How to implement Keywords, What to used to make sure your Grammar is correct, and much more.

The audience we are aiming to help are those that are serious about creating and building online futures, those who are prepared to set goals, make plans, and work those plans to achieve excellent results and we will be adding posts every few days about, any different topics relating to building success online

I am doing this because I believe anyone has the capabilities of growing a successful online business and I want to help you do this if you are willing to work hard, stay focused, and put in consistent effort to achieve your goals.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



Remember- The 1st step is the beginning of your new and successful journey

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