What is Jeunesse Global about – Is there a Better Option

What is Jeunesse Global about?

I have researched a load of MLM companies and today’s post is about Jeunesse another MLM Health and Wellness Company offering products to people all over the world.

Monavie joined forces with Jeunesse to create an MLM business opportunity for people so let’s look into things a little deeper now to see if it’s worth you investing in for your future passive income creation.

Who is Jeunesse?

Founded: Founded in 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, based in Lake Mary, Florida

Products: Health, Wellness, and Skincare to help with anti-aging.

Cost to join: $49.95 US

Website: www.jeunesseglobal.com

So how does this business work if you want to make money?

Jeunesse works on a binary system so you have to build 2 legs equally to obtain all the bonuses and payments offered and you can also sell retail to people.

People often say this is a pyramid scheme but I disagree with this as every business owner has the opportunity to build their own business and of course as with any business owned by other people, they are going to make money from your effort.

The investment in the product to me is a little hefty with the cost of 1 box of Monovie juice at $157.49 US for 12 bottles which is around $13 per bottle and this is wholesale or as they call it, the preferred price that you pay as a distributor or associate or business builder.

There is a range of other products such as the skincare range and these products are a similar price to Lancome and of very high quality.

Recruit People

Yes, you will need to recruit people all the time if you want to make money and you will also need to be on auto-ship to obtain your place in your business each month so if you do join Jeuness, be prepared to go chasing people as this is how this business rolls.

If you want an easier way to build your own business please click here for more details. It still requires you to work as with any business you own but it does not require chasing people or auto ships or high costs and you can over time make a full-time living from this business model.

What about Jeunesse Global?

Jeunesse is a legitimate company selling great products so if this is your thing, then go for it but please remember you must continue to build your team on both legs to make it work and many have done this although the percentage of truly successful people in this type of business is not huge as there are so many companies online all claiming to have the best products and the best compensation plan when really they all need people and lots of people to make this business work.

Monavie was a company on its own but struggled to make it so joined forces with Jeunesse to ensure their products were still able to be purchased.

There is Usana, Herbalife, Nu-Skin, Jeunesse, Melaleuca Arbonne, DoTerra, Isagenix, Forever living, Avon, Amway and so many more MLM’s.

Yes, Amway is the longest-serving MLM in the world but had to diversify to continue with the growth they needed and it seems a lot of MLM companies are doing this by adding different things to make building continue.

I tried MLM for years and Yes, I made a few dollars but it didn’t give me time and money freedom and I worked very hard constantly trying to get people to join my team with some success although as they joined, people left so it was a continual uphill climb to try and make good money.

I learned about Affiliate Marketing and chose to look at this as a way to build a future online and I love every day now building my own business online. I joined an excellent platform, went through the 2 training programs offered and now I am a successful affiliate marketer and business owner and if this sounds like something you might enjoy, please go read this post by clicking here.

Is MLM the Best Choice?

Let’s look at the approx costs of joining Jeunesse.

$49.95 to join

Let’s say for example you wanted a box of MonaVie and a moisturizer for starters.

This will cost you approx $157.49 plus $59.95 and if you want more products much more but for now, let’s look at this overall.

$217.44 for a months worth of product in US dollars- Times this by 12 = $2609.28

Let’s look at just the MonaVie drink for 12 months @$157.49 = $1889.88

Ok for the total skincare range it will cost you $592.10 US and if you buy this monthly it will cost $7105.20 to keep your beauty treatments ongoing.

This may be ok for some but for others, this is going to be a challenge, however, if you recruit enough people, you will make money so these costs over time may decrease if you can build a great team.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t join Jeunesse and get started building a team and use their products as they are of good quality and although no claims are allowed to be made I have spoken to people who use Monavie as a tonic and really get some positive results which are so great to know, however, I do feel it is just another company pushing products at prices that can be out of reach for some and also if you don’t like recruiting people, then this type of business is not for you.

Owning your own business

has it’s benefits and is the only way to get the time and money freedom but you will have to work hard, be patient and learn the skills necessary to stay ahead of the competition and if you choose to learn from Experts as I did, you will be very fortunate indeed.

I knew nothing about how to make money owning my own business online but I was prepared to give it my best shot and today I am so happy with how my life looks compared to before.

I work from home doing what I love when I want and it’s a great way to live. Working for someone else is ok but imagine one-day saying Goodbye Boss and living life on your terms.

I hadn’t prepared for retirement so doing what I do now has assured me of a bright future with money to enjoy loads of fun adventures along the way and I hope you check out my recommendation to see if it’s right for you.

Until next time

Vicki, signing out

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10 thoughts on “What is Jeunesse Global about – Is there a Better Option”

  1. This seem like arealky cool means of making money though. However, the health and fitness niche is one great one where it gets lots of people getting involved in and seeing it here isnt disturbing. I love the fact that this is a legit business which gives people the change to make some money from it, but me being a shy tip and dontbrealy fancy telling me others to come join a business, this isn’t what I’ll love to try. Owning my own business is certainly a better idea.

  2. So, it seems that my chances of making ant form of reasonable amount of money working withJeunesse global is left to chances of building a worthy group of individuals who are ready to work with me as a team and if they are dormant, I would just lose my money. Being a business oriented person, that is not a good risk to me. Considering how costly this products are and the limited chañces of being able to make any worthy sales, I am not sure that I want to get myself involved with such business as this. Thanks so much for this review though

    • It’s not for everyoneTracy and yes recruitment is the main key so loads of talking to people and showing them the plan

      There are other choices which may be better for you so go check out my recommendation to see if this is a better option

  3. Thanks for putting up such wonderful post. Its been a long time since I have been roaming around looking for a legit online business and this seem really cool. The fee is quite nice to start and from your description on how it works, there is any upsell which is one turn off for me in any business. Considering my persuasive skill, I think recruitment of people into the system wouldn’t be a difficult task and giving to the fact its a legit business, I’ll love to give it a try. Best regards.

  4. Hi Vicki,

    To be honest, I tried a few MLM’s. I hate auto-shipping, even though I don’t need the product or I still have the product I need to buy it.

    I do agree MLM is a legit business model but as you mentioned the main money is made by building our team we need to chase people. I did it in the past but now I am not comfortable with it. Often with some MLM companies, their products are quite expensive which makes it really hard to sell it.

    Based on my experience, most of the people who look for additional income are the ones who already struggle financially. So the price range of $1000-$2500 are very high.

    Personally I believe Affiliate Marketing is the best option to go with and we can start it with low investment.

    Thanks a lot for the honest and helpful review.

    • Hi Paul

      Yes I tried it for years and now I do Affiliate Marketing as well and love my journey with this business model

      Enjoy the rest of 2019 and all the best for your future online

  5. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks for this post for Jeunesse Global program, it’s quite helpful to understand this program’s pros & cons by your review. The price of the product from Jeunesse Global is a bit higher and beyond my expectation, if you compared to the products in the supermarket. This program is suitable for those people who are not afraid of talking to strangers or making lots of cold calls to get more downline to capture the needed margin, but my personality is more introvert which make me difficult to accept to join this program. Do you recommend any program that an introvert person could join and do better? It would be nice we could hear the wiser advice from someone like you. 🙂

    • Hi Matt

      I wouldn’t ever compare the Jeunesse products to supermarket products or prices as these products are of extremely high quality but I do agree they are too pricey.

      I recommend you take a look at my no1 recommendation as this will definitely suit an introvert as yourself- no recruiting at all so go see what it’s all about


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