What is the Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam – A Must Read

What is the Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam – A Must Read

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Robert Kiyosaki is a Guru, The Master when it comes to Financial Freedom and I am excited to present to you, a fantastic opportunity to join Robert Kiyosaki and many other great people all passionate about what they do and how they help people all over the world.

So here we go!!!

The Rich Dad Summit

For $1 you can join the summit and learn from the greats. Yes, $1 to join the summit and here is a screenshot of the Keynote Speakers who will be sharing with you.

What is Rich Dad Poor Dad- Is it a scam

Why $1? Does this sound like a Scam? Well, it might to some of you however I can assure it’s real and it is going to be filled with some real gold nuggets so go sign up for this as I am sure numbers will be limited.

What they will cover in the Summit

DAY 1 Making More Money

  • Secrets to building Long Term Wealth with Robert Kiyosaki and Jeremy Bellotti
  • Diving into the Cash Flow Quadrant with Andy Tanner
  • The difference between creating a job and being an Entrepreneur with Jeremy Bellotti
  • The Best Online and Offline Business opportunities with Andrew Lantz
  • The fastest way to start a Business, The XFactor  with Anik Singal and Andrew Bellotti
  • Assets versus Liabilities with Andrew Lantz
  • Demystifying the Stock Market with Andy Tanner
  • An e-mail list is an Asset with Anik Singal
  • Building your Success Team with Jeremy Bellotti

Day 2 Creating systems to Make You More Money

  • Success is Simple by Jeremy Bellotti
  • Profit from Real Estate the Rich Dad way with Robert’s Real Estate Investing Coaches
  • The Opportunity in Bitcoin with Max Wright
  • How to leverage the global economy to Develop a Business with Fred Lam
  • The Power of  Assets with Andrew Lantz
  • The tax Savings of becoming an Investor and Entrepreneur with Tom Wheelwright
  • How to Protect your Assets with Garrett Sutton
  • The Power of Contribution with Anik Singal

So why is the Summit only $1

Because all of these business people have decided to give back to say thank you for all the support and to give people the opportunity to learn more in areas they need help and the summit is covering a vast range of awesome subjects to help Entrepreneurs worldwide which is so wonderful. Thank you to all of you for creating this summit.

Great news for you

If you work full time, you can watch replays

Anyone can tune into the summit for $1. it is not limited to numbers, which is truly awesome and people can watch replays in their own time so nobody misses out on this great Summit.

A win for everyone eager to move up a level in business, learn more about certain aspects of business or go through the entire summit and receive as many gold nuggets from some of the worlds most popular teachers and it is all online at your fingertips for $1

I feel this is so generous and when you see what you will be listening too, the value of this summit is phenomenal and for $1 you get to attend virtually to learn it all as you go through each replay.

Why it is so Powerful

What is the Rich dad Poor Dad Scam

I haven’t seen this type of generosity online before and I am so excited to be joining this summit to learn more about the subject I need to grow with. Are You? I mean $1 to get all this in one place feels so awesome.


My title What is Rich Dad Poor Dad a Scam I felt was relevant as many people think if it only $1 to become part of something so great, this must be a scam and I can assure you this is an amazing chance to learn from some truly great teachers in their fields so get going and go see what it’s all about.

I have joined and I invite you to join the Summit as well and would love you to bookmark this site and come back to tell me what nuggets you got from all of it as it is certainly going to be brilliant and I am excited to be taking part without travelling, extra costs involved going to summits of this calibre, plus learning from the comfort of my home are incredible and not seen often enough online.

I want to thank all the people involved with this Summit for giving your time to people all over the world and creating more success for Entrepreneurs offline and online through the knowledge you have shared in every part of this awesome Summit.

You all Rock!!!


Thank you for stopping by and reading through this post and I do hope you take advantage of this offer to learn some truly great skills for Entrepreneurs.

business building is tough especially with all the competition and hype sells online and I am thrilled this Summit is available for $1 so please enjoy and take notes and remember your business is built on knowledge and hard work, so take a break and enjoy all the Summit offers

Go well and until next time this is Vicki, owner of Money and Freedom Online signing out

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Sometimes we lack self-belief in what we are doing and where we are going and I want to tell you this

Every human being is capable of achieving anything they choose to do – Belief in YOU 🙂 and be Awesome and make 2019 and the years to come something to celebrate.

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6 thoughts on “What is the Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam – A Must Read”

  1. At first, I was surprised at the title that mentioned Rich Dad Poor Dad is a scam, as I can say that I got a lot out of reading that book years ago. When I saw that it was related to a seminar (evergreen) with a lot of influential speakers and was offered at $1, this really seems not to be a scam…

    I like to listen to people that have had success in business, and in particular, online business at the moment, as that is what I am working in for over 4 years now. Some of the speakers that are presenting in this seminar I know and they are all accomplished in their areas…

    The $1 entry is a very good deal. I would say just watch for the upsells that you will be offered once inside. My guess is that there will be one for each of the speakers, and likely there will be an opportunity to promote the seminar itself as an affiliate. This is one I would promote though, as there is huge value…

    • Yes, Dave, I am sure there will be upsells to different courses etc but I must say, there will also be a load of great lessons for people and for $1 hey its worth the investment

      Thanks for your input

  2. Thank you for your review here. I also one of those people who thought if this summit is a scam. Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known name in the entrepreneur world, so it’s kinda hard to believe if he want to tricks people into a fraud. I’m glad there is a replayability function. It means I can rewatch the video again if needed. Thank you.


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