What is the Income Elite Team- Scam or Worth 80k Each Month

I research 100’s of Products Online to help people make good choices when it comes to purchasing products and building, success online.

So What is the Income Elite Team – Is it a Scam or can you really make $80k per month?

They have some serious income claims when you open the site but is this the truth or is it just more hype to get you to buy.

If you want to know the truth, you have come to the right place here on Money and Freedom Online.

I am a successful Affiliate Marketer and I have seen a lot of products coming from Clickbank that I do not recommend so what is Income Elite about.

Let’s look into what I found out

Who are The Elite Income Team

Founder: Steve Pierce

Program Name: Elite Income Team

Product: No information shared until you join = RED FLAG

Price: $4.95 discounted to $2.95 plus UP-Sells

Recommended: NO

These guys are telling you, you can make $80k in just one month. Well, I’ll be. I have seen some hype in my time but this is really pushing the limits here.

There is nowhere on the Internet where you can plug into a system and make $80k as quickly as this hype is suggesting.

I belong to an Affiliate Marketing Platform and people do make loads of money after learning skills, using the right tools, and working hard consistently over time.

If you are sick of finding scams online and you are over searching and not finding the right place, please click below to begin your new and exciting journey learning Affiliate Marketing from Experts who are not into hype and bull….. Yes, there is such a place and I invite you to join for free to check it out for yourself.

Set it Up and go do something else

All that is mentioned when you try to find out what this program is all about is how much money you can make. there are no details on what is involved until you pay money and then pay more money.

Pay $39.95 per month to be taught how to create a landing page ( you will learn this in my NO.1 Recommendation) and you will then try to get traffic.

This is NOT how you build a credible business. This is how you annoy people, by trying to hook them into another pay now and we will tell you a little.

To build a long-lasting business, with excellent credibility, You will want to build trust and reliability plus with no Sales Hype, no mention of any glorified income earnings.

The truth is always good and the only way to build relationships that last and if you want Success, then honesty always pays.

Paid Traffic

The only way to get people to your landing page is you do join The Income Elite Team is by paying for traffic. Again not a great way to do business and because you are not actually forming a relationship with anyone, how on earth do you expect to keep your clients coming back?

Oh Yes, perhaps another hyped up landing page or some hyped up advertisement to entice punters.

Not for this kid at all

More Upsells

Yes, you got it

$39.95 – $69.95 as there are 3 different traffic packages

$57  for website templates- (This is over the top as it doesn’t cost this much at all)

Then the big one

$197 per month– Yes you read correctly Per Month to get access to the Videos Vault and Personal Mentoring. To me, this is very expensive because the platform I belong to has this as part of the premium membership and I can tell you this as well.

There are NO Upsells where I belong.

Everything is available for a low monthly fee or a discounted 6 monthly or Yearly payment making it an affordable honest place to learn and build a truly successful online business.

Is the Income Elite Team a Scam?

NO, I don’t believe it is a scam however I would caution anyone thinking of joining this program as it just doesn’t ring true to me.

For me, I like to know exactly what I will get for my fee, and Income Elite is very closed off about what they offer until you pay the fee.

When I went to their site a pop up showed so I did a screenshot- It said this

I decided to click to go further and them BOOM!!! Please pay $39.95 and it took me to another site that said: “My Mobile money” and this is the screenshot from this page. Talk about mixed messages here!!! RED FLAG

So basically I think I must have landed on a guy called Andrews Landing page and a minute ago I was told I’d pay no money, not today, not ever, and then it opens up here so I went a little further and Yes, it took me to the checkout for My Mobile Money which didn’t sit well with me at all.

All these different pages telling me different messages saying pay this, then no payment, and then, pay $39.95 to join another program named my mobile money.

I left cos I didn’t trust this place or what was being suggested.

There is no such thing as a fully automated system where you plugin and then forget it and you make 80k per month so I do not recommend you go join these guys as I have a bad feeling you might be wasting some serious money if you do.

Don’t get sucked in and money sucked out

My websites generate a lot of Organic Traffic from all places around the world and I work from home earning a full-time living doing what I love.

From the moment I joined this awesome platform and started my Affiliate Marketing Journey, I have always felt so grateful for this opportunity and thankful to the 2 men that began this business platform over 14 years ago.

It is a state of the art system with all you will ever need inside the platform so please click here to join for free and get started with your journey to success online.


There are literally 100’s of offers online, people trying to scam people everywhere you look and I am happy to have shared my research on The Income Elite Team with you today and if you have any questions please ask in the comments below as I will also respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Of course, if you subscribe to the mailing list, you will receive regular updates and no hype sales pitches at all, I promise.

Well that’s it from me

Go well and I to see you again soon, hopefully, inside the best online business growing platform on the Internet

Until next time- Bye for now


Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur


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6 thoughts on “What is the Income Elite Team- Scam or Worth 80k Each Month”

  1. Hi Vicki! Thank you for reviewing the Income Elite Team! I’ll keep away from this site. This is the very first time that I see a platform doesn’t share any information about the product until you join! That’s crazy! And it also has scam written all over it. Thank you for warning us concerning this one!

    • Yes it does seem very odd not sharing the great products with people before they join- Deceit is not cool and thank you your input Henry

    • Hi Mike and thanks for your input.
      Yes, I feel they might be a scam as well and also Yes they are shady seminars taking peoples money and not coming through so people can benefit. So many of these scams online so its always god to review them
      Thanks again for stopping by

  2. I appreciate your review of elite income team. It has saved me from exploitation. Hello. I am looking for an online business that doesn’t need high level skills like creating a website. I there such?


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