What is a Millionaire Mindset – Develop Success Habits

What is a Millionaire Mindset

What is a Millionaire Mindset – Develop Success Habits


So what is a Millionaire Mindset and how do we develop success habits?

I am excited to bring you some great information and also the chance to introduce you to one of the greatest teachers I have encountered over the years in the field of Mindset, Personal, and Business Development.

This guy is down to earth, practical and is a no-nonsense man whom I admire and respect.

Mr T. Harv Eker – Who is Harv?

What is a millionaire Mindset

Website: T Harv Eker

Born in Canada and living in Arizona

Harv is an author, businessman, and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation. When it comes to teaching Mindset transformation, Harv is your man.

Harv has helped millions of people all around the world change their mindset and go on to live amazing lives filled with happiness, money, and inner and outer wealth.

In this blog I am going to share some of his programs, his Best Selling book, and more so grab a coffee and relax as you read through this post.

A winner for You

When I bought “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” written by Harv, I read through it once. Then went inside again and this time I listened and drank everything I read. After years and years of getting money, then having no money again, it was way overdue I can tell you.

I always earned good money as a Singer-Songwriter, I had my home and my children and I never wanted for anything but was I wealthy? No, the money was earned and the money was spent week after week, year after year. I’d save some for a while, then it would be spent and life was like that for way too long.

Then I read Harv’s book and the second time I read it things starting shifting a bit for me and more and more I was getting the picture.

This book is one of 1000’s I have read over the years and this book is incredible – A must read and a treasure to refer to and keep in your library.

Harv’s Programs

I feel honored to be allowed to share with you, the incredible programs T Harv Eker is offering people and I hope you take a look at the ones that ring close with you.

So many people are stuck on the hamster wheel, spinning aimlessly. I was one of those people too so I know what it’s like to be there where you are. It’s no fun at all after a time and I am telling you today, Harv is the man for a change. Yes, you have to do the work and I am telling you again. Go do the work if you want off the hamster wheel.

Millions of people keep doing the same thing hoping for different results and I hope many of those people check out this post as it really will give you the tools you need to make permanent changes in how you live your day.

You will look back and go – WOW!!! Amazing. You will say to your partner if you have one. “Look at where we are now”

Harv went from broke to a millionaire in 2 1/2 years and you can too so check out this program

Your Passion and Purpose- Getting Rich Doing what you Love

An incredible program, thank you, Harv,

Here is another awesome recommendation

Zero To Multimillionaire / Million Dollar Business Secrets

Check this one out- Incredible!!

The 500 Million Dollar Secret / The Wealthy Marketer

All of these programs are incredible and the one I needed recently was the 500 Million dollars Secret/ The Wealthy Marketer.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and Success Coach and this program, is very reasonably priced for what you will learn and this program is a huge key to open so many doors in your business future so it’s a must for marketers and business owners.

Mindset is Key

This last program I am delighted to share with you is

Don’t Believe A Thought You Think / Secrets of Inner Power 2.0

This program will shift your mindset into a totally different gear, giving the tools you need to think differently and in turn behave differently which will lead to you being more productive, confident, and most of all successful.

So go check out this program and I would love to know how it goes when you have completed it.

Do you want to get out of the rut you are in?

Do you value your self-worth?

If Yes, what are you worthy of?

Is Success important to you?

Now when I say success I mean true success, not just a wee taste, I’m talking living life with money and freedom to do anything you choose, help other people learn how you changed maybe, travel the world, build a new home for your family, move somewhere you always wanted to live.

Or are you happy on the treadmill and are you ok with this way of living? If you answered yes to this question, Good on you for being honest, and if ever one day, you get the feeling inside something needs to change please bookmark this site and come back and get the mindset to millionaire working inside you.

I hope you have enjoyed what is a millionaire mindset and I really hope you check out Harv’s programs to see which one will suit you. Or go through each one and really take things to the highest level of positive change for you.

I appreciate you visiting my site and I will always do my best to bring you interesting posts and post that can and will change your life.

If you want to learn how to create and build your own business online please click here for more details

Until next time

Go well and believe in you

What is a millionaire Mindset


The 1st step is admitting you want more than mediocre

The 2nd step is Action

The 3rd Step is to Living an Authentic, Amazing, Powerful, Successful, Happy, Healthy Life

This is Vicki, signing out

Bye for now

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20 thoughts on “What is a Millionaire Mindset – Develop Success Habits”

  1. Hi
    I really enjoyed visiting this article, it has given me some more food for thought, you always have something to interest me when I visit here, and I am grateful for what insights you share, it really is amazing what is at our fingertips, if we only take a leap of faith and search for it.
    Kind wishes

    • Hi Daisy
      Good to connect with you here in Money and Freedom.
      Yes it’s all about mindset for sure and T Harv Eker is superb and has helped over a million people change the way they think and in turn a new life of wealthy.
      Action is needed of course but with the right mindset, you are already halfway there.
      Thanks for stopping by Daisy and I hope you come back again soon

  2. Everything we do start in our mind, if only we can have the right mindset!

    I don’t really know the author but I am very curious to know more about the book, after reading this very interesting post. I would like to be successful but sometimes I get lazy and get satisfied with doing almost what I planned to do. I think I need to join the program of secrets of inner power 2.o and get some help. 

    Thanks for this life saving post!

    • It will shift your mindset Adyn and help you move into a more positive mindset giving you the tools to go get those goals and dreams you want and I would enjoy hearing from you after you complete this course

      Go well and I hope you enjoy it immensly

  3. Hi Vikki

    Plenty of food for thought in this article, there are a lot of “get rich quick” guru’s out there so you can never be too sure if the advice that you are hearing is the real deal, that’s why I really appreciate you taking the time to write this review. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this page to come back too once I have read the book and I’ll let you know my thoughts.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Domonic

      Reading the book will change so much inside you and I am excited and looking forward to you sharing your thoughts after you have read it, thank you

  4. Hi Vicki

    I’m passionate about personal development and I agree with you that T Harv Eker is a great coach and mentor. In my opinion he’s right up there with the best of them – Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale and Bob Proctor to name but a few. 

    As with any learning programme, the key is to apply what it teaches, rather than just go through the trainings. 

    I believe anyone who takes advantage of this and does what Harv says will reap huge rewards down the line.

    • Hi Richard, Welcome to my site and I am passionate about PersoanlDevelpment too and have studied with all the names you mention here and Jack Canfield as well and I believe Harv is one of the great teachers in PD

      Enjoy your juorney to success

  5. Hello Vicki, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I enjoy reading your articles as they are very trustworthy. I heard about the Millionaire Mindset before but honestly, I did not pay much attention to it. I will buy the book as primary it is not expensive at all compared to what you will get.

    • Hi Daniel

      good to see you again and I do hope you buy this book as it will give you so many gold nuggets to use daily and your business will grow exponentially if you read this book and live it every day

      Go well and enjoy and I would love to know what you think after you have read it

  6. This is such an excellent post and I really enjoyed its read. T. Harv Eker is a big name and someone who I really respect a lot. Though I’m yet to read this book but then, I’ve listened to some of his speeches and read some things about him before. He is a great motivator and going by his success rate that I discovered while reading through, truthfully, this millionaire mindset could be perfect for me to get back up. Thanks so much

    • Hi Ro

      Good to see you again

      Yes Harv is incredible and reading “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” is a must. It truly is a life changing read

      Go well

  7. Affiliate marketing is not for everyone because as with any real job it takes time, effort and dedication to make it a successful endeavor. People tend to think that because of false promises they can make money overnight and when they see that it’s not true then immediately believe that affiliate marketing is a fake thing. To do this you need the right guidance, right tools and right mindset and only if you have all these three you can have any kind of success.

    • Affiliate Marketing, becoming a Surgeon, anything we want to achieve greatness in takes a mindset and hard work 

      Guidance and learning with the mindset, you have already achieved it all will take you to the top and the view will be amazing

      Go well and thank you for this comment

  8. Hello,

    Loved your post very much. Everyone wants to be rich. But they always complain that they do not have enough resources. They give excuses. I agree with you. Mindset is the key to become rich. If u set your mind to become rich than u will find many ways to earn money. We are habituated to live average life and doing something new to avoid mediocre life is always a risky thing for us. Some people always think but never take action. It is very important to take actions .Otherwise, the thoughts are worthless and people will remain the same all the time. I think the desire to become a rich is one of the key factor to be rich.Self confidence is one of the important factors that will help people to achieve success and this book will help to gain all things they want in their life.

    • Hi Radeet

      You are spot on here with this comment and because of your mindset, you are set to achieve greatness with your life

      I am inspired to resad this comment

      Goo be incredible

  9. Hi Vicky; It is a fact that one’s mindset has a lot to do with one’s progress. As it is possible for one to be one’s biggest hindrance in the path of success if the mindset is defective. I had not the opportunity to read any of Harv’s books.

     However, I believe that reading the story or instructions of a successful business person will be a game changer for the unsuccessful businesses that are struggling to see wealth.


  10. I can tell how fulfilled you are as I read your blog and it makes me wonder how Mr. Eker turned you to be this happy and successful person. It’s true that changing the mindset and behavior in any culture and aspect is a good thing to acquire necessary skills and competency to achieve your goal.  Oftentimes, we just like to daydream about having a lot of resources – money, house, care, high tech gadgets, but then people are not doing anything to get these. I believe it’s doesn’t make you a bad person for wishing to be successful but the question is: What are we doing to achieve success? 

    What really striked me the most is your PS statement. It feels as if you are attracting positivity and success in all aspect and radiating it to your readers. Thank you for spreading your enigmatic vibe and wonderful insights.

    • You are so kind and if you work hard believing you already have success, you will get the abundance you deserve. The more you help people, the more comes your way. Its what is intended for everyone on this planet.

      Unfortunately, people think all they need to is ask and sit back and wait and this is not how it works

      Yin and Yang

      Give and get, good and bad hot and cold. It’s all about believing in yourself and giving people what they need

      Thank you and keep being awesome!!!


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