What is a Good Investment – Create your Own Future

What is a Good Investment – Create Your Own Future

Imagine starting your own business online today and planning to work full time from home within approximately 18months if not sooner.

With over 4 billion people from all over the world surfing the net looking to buy, sell, make and teach the time to build an online business couldn’t be better, in fact, more and more companies are turning to the Internet to grow their business because in the offline world things are changing daily and more and more people are getting laid off leaving people with no income and not very good prospects for the future.

If you learn how to develop your own business online and work on it every chance you get, you can create a full-time income and a truly successful life for yourself and your family if you have one

What are your Dreams?

What is a good investment

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Are you older and worried about retirement like I was?

Do you enjoy travel but can’t afford to go places on cool adventures?

If you could earn a really great income, how much would it be? $5k per month or $10k per month or more?

Everyone has dreams and the way to make these dreams a reality is to start doing something for yourself now and if you continue to work smart and keep focused on those goals you have set, you will create success online with your own online business.

So what option should you choose?

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s take a look at my no1 recommendation to give you some idea of what it’s all about and see whether it’s something you would like to pursue.

Affiliate Marketing is simply helping other companies online by promoting their products on your website with banners and links.

You could choose a niche such as Best Basketball Shoes for junior players and write reviews on some of the basketball shoes that are highly recommended. When you do this and add a link or an image with a link attached and visitors to your site view your review and click on the link, they are taken directly to the company’s website and if they buy your recommendation or another product, you get paid a commission for helping out.

It is really that simple.

The only part that requires time is research and writing great content to attract traffic to your site and fortunately, I know a truly great platform where you can earn all the skills and get all the tools you need to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Wealthy Affiliate- No1 on the Internet

I joined Wealthy Affiliate some time ago now, knowing very little about how to build a website, write Keyword-rich content, SEO. SSL. Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and how this works, in fact, I knew nothing and now I teach people how to become successful online and I also build websites for clients who haven’t got time to do this themselves but want to be on the Internet and I love working from home full time.

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 amazing training programs, Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) and Affiliate Bootcamp (Advanced learning), and both of these courses give members everything to learn how to build a successful Affiliate Marketing business as well as other tools for things like e-commerce, dropshipping, YouTube video, Social Media Marketing and more.

If you are serious about changing your current situation or preparing for a just in case you lose your current job then please join Wealthy Affiliate for free and take a look inside this truly excellent place.

There are over 1.4 million Members and Wealthy Affiliate has been going for over 14 years now and growing every day with people joining and beginning their new online journey to success.

Some don’t stay as they don’t have the motivation to work hard, some decided it’s not for them and others like myself and 1000’s more work hard, learn as much as we can, and build success online.

Which one are you?

Many people travel around the Internet searching for, what is a good investment to create your own future and from all, I have experienced online over the years, my no1 recommendation is Affiliate Marketing.

There are so many options with Affiliate Marketing and no limit to how many legitimate websites to help people with their online decision making an excellent income to be made over time.

No, it does not come within a few weeks however if you work consistently you will receive income within a few months.

I started earning within 3 months because I also promoted Wealthy Affiliate knowing it is the best system with all anyone needs to become successful and this created an income very early after I joined this great platform.

Earning and Learning

With Wealthy Affiliate, there are ways to earn income while you are building.

You can promote the platform and receive commission and you can also help out in the comments thread and get paid.

After 3 months of membership, you are then able to create pieces of training for the members if you have something you believe would help and you get paid for this as well.

And one more thing. If you get 300 in 1 year, you get to go to the Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas all expenses paid and it is incredible.

This is what one member wrote from this year’s conference

Click here to have a read

An amazing time was had by all attendees and this is one of the goals of many members because Kyle and Carson really turn it on for the members who qualify. what an adventure and so much fun interacting and meeting members for the 1st time from all over the world


I knew if I wanted my life to change I had to build my own business and when I found the review about Wealthy Affiliate and got started on my Affiliate Marketing journey I realized very quickly what is a good investment. I know this will create your own future and if you work hard, stay focused and keep building, you can also become really successful online giving you time and money freedom.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $1k per month or $5k per month or even $%k per week and growing. Imagine how your life could be and the choices you could make if this was your reality.

I love everything about WA and all it offers me as a premium member and the investment of $49 per month is nothing considering what we get.

There are hosting sites that charge more than this and we get absolutely everything offered to us

Here are the 2 membership comparisons so you can see for yourself

I invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and do what I did. Have a really good look inside the platform and if you feel you would like to build an online business and learn from this platform, then I will be inside to help you along as your mentor and alongside me, there are over 1900 experts within the community to help out as well.

It is no risk and so much to gain so I hope you do check it out so you can see for yourself

Go well and I hope you get to know true success


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4 thoughts on “What is a Good Investment – Create your Own Future”

  1. Hi Vicki, I must commend you for writing this great post. The article is a detailed review of a platform that sounds to have everything required to build a sustainable business online.
    Also, I think the review is very transparent – even though the opportunity is huge for anyone looking to take control of his or her financial future, you made it quite clear that it will require work and effort to build the business successfully.
    You as well made me understand that the tools, support and resources would be provided but it would be down to the individual to put them into good practical use.

    Thanks again for sharing this information Vicki


    • Hi Tony
      So good to see you here and thank you for this positive input
      I always try to give my best when sharing information with people and I am so pleased you understand working for yourself takes hard work and determination
      Go well and all the best in your future pursuits

  2. Every day more and more people are taking an interest in starting their own business because of the many benefits that it offers. What you have laid out so true because being successful at this business will allow you to do things that you could not do working for someone else. I would encourage anyone to get started with a business in the online world and to use the platform which Wealthy Affiliate has created that has proven to help people to work for themselves in the online world.

    • Hey Norman and thank you for stopping by tonight
      Yes Wealthy Affiliate offers it all to anyone who is prepared to work hard, learn the skills and use the tools provided to become successful and I wish this for you
      Go well and be awesome Norman


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