What is Trevo – Is it worth your investment?

Trevo – MLM Review

What is Trevo and is it worth your investment?

Trevo is an MLM company selling health drinks and supplements and of course say there is nothing like their products to keep you in top condition.

There are 100’s of MLM companies across the world and more being created as I write this and I feel it is important to write this post because before you invest in Trevo even though it is a legitimate company.

I have been involved in MLM/Network Marketing and Direct Selling over the years and have also reviewed a lot of companies and although I am not involved in this type of business anymore I still do a lot of research online to help people with their online business-building opportunities so let’s look into- What is Trevo and is it worth your investment?

Who is Trevo?

Founded: Founders are Mark, Holli, and Alexandria Stevens from Oklahoma

Website: https://trevocorporate.com/

Products: Trevo drink, RP3, and Sync which is a full spectrum Hemp oil

Cost to get started: Anywhere from $120 to $995 depending on which kit you purchase.

Recommendation 6/10

Legitimate: Yes

“The FDA has not tested these products and there is no guarantee of income from joining this business. Also, there are no claims these products will heal ailments or cure diseases.” (This is standard)

How to build the business

You are the owner of your business and you find 3 people, who then, find 3 people, who then find 3 people and so the list of associates on your team is built.

To get all the benefits of the compensation plan it is suggested you buy the larger kit as this will get you started with greater leverage with your business and will encourage people who join your team to do the same giving you all the bonuses offered.

Once you have enrolled and purchased your kit, you then start recruiting to people and sharing your generic website online to attract people to your business.

As with any MLM, you need to be proactive all the time, talk to people every chance you get and also you will need to set up an auto-ship to ensure you keep your place in your business which can be quite costly when you are starting out and have no team, so you really do need to work extremely hard to get people and if you have a large network of people then you will do well as long as they stay as associates with you and this is often quite a challenge keeping team members with you, due to the ongoing commitments and costs that go with this type of business.

If you have money to start your business, great as I found when I was doing MLM it takes money to invest in yourself and it is always good to have savings you can use as you build otherwise it can be a hard road in this industry.

If you would like to know more about what I chose for my financial independence please click here to read more.

Health and Wellness

This industry is growing so fast all over the world and as a Niche with specific products, anyone who decides to can make a lot of money in this industry however as per any MLM company the people at the top are the winners 1st and foremost and this has been the same since Amway got off the ground all those years ago.

I work with people helping them learn how to make money online and if you are passionate about Health and Wellness, why not create and build your own online business helping people by recommending great products that can help them and grow your business worldwide online through Affiliate Marketing and save yourself a lot of money and also there is no selling, no recruiting, no pressuring people you know which is so great.

Click here to learn more about my no.1 recommendation and see if this is something you will enjoy. It won’t cost you anything to take a look so go for it.

For me it has given me time freedom, money freedom and I get to work from home, so no more commuting to work, and the best part is I am able to retire early with money which is awesome.

Is Trevo worth your investment?

If you feel you can make a go of building this type of business, then Yes, Trevo is a legitimate country although it is still not in a lot of countries so you may be restricted depending on where you live however if you do live in the countries where Trevo is trading, you will be able to join and get started.

I can recommend a Direct Marketing Company if this is what you truly want to get involved with and you can click here to read my review of this company. I still buy my products from here and love all their products so go check it out. I am not a business builder as I found it too hard to keep team members moving forward and building but their products are exceptional.


There are literally 100’s of MLM’s around the world all offering people the “Best” products, and some of these companies do have great products however there are easier ways to make money online if you are prepared to learn the skills and use the tools needed to build your own business and not work for other people.

Part-time can lead to full time if you learn well and work hard every chance you get and some people have done extremely well in MLM/Network Marketing, however for me and over 1.9 million members of the platform I belong to, we all believe there is a better way.

Should you choose to go with MLM, I wish you every success along the way. Remember any business you are building takes time, hard work consistently, learning, money, and self-belief plus total belief in what you are selling to people and I hope whatever you choose to do, you will become an amazing online business owner and Entrepreneur,

Go well and until next time, this is Vicki Crawford, signing out.

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4 thoughts on “What is Trevo – Is it worth your investment?”

  1. Oh wow, I have actually used the product before and I can very well say that it is very good and it worked for me. I didn’t know that Trevo actually uses an MLM programme to sell their products. I got the Trevo drink that worked for me. I don’t think I am interested in the business because I do not like the model used there.

    I have had some experience with MLM so it’s not for me. Your review is very unbiased though and I salute that. Nice one!

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful information here. I have seen some of these products but never knew what it’s meant for and coming across this post makes me really glad. However, looking at the business aspect of this product zits, not something I’ll want to try as I’m not a fan of any form of MLM scheme, we all know the toppers gains more and it takes lots of work and time to become of the toppers. Also, the idea of kits to be purchased varying by quantity is a no no for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Chloe

      Yes I agree although people can do very well with MLM it does take a lot of persistence and courage to keep talking to people all the time

      I started Affiliate Marketing and love everything about it although you must be prepared to work consistently to build your own future


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