What’s the Best CBD Affiliate Program

What’s the Best CBD Affiliate Program

As more and more people turn to CBD to get relief from ailments for themselves and their animals, there are also more and more companies building their CBD business online.

I have done loads of research on different companies and there are loads of good products and loads of not so good products and I have also spoken to people who have experienced great products and when they mentioned Joy Organics, I decided to do my due diligence on this business and their products.

Joy Organics products are fantastic, their customer service is 100% brilliant and I also found out they have an affiliate program which is a bigger bonus as this means not only can you buy products from them but you can receive a commission as an Affiliate when others go shopping.

A lot of CBD companies are taking the MLM route which is great however Joy offers an Affiliate program where you have no pressure to buy, no auto-ship, and no team to build and I like this and maybe you will too.

Let’s take a look and see what Joy Organics is all about with this post.

Joy Organics - Affiliate Program CBD

Who are Joy Organics?

Founded: 2018 by Joy Smith from Colorado and is a family business that is going from strength to strength.

Joy Organics Affiliate Program CBD

Joy tried some CBD Products and found she wasn’t getting the benefits from what she used so decided to build a business with top-class products and with the help of her husband who has a long history in Metabolic Health founded and are growing this business exponentially.

Joy Organic has extended past the family these days and everyone is excited to know where this great business is heading, especially with more and more people turning to CBD Products for relief, not only for them but their precious pets as well.


Whats the best CBD Affiliate Program

  • CBD Tinctures give you results quickly and easily. Each drop contains our premium broad-spectrum hemp oil. Use day or night for your ideal serving of CBD.
  • CBD Salve: Support skin health with our CBD Salve. Our subtle eucalyptus- and lavender-scented salve is a balanced combination of CBD, organic beeswax, and aromatic essential oils.
  • CBD Skincare: Your skin will receive all the benefits of CBD plus the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids present in our oil.
  • CBD Soft Gels: The soft gels are made with our nanoemulsion water-soluble technology that increases bioavailability by 200%.
  • CBD Pet Products: Joy’s CBD Dog Treats are made using water-soluble hemp oil powder, designed to increase absorption. We also offer a natural-flavored pet tincture for any of your furry friends.
  • CBD Vape Pen: Enjoying the benefits of CBD is as simple as breathing in. Our discreet, rechargeable vape pen delivers fast-acting and highly bioavailable broad spectrum atomized CBD oil and a hint of citrus with every breath.
  • CBD Gummies: With only eight simple ingredients total, including 20mg of CBD each, each gummy is created with purity in mind.
  • CBD Energy Drinks: Our CBD Energy Drink Mix is made with water-soluble hemp oil powder, increasing its absorption. These are great for those who need a boost of energy or a little added mental focus without the jitters.

Website: Joy Organics

To join this Affiliate Program please click here to get started

Freedom to choose

Another thing I like about Joy Organics is the fact that you don’t have to be on an auto-ship. you get the freedom to choose when you buy products and what quantity you purchase which is refreshing.

The 12 great reasons to buy Joy Organics is listed in the image below.

Whats the best CBD Affiliate Program

There is a money-back guarantee to ensure all customers get the satisfaction offered by Joy Organics and the reviews from people using the products are wonderful and so positive.

There is no obligation to buy the products as an Affiliate however it would be great if you did as this will give you your own testimonial to share with people which will grow your business rapidly for you.

Partner referral link for Joy Organics

Whats the best CBD Affiliate Program

Becoming an Affiliate with Joy Organic

This is such an easy process. I joined as an Affiliate to see how it all comes together and I can tell you it is so easy and the support is wonderful.

Inside Impact, this is who runs the program, there are banners, links, and loads of really informative information that will help you help people.

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: check out all the resources and information

Step 3: Share blog posts, links, and banners and make money

Step 4: Share with people how to become an Affiliate and grow, grow, grow your very own CBD business online.

With loads of really great products, good commissions, and ongoing support from the team at Joy Organics, you are assured of getting everything you need to become a successful Affiliate.


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No products to handle and deliver, no pressures on my family and friends, no boss!! and the BEST part of Affiliate Marketing is this. You are helping people every day and this is why I love the journey I am on.

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A quick note: You don’t need to build a site just for Joy Organic but if you want to build a website relating to a niche you enjoy, then WA is the place to do this.

Of course, if CBD is a niche you are passionate about then get building and sharing loads of information to help people by getting started today.

It has been said the CBD Industry will reach into the billions so now is a great time to get moving with this niche.

Go well and if you need help with anything, please email me at vicki@moneyandfreedomonline.com

Also please leave a comment as I enjoy connecting and hearing your opinion- Thank you

This is Vicki, signing out for now

Until next time

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10 thoughts on “What’s the Best CBD Affiliate Program”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    What a great review of CBD Oil affiliate programs. I’m brand new to affiliate marketing and I’m not sure what I’m doing yet.

    I know enough to put up a website and write some articles butI still have a lot to learn. I came across your site and was interested in CBD Oil affiliate programs.

    However, Wealthy Affiliate sounds like where I need to be if I want to take my affiliate marketing skills to the next level.

    I decided to go ahead and sign up for their FREE trial. I love the platform form and will sign up to be a premium member.

    Thanks for the help!


    • Hi Jack

      That’s so great and I will look for inside Wealthy Affiliate and will help you in any way I can.

      You are on your way!!!

      Awesome and success will be yours if you learn well and work hard Jack

  2. I have been bombarded from friends and work colleagues about entering one CBD affiliate program or another over the past six months, and today I decided to do some research to see what others think are the best companies to work with. This review of the best CBD affiliate programs was just what I was looking for…

    After reading through your review I see that you feel that Joy Organics is the company to proceed with. I can see why, as there is not a lot of MLM strings attached to it as I see with so many others. This suits me as I am not a fan of MLMs, the business model doesn’t work long term and there is often too much pressure to sign up new “associates.” 

    The way to market the CBD products you mention also makes sense. Having a website and blog where you can build up a library of engaging and useful content surrounding the subject of CBD and then promote the Joy Organic products is a very effective way to build a business.

    So far, the Joy Organics is winning my search for the best CBD company to get involved with and unless I come up with a better one today, this is the company I will go with. Thanks for the great review and suggestions, it sounds like you are doing well with this company and with affiliate marketing in general. I am happy for you! 

    • Hi Dave

      I am so pleased you arrived on my site and got the information you wanted.

      MLM is ok but also a pain in the butt as you have to approach everyone you bump into or know personally and this can annoy people.

      Joy Organics is refreshing and I hope to connect with you if and when you join

      Go well


  3. Speaking of MLM type of CBD companies, I just found one the other day and their compensation scheme is quite complex. It’s nice how they project the income like 5 to 20 levels deep, but that’s just projection, right? Their official website isn’t as customer friendly and they make their products very exclusive like you can only buy from sponsors and stuff. 

    If I want to make money from CBD products, I much rather be affiliated with brands like Joy Organics that have a more modern and humanized approach. It’s easier to buy from a place whose priority is producing good quality oils and doesn’t pressure you into buying. Everyone’s response and comfort zone with hemp products are different so it’s not something that you can fit into an auto-ship program sort of thing. 

  4. Joy Organics looks amazing Vicki,

    I’ve heard so much about them from my friends but I’ve never really bothered to check up on them because there are just so many CBD oil companies today that I thought it’ll be a bother to research each and every one of them. Good to know Joy Organics is legitimate and better yet, no MLMs! Wowwee!

    The fact that it’s a family business makes it all more interesting and honest because you just know these people are serious in the product to have everyone involved in it. Is there any country limitations for their affiliate program, or is it for anyone to join?

  5. Thank you for this information on the Joy Organics CBD Oil. I am a big fan of CBD hemp oil because it not only takes away my lower back pain but it actually makes me handle the stress of my job in a much more calmer way. Though I use another brand I am always on the lookout for other CBD oil companies to try out their products as well.

    I had just recently been told about Joy Organics from a friend who uses their products. So I searched Google for any reviews and found this post. I wasn’t looking for information on affiliate marketing, but now that you have mentioned it that sounds like a great way to make some money by promoting a product we like. I will need to seriously consider this.

    • Hi Robert

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes Affiliate Program rather than MLM. I like it so much better and hope you go join and make some money helping people

      GO well and try their products for your back


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