What is Future Proofing? (2020 and beyond)

What is Future-Proofing(2020 and Beyond)

Man contemplating

Is there a way forward?

What is Future-Proofing?

How do I make my life better?

How can I earn more money and not some scammy choice either?

Are you stuck in a job you dislike?

Are you wanting more from life than you have currently?

With the World all Topsy Turvy a lot of people are feeling lost, scared about their future, unaware they may be laid-off at any time, have just been laid off with no compensation and there are so many more reasons people are despondent about life.

Even before Covid 19, so many people around the world hate their jobs, are sick and tired of working long hours with very small pay packets, have bosses they don’t enjoy working for, and again loads more reasons why people are feeling frustrated with their current situation.

Are you looking to change your current situation?

Are you ready to Future Proof your life?

If you want to make some seriously positive changes for your future, why not consider moving to the Online World where more and more people are buying products every day.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to create and become financially independent. Of course, as with anything you build, it takes time and you will most likely need to learn some new skills but I am telling you it’s worth every minute of learning and building.

I started out in June 2018 as an Affiliate Marketer and I knew nothing about starting an online business let alone creating and building one that earns me an income which keeps growing and today I am so happy with how things are turning out, I had to share what I did to achieve some financial freedom in my life.

Wealthy Affiliate- Thank you

I was searching online for a place that was honest and could teach me what I needed to learn to become successful online and I came across a review written by a WA member. reading through the review written by Kevin, gave me a good feeling and I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate for free to see if Kevin was telling it how it was.

Within a few hours of looking around, going to live chat to connect with a few members, and seeing what was on offer, I decided to invest in myself and go for it!

I paid $19 which is a bonus offered if you go premium in the 1st 7 days of joining and got started on the training program called the Online Entrepreneur Certification which was amazing.

It takes you right from the beginning all the way through every step you need to become a great business owner and builder and I rate this training a 9/10 for anyone wanting to learn Affiliate Marketing.

Here is a screenshot of what you will learn and the 1st 10 lessons can be done as a free member to see if you are going to enjoy what Affiliate Marketing is all about.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

There are 50 lessons to go through each with tasks to complete and if you follow the instructions and do what you are taught, you can also create and build a truly great business.

There is only one reason people fail at this or anything else and this is when you decide to stop working or stop focusing on what you truly want for your future so if you are prepared to work consistently and you are determined to make a difference in your life, then you will be successful like so many of our great members.

I work from home full-time these days and love it so much.

I work the hours I set and dedicate those hours to helping people online all over the world and you can do this too.

All you have to do is get started and watch everything fall into place.

Bonus Offer

For a few days at the beginning of May, Kyle, and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are offering a bonus to all new premium members who join between May 1st and the 10th of May.

You will pay the normal $19 for your 1st month but if you want to pay for a yearly membership you will only pay $299 instead of $459 and because you normally pay $49 per month for membership this is a huge discount to help people move forward.

Infographic to join wealthy Affiliate

Compared to any other platform online, Wealthy Affiliate outrates them all starting with their fees.

There is no other company that offers all Wealthy Affiliate offer for this price and the quality of training is exceptional and so easy to understand.

Much More than Affiliate Marketing

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn about e-commerce, drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, how to do YouTube videos to bring traffic, SEO Expertise, Keyword Research program built into the platform free to use by members, and loads more training on so many different online subjects including local marketing, branding…..

Every time I want to know the answer to a question relating to online building, I ask a question inside the platform and when I research there are always 100’s of great tutorials and video training to learn from. It is so brilliant!!

Having members there who are specialized in their fields is wonderful as they share such valuable information to help us grow and develop our online businesses into something pretty special in turn creating money making sites, helping people all over the world with their buying needs plus people learn, teach, sell and give and I love everything about this place I call home for my online work.

Connecting with Others

group of people

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, we have a community of members who share ideas, help each other out offer solutions to challenges when building, encourage each other and I have made some really great connections and have become friends with people all around the globe which is incredible.

The kindness and support alone are worth our monthly fee without all the extras we get, including free websites and our hosting which is also included in the $49.

Where does this happen online?

I have researched loads of other teaching platforms and there is no one else that offers what Wealthy Affiliate offers. Kyle and Carson really believe to their core that it’s all about helping people and that is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

Come and see for yourself and turn your life into something really special so you can make choices that make you smile instead of living life, frustrated about your current situation, let’s do something to make a difference in your life.

What’s to lose?

With the world moving more and more to the Online way of life, it really is the perfect time to get started and build yourself a great income earning business on the Internet and with the help of excellent trainers, people who know their stuff, you will not look back once you get moving forward with Wealthy Affiliate.

Go check it out. You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain from joining this place.

You will NOT be asked for your credit/debit card details when you join and there will be no pressure to become premium.

It is 100% your choice and once you look around like I did, you will know if WA is a good fit for your future income creating needs.

Even if you are currently working, this is a chance for you to earn more or maybe one day, say Goodbye Boss because you are earning such a great living from your own online business.

So What is Future-Proofing? 2020 and Beyond?

Job Security

Man with a Satchel and a book

For years now Job security has been getting worse with people getting told they have no job and don’t come to work tomorrow. No notice, just shut-downs in all types of Industries.

Have you experienced this?

Is your Job truly secure?

Are you earning enough to become financially independent?

Would extra money change your life?

Do you want to buy your 1st home or upgrade your current home?

For me, it was a case of being 59 when I joined WA hoping I can secure my retirement years with money and time freedom, and every day I put in a good effort to keep growing my businesses online and it’s working.

No, I am not making $1000’s but I am making more money than I was before I got started and the amounts I earn keep growing so I keep working and know the figures will keep rising and this excites me.

As with any business it takes time, learning, and loads of consistent effort to build a great business so if you are ready to make some seriously cool changes to your current situation, I suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and see what I’m talking about here with you now.

You lose nothing. You gain everything you need to own and grow an online future.


Anybody of any age, with little or no experience, can become a successful Online Entrepreneur with the training and support Wealthy Affiliate offers its members.

I hope I have shared enough information in this post as my intention while writing this is to help you if you are not content or you are looking for a brighter future with more income and freedom down the track to do whatever you like.

I will always be so grateful and thankful to Carson and Kyle, the founders and owners of Wealthy Affiliate. these 2 men plus the 25 developers and technicians behind the scenes have created an incredible, fun, top learning, supportive place for people to live better lives and I hope you come and see what it’s all about

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and I wish you loads of success in what you work for.


Vicki Crawford

Owner of Money and Freedom Online

P.S. If you have questions, please ask me in the comments section and also a favor, please.

Leave a comment to keep me on track.

Thank you

Be awesome!!!!

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6 thoughts on “What is Future Proofing? (2020 and beyond)”

  1. Hi there, Vicki.

    Wowsers, I like your enthusiasm.

    Congratulations on getting your own business going.

    Can I ask you about how many hours a week you put in when you first started and had to set everything up from scratch vs how much time you now have to spend just maintaining, updating, marketing, etc?

    Thanks, and good luck.

    • Hi Terry

      I guess because I really wanted this work, I worked around 6-8 hours everyday/evening for the 1st 90 days, then I spent around 5 for the next 6 months writing and building as much as possible with excellent keywords etc that we taught inside WA and my biz is rocking.

      I started earning within 3 months, then it tapered a little and then it started to grow more and more so I am still just as excited today as I was back in June 2018

      I hope this helps and I wish you success all the way

  2. Great article! Like you I was looking for a change and wanted to get in to the online world but did not have any idea how to go about doing it. Similarly I came across a review for Wealthy Affiliate and started the free membership. Once I was finished that I had learned so much and knew that this is what I wanted to do and enjoyed the community feel at wealthy affiliate so much i signed up for the premium membership. I’m almost complete all the training and it has been a great experience, I have my first web page and i’m really getting excited about being an online business owner. 

    I think you said it best when you said “There is only one reason people fail at this or anything else and this is when you decide to stop working or stop focusing on what you truly want for your future” If this is truly what someone wants they need to sign up for wealthy affiliate and put in the work. And with the bonus offer it looks like now is the best time to do it. 

    Thanks for helping others to get started, Vicki. 

    • Hi Tyler

      So great to see another awesome member of WA commenting here and thank you for your support

      We are yet to connect inside WA but one day we may do that

      I wish you continued success in all you are working toward and have achieved


  3. Hi Vicki,

    I learn so much about this business by having the opportunity to offers comments or discussion on them. I really feel very privileged to be able to access the hard work of the experienced members of WA. This is awesome!

    Your term of “Future Proofing” is absolutely brilliant!

    It is clear that when I come across a quality website like this, without knowing who the WA member is, I just know, this person has been with WA for quite some time, and has a lot of experience, and I can learn a lot.

    It has obviously taken some time to get to quality content like this, and I know that I need to be patient, but if I could have a quality website in the near future, I would really be glad!

    I’m currently spending about 14-16 hours per day on WA, still being in lock down, and also having started in WA just a few days ago, so I want to give this my all in the beginning. 

    You are really a great mentor by means of me having access to your content and learning from it.

    I wish you great success with your WA journey.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Andre and I am glad to be of help to another member in WA

      Thank you for your input today as it will help others see things I have shared today

      Keep learning and don’t stop building and a great future to you Andre


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