What is Solo Build It about?

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Hi and welcome to my Solobuildit, review. I review loads of sites so I can help people like you make informative decisions when it comes to who to choose to learn Affiliate Marketing or Online Marketing in general.

Ken Evoy owns Solo build it – formerly Site build and it seems kind of strange to change your name especially if you have a really great business. Just my thoughts.

Another thing I found when I was doing some research is, one guy had never connected with Ken and he was with site build for a long time before he moved to another platform which offered him more as he said in his post.

I digress. Let’s get started.

What is Solo Buildit?

Founded back in 1997 as Site Build, Ken Evoy has been online for a long time and has a lot to offer people who want to build their own website with their chosen niche and work towards making money as the site develops.

Price $29 US per month or $299 per year and this includes:

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Solo Build it also has it’s own keyword research tools called Brainstorm and advanced keyword research as well inside the platform.

Does Solo build it give you everything you need to become successful online?

I can’t say no, but I do know some people, one person, in particular, that was with this platform for 9 years then left and joined Wealthy Affiliate as he felt this platform outrated Solobuild it.

Wealthy Affiliate is rated NO.1 onn the internet as a training platform for anyone no matter what your level where you can learn how to create and build a successful online business doing what you enjoy.

What else does Solo Build it do for Entrepreneurs?

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Hype or Real?

I am going to say real with some hype added to make the platform look amazing and most marketers do this type of things to bring more people aboard.

I have researched loads of places where you can go to “make money” online and this platform gets a 7/10 from me.

My NO.1 Recommendation has everything anyone needs to learn and build a successful online business, blog or whatever it is you are wanting to achieve and below is a comparison of the 2 platforms.

comp chart

As you can see the comparisons aren’t too bad although I do have to say this.

Wealthy Affiliate does come out on top and I feel it is the better investment of your time and money and the great part is, you get to start for FREE, no credit card required.

Solo Build It!

Solo Buildit Pros:

  • Training is written and also in video form although the written training is hard to comprehend and very drawn out.
  • Includes a Keyword Research Tool
  • 90 day Money Back Guarantee which is ok although you still have to pay before you are allowed any information
  • Forums inside the platform where people can connect and help each other out which people say gets frustrating as you have to scroll through 100’s of questions until you find what you need. Time wasting!!


  • Not FREE to join to see if you are going to like it
  • No Direct access to the owner
  • Only 1 website – my NO.1 Recommendation, you can have 25 free and 25 dot.com sites as you build online.
  • WordPress is used but the building of the sites is a little outdated compared to the state of the art platform I recommend.

So How does SBi work?

They use a system for training called the Action Guide.

  • stands for Content and encompasses your online presence, including your website and social media pages
  • T stands for Traffic, which your content will attract through a number of sources, including search engines and social media.
  • P stands for Presell, again achieved through your content, you will presell prospects.
  • stands for Monetize, which is how you will make money from your website.

The training includes:

  • Intro – ​The 10-Day Big Picture. What will happen if you learn well in the 1st 10 days
  • Day 1 – Master of the All-Important Basics. Building the foundation for your business
  • Day 2 – Develop Your Best Site Concept. Choose what niche you are going to build a site on
  • Day 3 – Brainstorm Profitable Topics. Learn which niches are profitable
  • Day 4 – Investigate and Plan Monetization Options. Learn how to monetize your site
  • Day 5 – Register Domain Name. Decide on your business domain name
  • Day 6 – Build a site that Gets the Click. Learning how to grow a site that Google, Bing and Yahoo rank highly.
  • Day 7 – Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources. Vital to the growth of your business
  • Day 8 – Develop Relationships. Deepen preselling.
  • Day 9 – Know your Visitors. Maximize call to action
  • Day 10 – Monetize.  implementing your day 4 monetization plan.

And there you have it.


Yes, Solobuild it is a good program although a little outdated from what people tell me. It is a good platform to learn how to build a website and Yes, there is a good training offered however I still believe that Wealthy Affiliate has so much more to offer members.

The live chat that runs 24/7 is amazing and if you go ask a question there, you will be helped out by experts in the business of online marketing.

You will also get to connect with people via chat from all around the world.

You get so much more as a member with Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend you check it out for FREE to see for yourself.

I’m not saying Solobuild it is not a good place to learn, however, I do feel Wealthy Affiliate has more to offer with over 1900 experts working 24/7, technical support again working 24/7 and the community of people inside the platform who truly are the best.

So kind and helpful and encouraging and there to answers any questions you may have as you learn, so you can keep working and creating success for yourself.

I am signing off for tonight – thanks for visiting and please do me a favour.

Can you leave a comment with your thoughts and if you have questions I will reply to you within 24 hours.

GO well and build big online.

Vicki Crawford

Vicki Crawford






Owner of Money and Freedom Online

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  1. I do not know so much about solo build it but from all indications here it seems like a platform that is very good but it really doesn’t meet up with wealthy affiliate which I am a member of. Going through your review here, I can totally agree that wealthy affiliate is the preferred by creating 25 free websites compared to buildit’s one. This is very nice. Thanks and best regards


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