Which is Better Wix or WordPress – See what the Experts say

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Online Business Choices for Your Website build

So which is better Wix or WordPress?

This question gets asked a lot so today I thought I would share what I know about both Wix and WordPress so you can determine which one best suits your needs.

4 Billion people are surfing the net looking for information and also to buy or sell or teach something and more and more people are building websites for their business to keep up with the trends and future needs of people and themselves as business owners.

When you build a business online, You need to have excellent knowledge so training is important unless you know everything already and you also need a really great website, filled with information to help people, so where to begin and which is better Wix or WordPress.

Let’s see what the Experts have to say.

WIX Drag n Drop Website

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Wix.com Ltd. is an Israeli cloud-based web development platform that was first developed and popularised by the Israeli company also called Wix. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

The Company started back in 2006 and offers people easy solutions to their website build with their drag n drop features.

Gorgeous themes enabling anyone to create stunning websites without much effort.

Wix makes it so easy for people to think they have created a website that is going to be seen and loved by Google but what many people don’t realise it takes more than just a good looking site to get noticed.

Missing essentials

SEO Symbol

SEO is vital and by using the right Keyword Titles and sizes along with excellent content, meta tags etc this is how to get noticed.

Another really important thing is this. Say you build a website with Wix and you add a lot of really great content and then one day, you want to move your site somewhere else.

BAD NEWS- you can’t unless you take each post 1 by 1 and copy and paste it to your new site as Wix doesn’t accommodate transferring your site from them and this could be an issue and a real time consuming and frustrating task especially if you have, say 200 posts to move.

Also, back up your site- Wix hasn’t got a state of the art system in place to do this for their customers so if they go down, you go down and this scares people from using Wix if they are into building a large business website.

If you want a cool website go ahead use Wix, however, if your website is Your Business I would go with..


Wordpress symbol

WordPress is used by 1/3 of all website builders and there are some strong points that make WordPress a great choice if you want your website to be your business site or your blogging site.

WordPress is so easy to use and has everything you need to create and build a superb SEO ready, Secure website so what do you need to do 1st.

If you are new to website building with WordPress and you want to learn how to do everything then join this training platform so you can get started on your new and exciting journey.

So, what does WordPress offer?

Before I go into this more you must know that The New York Times blogs’ and Mashable which is a famous blog plus CNN’s Blog and 1000’s of more very successful online businesses use WordPress.

  • Stunning easy to use themes
  • Plugins for everything to make your site do what you want
  • Software is free
  • You are in control
  • SEO Advantages with a simple plugin

WordPress has heaps more than this to offer and there are a few things you need to know

You will have to find someone to host your website and also you will need to buy a domain name

You will also need to learn how to create and develop a really great site

You could pay for hosting with WordPress and buy your domain name from say GoDaddy but if you want to do this properly without hiccups and full security for a small fee, then why not join an excellent platform to do everything you need.

But before you check out my recommendation please watch this YouTube video from the guys at Income School Ricky and Jim who do a fantastic job helping online business builders.


I like both Wix and WordPress and used to use Wix a lot until I took my online business to the next level where my website became my business and this is when I joined an excellent platform to learn how to use WordPress, build websites and learn everything about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research which is vital for ranking and a load more really important stuff.

I also have 1900 Experts on call 24/7 and a technical team if I make mistakes which I have done along the way and these people work 24/7 to ensure the sites are all working at 100%

People that have tried both say this: ” If you want a website for your business, maybe go with Wix but if your Business IS a Website, then definitely go with WordPress because it has everything to help you become a success online.


I am an Affiliate Marketer and I love using WordPress for all my building needs. I knew nothing about how to do anything WordPress when I 1st began but I joined a great learning platform and now I have 2 successful online businesses and will continue to build.

Having support 24/7 is the big one for me and the platform I joined has literally everything you will ever need to grow your website into a large and successful business if you are prepared to work hard, learn the skills and use the tools we are given as part of our membership.

Going it alone is difficult- I tried it as many have and it is really hard to learn what you need to learn, without training and I am really glad I came across a decent,honest place that has 2 superb training programs, hosting, domain purchase, SEO Training, SSL Security and so much more and if I hadn’t chosen to go through this training, I know 100% I would still be trying to figure loads of stuff out and would most likely have thrown in the towel by now.

Instead, I love what I do and I help people just like you every day and this feels awesome

If you want to learn more about my NO.1 Recommendation, please click here 

Until next time

Go well and be awesome


The owner here at Money and Freedom Online



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