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Hi and welcome to my best post today.

What is the best Keyword Ranking Tool is a question asked my 1000’s of Business builders and it is important to know which Keyword Research tools are best to use to achieve indexing and ranking quickly as you grow your online presence.

Today I am sharing the NO.1 Recommendation that Experts use so You can stay ahead of the competition and grow your business exponentially.

So what is the NO.1 choice by Online Marketers?


What does Jaaxy offer?

Jaaxy is rated no.1 by thousands of Online Business owners and builders because of its ease of use and its accurate information first and foremost and this is exactly what people need to get their blog posts/articles noticed by Google Bing and Yahoo.

Inside Jaaxy, you are not only able to search for excellent keywords but you can also use Jaaxy to check your rankings for each post you write.

Here is a screenshot as an example of this.

As you can see by this screenshot this post is climbing up with Google and is on page 1 on Bing and Yahoo which means traffic for this site.

When people surf the net, they usually stay on page 1 to get the information they are looking for and rarely go past page 1 so ranking on page 1 on all 3 search engines is where you want to aim for 100% of your time.

Ok, let’s look at how the keyword part works. Let’s say your niche is Fly rods for lake fishing– Let’s see what happens when we type this into Jaaxy.

The Keyword title is good because it has an  AVG- an average of people asking about this subject, of 40 and there are only 7 results found for this question.

Also, you will many other good keywords on this list for different posts you might write and the great part is, you can save them to a list you have created for fly rods or fishing and when you are ready to write, you can come back and choose from your list and get writing and this can save a lot of time if you do your research for the next, say 10-12 posts ahead of time.

I do this every Sunday evening so I am ready to rock n roll in the coming week and the productivity is greater if you do it this way.

What else is inside Jaaxy

You can use the brainstorm facility, the alphabet soup technique and there is also help, when you need it although it is so easy to use, you most likely won’t need much help with this program as it is set up so well and is 100% user friendly which is another great reason to use this tool.

Having an excellent Keyword Research tool is vital to the success of your business and every article, blog/post you write should be Keyword researched before you write anything.

If you would like to learn more about the alphabet soup technique please click here

When you try this process I suggest you type something relating to your niche into Google, for example, let’s say your niche is football helmets- Let’s see what Google gives us.

Football Helmets

There are over 144 million results on google and if you type in Football helmets you will see a few great ideas to check inside Jaaxy from the dropdown google gives you for this subject,

Let’s try another keyword relating to this niche.

Let’s try Xenith football helmets and see what the results look like for this keyword

Xenith Football Boots would be great to use as the AVG is 562 which is awesome and there has been very little written about these helmets with the QSR sitting on 1 and again, there are loads more you could save for your future posts/blogs.

Getting it right

Take your time when researching Keywords and always make sure they are spelled correctly and the grammar is correct as well as sometimes you will notice keywords that look amazing but when you read the title it is not good English so please be aware of this as you see it quite often when searching.

I belong to Wealthy Affiliate and fortunately, Jaaxy is built into our great platform and Jay is one of our trainers so thank you, Jay, for sharing this information.

I hope you give Jaaxy a try for free to see if you like it and if you do then you can buy the pro version unless of course you join Wealthy Affiliate and you will have Jaaxy lite as long as you are a member and this is very proficient.

Important to note

When you are writing content the keyword should be in the title of your blog/post/page, then in the 1st paragraph, and perhaps in the 4th or final paragraph. Any more than this and Google will bot be happy as they consider it Keyword stuffing so please make sure this does happen as it won’t be Jaaxy’s fault 🙂


In answer to your initial question which brought you here today- What’s the best keyword research tool?

Answer Jaaxy so please check it out and I would love you to bookmark this site and come back and give me your opinion of jaaxy and if you already use Jaaxy, please comment and share your thoughts as I value your input

Go easy and grow big online

Here’s to your success and your ranking on Page 1 of Google Bing and Yahoo 1000’s of times as you build and gain more and more traffic to your site by using this truly great tool.

If you want to know more about how to create a full-time income online please click here and I wish you all the best and if you ever need a hand or want help with something to do with Online Marketing, please feel free to email me at support@moneyandfreedomonline.com and I will reply to you within 24 hours and I promise I will never send you spammy emails as I am a professional businesswoman.

Thank you and I hope to see you again

Vicki, signing out until tomorrow


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