Where to go to Build Your Business Website – No1 Recommendation

Where to go to Build a Website – No1 Recommendation

Where to go to build a Website- Choose right 1st time by reading through this post and see how awesome my no.1 recommendation is and what if offers you and where you can learn and earn as well.

I am excited to be writing this and sharing everything I know about this platform so let’s get right into this post

Wealthy Affiliate- No.1 on the Internet

I hear people say, Can I build a website and I smile and say, Yes, you sure can and you can also, build your website for free should you choose.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you 2 free websites as a free member and 50 websites as a premium member. 25 site rubix and 25 domain websites so if you are serious about building your future online, then my advice is to join for free and check out everything inside this awesome platform and if you feel WA (fondly called by all members) is a fit for you, go premium within the 1st 7 days and get the Bonus Offer when you choose premium.

Wealthy Affiliate was built over 13 years ago by 2 young men Carson and Kyle and since then they have continued to grow this platform with the help of 25 developers, a large technical team and of course the experts who help us to learn everything we need to know to become successful online

I joined for free and within 2 days, realised I wanted to take this seriously so became a premium member and have now built 5 businesses online, all doing great and this happened for 2 reasons.

I was determined to learn everything, and I’m still learning more and more every day and secondly, WA has absolutely everything you will ever need to build a truly successful online business.

I knew nothing about, building a website, WordPress, Analytics, how to add content, images, what meta tags are and SEO was alien to me until I did the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and 70 lessons later, I was amazed at how easy and how awesome I was doing with all the learning and building and my 1st about Dogs was such a great success and it is now owned by someone else which incredible.

Yes, you can make a lot of money from selling your website when you have built it into an income-earning site and here is

one of our members and what he did 🙂

Ok, there is an income pic and  now here is a Sold for PicWhere to go to build a website

What do I get?

When I say everything, I mean it. Every day, WA just keeps getting better because within the Community there are over 1800 Experts who create special subject training, video training on E-Commerce, How to become the best Advertising Campaign Writer, How to create You-Tube Videos, How to get Ranked with Google and 100’s more.

Hosting –  So what about hosting? Yes, also included as premium. As a free member, your websites are hosted.

  • SEO, Security, Analytics…
  • Training, Hosting
  •  50 websites
  • 1 on 1 Coaching if you need it
  •  A community of incredible business builders helping each other to learn and become successful 24/7 every day.
  • Live chat, again more experts helping out 24/7
  • 1000’s of resources and answers for any questions asked by our members
  • Earn while you learn

There is so much more and I invite you to join for free and come and see what it’s all about.

If you want to become truly successful and want to know where to go to build a website- My No.1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and so do over 1.2 million people who are also members of this state of the art platform.

Check out the price comparison just for hosting

You are also able to buy your own domain name at Wealthy Affiliate and a dot-com domain name is around $13-99 for a year.

When you choose a domain name always choose a name relating to your website and what it will represent for example if you are going to market hunting gear for instance – you might try- Hunters gear dot com, however, this is probably taken.

When you start the training, you will learn in the 1st couple of lessons all about creating and building a website and domain names so I’ll leave it there for now

Affiliate Marketing looks like this- I’m sharing this to let you know some possibilities to learn how to earn a full time living online, working from home and Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing Marketing trend in the Online world.

More and more companies are turning to the Internet to get a larger market and that’s where we come in as Affiliate marketers. All you do is choose an awesome product that interests you and when you have built a solid foundation for your site, you join Affiliate Programs relating to your product/niche and add a link from the company to your site and when people visit your site to learn about products they are searching for online, they then click on the link you have shared and they are taken directly to the Company website and if they buy while they are there, Yes, you get paid a commission and no selling involved or handling product which is a simple process and is a multi-million dollar online Business Market and now is the perfect time to do this with over 4 billion people visiting websites every month, may even be week- I’m not 100% on this 🙂


When you landed here today, were you looking where to go to build a website?

There are all sorts of sites offering free website builds, and all sorts of other things and some of them are ok, but none of them offers what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

I built a Wix site once, and it was gorgeous however the cost to actually get it hosted, have it secured, get Analytics for it, Well let’s just say Wealthy Affiliate have it all in one place for 1 price.

There Are NO Upsells, No hideous surprises where you have to hand out more and more money. No, WA truly is a pay it forward, Company with a set price and of course a discount if you pay yearly.

Try it and see how you feel. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so join me inside this wonderful platform and let’s get you building.

Can you do me a favour before you go?

Please leave a comment to share your thoughts and let me know I am on track or if you are annoyed, let me 🙂

Thank you



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