What is the Membership Method by Chris Luck

I came across The Membership Method by Chris Luck and decided to do a review on this product and I hope to share as much as I can about this program from the research I have completed.

Chris Luck is very successful and has been around for a while so this will make for an interesting read I hope.

With more and more people looking online in the ” How to Make Money Online” area, I feel it is important to know who you are dealing with, and whether or not certain programs are worth your investment and time.

So, What is the Membership Method by Chris Luck?

Let’s move forward and see what it’s all about here in this review

What is the Membership Method?

Owner of this program: Chris Luck

Product: How to create an excellent Membership website

Cost: Approximately $1497 although I just found a page where it says it’s $3997 so I am a little confused by this.

Recommendation: For advanced Marketers

Website: Membership Method

Rating 6/10

What is offered in this course?

The entire course is broken into modules

Week One

  • Module 1 – Brainstorming Your Million Dollar Membership Site Idea
  • Module 2 –  Reverse Engineering Your Industry & Understanding The Requirements
  • Module 3 – Expanding On Your Ideas With The Magazine Benchmark Test
  • Module 4 – Extracting Acquisition And Retention Ideas From Associations
  • Module 5 – Tapping Into Social Media To Accelerate Your Success On Day One
  • Module 6 – Planning And Strategizing Using The Ascension Benchmark Test
  • Module 7 – Confirming Your Membership Site Idea Will Be A Guaranteed Success

Week Two

  • Researching Your perfect Customer Avatar
  • Structuring Your Overall Positioning & Approach
  • Setting Up Your Method Of Digital Delivery
  • Identifying Your Content Posting Frequency
  • Determining The Optimal Pricing Model For Your Audience
  • Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Choosing A Memorable Name For Your Membership Site

Week Three

  • Brainstorming & Registering The Perfect Domain Name
  • Selecting The Best Hosting Server For Your Specific Needs
  • Setting Up Your Membership Site Software
  • Integrating Automated Page Builders
  • Configuring Your Email Automation Sequences
  • Registering The “Must Have” Payment Processor
  • Exploring Million Dollar Membership Site Examples & Wireframes

Week Four

  • Structuring The Foundational Content For Your Membership Site
  • Creating Micronized Very Quickly & Easily
  • Curating Content With Automated Content Curation Software
  • Tapping Into The Holy Grail Of Master Resell Rights Content
  • Planning And Publishing Your Content For Maximum Impact
  • Understanding & Building Your Edification Funnel
  •  Jumpstarting Your Success With A “Done For You” Service

Week Five

  • Funneling Traffic Using The Facebook Profiling System
  • Buying Traffic Using My Facebook Ad Secrets For Membership Sites
  • Becoming An Instant Authority In Facebook Groups
  •  Leveraging The Most Effective Pay Per Click Strategies
  • Extracting Members From Public Forums Into Your Site
  • Podcasting Your Way To 100 New Paying Members Every Week
  • Getting More Customers With My 100,000 Visitors In 1 Hour System

So there you have it. This is an outline of the course modules over a period of 5 weeks and as Chris Says, you will need to take notes, do the modules step by step and go through the entire program in order to create a truly awesome Membership site.

While all this looks really great I feel it is aimed more toward the advanced marketer and suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate 1st, so you can learn everything you need to start your online business journey.

Websites need content, there is Keyword research to learn and utilize for every blog you write.

You can’t offer membership to people without a great product and loads of informative content. It’s kinda like saying buy now before you offer something so my advice is to join Wealthy Affiliate and go through the 2 training programs within this platform and then if you want to build a membership site and still need to learn more, by all means, join Membership Method.

Training to get you started

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 training programs both of which will give you all you need to create and build a great business website. They use WordPress which makes everything so easy to set up and build from.

Here is a screenshot of both training programs

As you will notice if you read through both training programs, Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer you and before investing a heap of money and stumbling along, please consider learning through Wealthy Affiliate.

I chose this way along with 2.1 million other members and ask anyone inside the platform or read online reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and 99% of people will tell you how great it is and how success is found by learning what we learn inside this truly great platform.

I’m not saying don’t do Chris’s course but having researched it thoroughly, it is not for people who haven’t much knowledge on Affiliate Marketing, or general Online Marketing.

Training is Essential

It is vital to get decent training to learn the skills you need and a great platform also has awesome tools to use to become an Online Entrepreneur and without training, it kind of feels like you are drifting out there in cyberspace not having a clue what to do to get customers, visitors to your site and often people thrash social media trying to hook people and this is a painful and slow death for your business.

You need Keyword Research– Wealthy Affiliate offers Jaaxy as part of your membership and it is rated up at the top of the list for Keyword Research Programs

Search Engine Optimization and SSL Security are Essential tools you must learn about, having support 24/7 from the technical team, learning from over 1900 Experts within the amazing community inside Wealthy Affiliate, connecting with like-minded people all supporting each other and helping each other out along the way. This is how it’s done properly and as a newbie to this world, I highly recommend you invest in yourself and your business without costing you a fortune.

Join for free and take a look inside Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, that is correct, no credit/debit card or PayPal details are asked for when you sign up which is another real plus for this platform.

Carson and Kyle the 2 Founders and Owners for over 14 years are of high Integrity and Honest men who truly want to help anyone learn the skills and use all the tools and haven’t changed their fees for over 10 years as they believe in making sure anyone can afford to do this.

All you have to do is learn and work hard to achieve the results you desire.


Sharing my knowledge from research on what is the membership Method feels good as it gives you choices on what’s best for you.

Chris Luck does know his stuff, there is no doubt and if you want to go through this course which also has a money-back guarantee because it is a Clickbank Product, please click the button to get started and learn how to build a successful Membership Site with Chris Luck.

I know Chris has been marketing since 1999 so he has gained a lot of knowledge over the years. He is intelligent and he also wants to help people succeed so go get started if you feel ready to move up to the next level with your site or have the knowledge to create and build a new site as a Membership Site.


Thanks for stopping by to read this review and if you have done this course or belong to Wealthy Affiliate I would value your comments.

Also if you have any questions about Affiliate Marketing please click here to learn more before you make your online decision on which is best for you.

Thanks again and until next time- Bye for now

Vicki Crawford

Owner and Founder of Money and Freedom Online

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4 thoughts on “What is the Membership Method by Chris Luck”

  1. Hi Vicki! I have been interested in creating a Membership site for a while now. And I’m glad you have reviewed Chris Luck’s product. It sound good to take a look at it.

    I have been running my own blog for quite a few years now, and I think it’s time to experiment with a Membership site. Thank you very much!

  2. Hi Vicki, 

    I had not heard about the Membership Method by Chris Luck program.     You shared a lot of useful information about it.   Not only is it pricey, but I have some reservations about the training that occurs in week four.  

    To get members to sign up for a website and to remain members, they expect valuable content.  Yet, week four teaches how to “curate” content using automated content curation software.   So, if I understand basically they are saying they will teach you how to set up a membership site, fill it up with duplicate content that is found elsewhere on the internet, and help you get  paid members from social media, ads, podcasting and his 100,000 visitor in one hour system in week 5.   

    Wouldn’t that be nice?   Oh yeah, I forgot that there is the “done for you service”, in week four, that will help you jump start your success.   

    I’m sorry but as a member of three membership sites,I think that getting people to pay for membership in a new site is going to be difficult especially if site sharing content that can be found elsewhere.  

    Yet, if people want to spend a $1,400 – $3,997 to get an overview of how to set up a membership site, I suppose that is their choice.   

    I suspect the average person is going to be very disappointed.     

    • Yes it sure is a lot of money Sondra especially when as you mention his “done for you”

      There is no automation that brings people. Paid for traffic if you want to spend money and find the right place but I would rather keep doing my learning and building in an honest open place where cost is great and NO up-sells

      It’s a lot of money to spend


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