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What is Millionaire Society about – ( The Truth Revealed)

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The fact is when you do the number of product reviews that I do, you very quickly learn what is good, great, excellent and also crap.

4 billion people are surfing the Internet looking to buy, sell, learn, teach and more so it is also the perfect time for anyone to create scams or businesses that are not worthy of your investment.

Today I have written this post to reveal the truth on What is Millionaire Society about and is this product worth your investment and time?

I always do a lot of research before I write reviews so I can give you the opportunity to make an informed decision before you spend your hard earned money so let’s get into this post in depth.

Who is the Millionaire Society?

Founder/Owner: Mack Michaels

Product: Learn everything about Making Money Online

Cost: $4.97 for a 7-day trial then the up-sell to $97 per month

Recommended: NO

Rating: 4/10

Guarantee:  Yes, this is a ClickBank product

Website: Millionaire Society

What is Millionaire Society about

When you open the website this is what greets you. There is no about us page, nothing but a landing page and there is a very good reason for this and for me a serious Red Flag.
I tried 3 times to open this website using different browsers and different ways to search for this site and every time the site opened, this is what you get.
Sales Hype doesn’t cut it for me. If you want to feel safe and also feel you are somewhere honest, this site doesn’t have those feelings at all.
The only thing I got told listening to the video was more hype and I do not recommend you buy this product.

Cost relating to what you get

You pay to join, then you pay $97 per month to be shown how to use some products which could be very helpful except that every product you are going to learn about is offered free on YouTube so my question is this.

Why would you charge people $97 every month- Red Flag.
Yes, investing in a great product is a must when it comes to building a successful business online but my experience in the Industry tells me you will not be getting your money’s worth with Millionaire Society.
The content inside the platform is very shallow and not worth spending money on, in fact, I believe it would be a waste of your money and your time.
If you want to learn how to become successful online and you are prepared to invest in yourself and work hard every chance you get, then I suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Products you receive with Millionaire Society

You get 4 videos teaching you a little about Affiliate Marketing but nothing really solid and the other videos were shallow and taught you how to market yourself on adfly.

You get traffic from Adly but unfortunately, the traffic comes from a very low source like free ads on movie sites in Korea and countries that do not use Affiliate Marketing at all. Not a reliable traffic source at all.

Then they try to teach you how to set up your own product and get paid via PayPal and they call this the done for you program.and not worth investing $97 per month for.

I feel disappointed I can’t offer you more information although here is a video from another online marketer.


A Platform that delivers everything it says it will!!!

Kyle and Carson- The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate for over 14 Years

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 14 years– It is real.
There is no Sales Hype, no landing pages, or sales funnels because over 1.4 million people are members inside Wealthy Affiliate.
Why? Because it is the BEST Training Platform on the Internet for anyone to join and learn how to become a truly Successful Online Marketer being taught from Experts.
The Affiliate Marketing Industry is growing so fast as more and more companies move online to grow their sales and their worldwide presence and this means there is a need for excellent Marketers.

Tried and Failed

I have tried MLM, Network Marketing, Selling stuff online, and I made a little money but it is nothing compared to how I feel these days.
I work from home doing what I love – What could be better?
When I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate and read through it, I decided to give it a go and within 2 days, I had gone premium and now I look back and smile.
Yes, I work hard because I want to live life on my terms. Travel if I want to, stay in different places in my own country as I haven’t seen all the beauty here yet.
I know 100% Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you will ever need to become a seriously successful Affiliate Marketer.


What is Millionaire Society about? My post today has covered most of the information needed to help you with your online decision making when it comes to this product and I do not recommend you spend your money on this.

Most of what is offered can be found for free online and if you really do want to build a business that will rank on the 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo, then please do not waste your money on Millionaire Society and even though there is a money back guarantee, it just doesn’t give me a positive feeling especially with the research I have done and the results.

Choose wisely

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate and everything inside this platform to you, if you truly want to learn how to become successful online.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you get 24/7 support inside the live chat, 24/7 technical support if you make an error, 2 Training programs which are both perfect for anyone to learn and build, an amazing community of people including over 1900 Experts helping, teaching and supporting you on your new journey and most of all, this platform is filled with honesty and Integrity.

I have only 1 regret and this is, I wish I had found this place years ago as today I would be a very wealthy woman although I am still very grateful to Wealthy Affiliate as now I get to work from home and love my lifestyle :).

whait is millionaire society about

There are some incredible success stories from members who have focused, worked hard, learned it all and make a seriously good income full time from their Affiliate Marketing business.

Of course, you also have some people who say it doesn’t work and they leave. The reason it hasn’t worked for them is, their mindset is focused on earning money fast and Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a Get rich quick SCAM, it is a real place where you will need to learn well and work well to achieve the results you desire and this is the case with every single business online and offline.

Work consistently and you will know success– Work randomly and Yes, you will still most likely know success but it will take a lot longer to achieve the results because perseverance, determination and focus plus consistent effort is the key to any kind of success as I am sure you will appreciate.

I am off to do some more research now so thanks for stopping by today and if you want to get started inside the NO.1 Platform on the Internet, Wealthy Affiliate, then I invite you to click the banner below and I look forward to connecting with you on the inside.

I am an Ambassador with Wealthy Affiliate and this is because I love helping people move forward and grow successful online so let’s make you another Success Story

Go well and be amazing!!







Super Affiliate and Online Entrepreneur

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12 thoughts on “What is Millionaire Society about – ( The Truth Revealed)”

  1. I was asking the same thing Vicki, 

    if we can get everything on YouTube or even Google, why would anyone pay $97? It doesn’t make sense and it’s a cheap and scammish way to earn money from innocent people but looking back at their video, I can’t help but feel that the program itself has this dodgy vibe about it, something like an old school scam, don’t you think?

    • Hi Riaz- Yes, I thought the same when I watched it. very old fashioned and definitely scammy and not worth $97 per months, that’s for sure.

      I am glad you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and its good of you to come here and support me with your thoughts today. Thank you and all the best online building huge 🙂

  2. Hi Vicki,

    I appreciate your honest review of The Millionaire Society. Charging $97 a month for information that can be had free is a bit tacky. For a few giggles, I did compare the difference between The Millionaire Society website and the Wealthy Affiliate website. You’re right on the money. It has scam written all over it. 

    Your review will help people steer clear of this phony stuff before they waste their money on it.

    Thanks Again,


    • Hi Michael

      Yes, there really is no comparison as Millionaire Society, (even the name is scammy) is not a good investment whereas Wealthy Affiliate is the best and 1/2 the price or free when you start earning 🙂

      Thanks, Michael

      Go well

  3. Hi Vicki! I check Millionaire Society and it has a few videos. In one they are teaching a bit about affiliate marketing. In an other they’re talking about AdFly (that’s a way to generate traffic, but the audience is not really targeted). And a couple of two videos more. I was surprised they only have 4 videos. And they charge $97 USD a month! That’s to much money. And the videos a very shallow. Millionaire Society is definitely not worth the money.

    • Hi Henry- Always good to see you as you always have such great input and thank you for sharing more about Millionaire Society here as it will really help people visiting and hopefully they will waste their money on this product as it is definitely not a good product

  4. $97 is a lot of money to pay each month. I have watched a lot of online videos on how to make money online and they all promise people that within a day you will be collecting money in your bank. As much as I wanted it to be true, I knew it was a scam.  But when I found Wealthy affliate all of my fears about making money online went away. The owners Kyle and Carson are awesome and the community at WA is also great. No one tried to pressure me to buy a membership and I was able to build a website and learn how to create a online business without paying any money. I decided to become a WA member 5 days after I read about it and tried it out; and this is the best decision that I have made. If anyone wants to become successful online, then they should try WA.

    • amazing it is still happening online Danielle and good on you for being a member with Wealthy Affiliate

      I haven’t connected with you inside the community as yet but I will look out for you from now on

      Go well and keep building 🙂

  5. Thanks for this review and I am glad I am not joining Millionaire Society any time this century not that it will last online.

    People want value for their money and this is not value and I can also say Wealthy Affiliate IS the best place to go to learn how to create a successful Affiliate business so cheers and thanks for the info

  6. Vicky,

    Wealthy Affiliate indeed is a blessing to he who uses it correctly. Like anything else in this world, it needs order. Without order, strategy and structure, there is no way to succeed in life. Same goes or entrepreneurship; especially entrepreneurship! It truly is important to use this info for a successful career!


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