What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course?

Just over a year ago I was doing some research for a friend online when I came across a review about an Affiliate Marketing Platform.

I read the article and felt really good about what Kevin had written and decided to take the plunge and see what more this place could offer and boy did I get excited. I wish I could express this feeling as it really did get my thoughts racing and my enthusiasm rocking.

I joined for free and had a look at everything inside this platform and now a year later, I can tell anyone with my heart, that this is the best platform on the Internet to learn and become successful in Affiliate Marketing.

Today I feel excited to be sharing my thoughts and experience on what is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course and Why, so let’s get into this in more detail now.

Wealthy Affiliate’s 2 Training Programs

The OEC or the Online Entrepreneur Certification is the 1st training you will go through after you have joined and set up your account and profile.

The OEC consists of 50 lessons, and the 1st 10 are included in your free membership and after you have completed the 1st few lessons, you will then know whether you are going to get serious about becoming an Affiliate so if this is you, you will want to go premium and open all the doors inside WA (Wealthy Affiliate).

The OEC will give you everything you need to start your future online from the beginning and by the end of the 50 lessons, you will understand so much more about Affiliate Marketing and how to stay ahead of any competition.

So here is a screenshot of what you will learn about:

 Getting started, the 1st module is all about choosing your niche, naming your site, and choosing a theme from the WordPress themes available to you as a free member.

Then you get to click the create a website button and within around 40 seconds, you will have your new website to start building onto.

Here is a screenshot of the 1st 10 lessons:

If you would like to choose a domain name for your site now, you can do this by using the SiteRubix below. All free accounts are SiteRubix domains however if you are going to go premium, you may like to buy your own dot-com domain name relating to your niche/business

Training gives you.

Everything you could ever need to grow success online. Yes, you will have to stay focused and work hard every chance you get and if you do this consistently, you will become successful and build a truly awesome business for yourself and grow from strength to strength.

money in jars

When going through the training, it is important to do every lesson and every task, ticking them off when completed and moving forward at your own pace.

The best thing for me and many other members is that there is visual learning plus tutorials as well which is so great as I am a visual learner and the lessons were so easy to understand and here is one of the training videos if you click here.

Affiliate Bootcamp

This is the 2nd training Program to go through and this is 70 lessons to give you a more advanced knowledge of Affiliate Marketing and how to add value to your business.

Another training program that adds so much more value to your site and gives you more tools to use to enhance the growth of your business online.

Before I joined WA, I got involved in a couple of online places promising all sorts and delivering not much and they cost me money which I paid and got very little value if any. I left them and carried on hoping to find a place that would be affordable and have everything in 1 place and this place is Wealthy Affiliate.

I am so glad I was researching online for a friend that night because today I have this site and another niche site, both doing great and it’s thanks to the training and support inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Benefits with WA

Should you decide to join me and all the other members inside Wealthy Affiliate, You will soon see for yourself what this platform offers its members.

Kyle and Carson the 2 Owners and Founders have been growing this platform for over 14 years now and every day, you will see them inside the platform offering guidance and encouragement to members not to mention regular updates to keep everything working at the top level.

There are also 25 developers working behind the scenes to keep this state of the art system running at 100% 24/7 and there is a technical team working 24/7 as well making sure that if members make a mistake, they can step in and fix things for them so they can keep working in a stress-free environment.

Here is what the 2 Memberships offer

Don’t take my word for it- Check it out for FREE for yourself and if you enjoy it, then set up your profile so members can connect with you, and let’s get you started on your new and exciting Affiliate Marketing journey.

If you join for free and don’t like it, then logout and go well in your search and answer to what is the best Affiliate Marketing Training Course and I wish you all the best.

Extra Resources

You will find 100’s of resources in WA as well as there is a weekly video training for everyone from Jay, who is Wealthy Affiliate’s no.1 trainer.

Alongside this, there is the live chat where you can connect with people of all ages and countries and ask questions there and experts will be there to help you out if you need them.

The Community is also amazing with over 1900 Experts working there 24/7 to make sure all members get answers to their questions and encouragement. We also blog there to celebrate the progress made on our sites which is awesome.

You can also work to become an Ambassador which means you are in the top 25 of over 1.4 million members and this is an honor as this means you help out, you are supportive and you also give your time every day to other members.

I am an Ambassador as I love to help out although it is really important not to spend too much time each day in the community because when you start out, it’s enough to just do the training and focus. When you feel comfortable becoming engaged with other members, then this is the time to get involved a little more and your ranking will be measured on this.


What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course?

My rating for Wealthy Affiliate is 9/10. The reason it doesn’t get a 10/10 is that it is addictive and so much fun learning and building and connecting with excellent highly qualifies people who really do make a difference to how successful you can become.

I love Wealthy Affiliate and I invite you to join me on the inside so I can help you as your mentor/coach if you need me. 🙂

I look forward to connecting with you and thank you for stopping in to read this blog

Keeping it real


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