What are the Best Ways to Make Money Online – NO1 Recommendation

What are the Best Ways to Make Money Online  NO. 1 Recommendation

Hi and welcome to Money and Freedom Online.

I’m Vicki, my passion is helping people learn where to go to get expert help so you can build a truly successful online business.

So, What are the best ways to make money online?

This post is going to give you my NO. 1 Recommendation and why I chose this path to follow and how anyone can do what I do.

Read on further and you will see exactly what I mean by this.

I am like many people who have tried a few things online, lost money, spent too much money with very few positive outcomes and I feel for you if you have had similar experiences.

This post will reveal everything you need to know to make an informed decision so let’s get into it in detail.

If you love writing and want to sell books online, then please click here for a recommended place to do this successfully. I have written a review on this program and it is a good recommendation.

Affiliate Marketing

Why is Affiliate Marketing my NO.1 recommendation?


First, you can spend a whole lot of money on different products to try to become successful. You can do surveys and earn around 2 – 5 dollars per survey. You could write for other people and get paid but it’s still not going to give you financial freedom. There are all sorts of places you could join hoping to make money but 90% of the time, they will take your money instead.

So the reason why I recommend Affiliate Marketing as my NO.1 choice to answer the question, What are the best ways to make money online is because the process is simple to follow when you have learned the skills in creating and building a really great website with a chosen niche to write about, you are on your way to becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer.

Over 4 Billion people surf the Internet looking to buy products, sell products, build things, learn about places to travel, teach people, and more, and becoming an Affiliate Marketer opens so many doors for your future online and an excellent income.

More and more companies are growing their business online these days as they need to grow sales figures and with so many people buying online, becoming an Affiliate Marketer is an excellent choice.

what are the best ways to make money online

Companies on the Internet need great Affiliate Marketers to share banners and links and make more sales so let’s learn quickly what Affiliate Marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing

You build a website, You add great product reviews on your chosen niche. When you have built a solid foundation for your website, you will apply to Companies relating to your niche as an Affiliate for them and once you are accepted, you will add links and banners to your posts/blogs and when people visit your website and click on your recommendation, they will be taken to the company’s site and if they buy from there, you get a commission for helping out.

That’s it but 1st you have to build a great site.

Some people think they can build a drag n drop website and they will make money-WRONG!!!

There are some crucial steps you must take before the money starts arriving for you.

  Effort + Focus and learning = Success

For the rich quick people- This is definitely not a scam as building a decent business offline and online takes time, commitment, and hard work.

What are the best ways to make money online

The Scams/get rich quick offers are hideous and I say, RUN!! These people will take your money quickly and you will not get what you paid for 90% of the time. As there is no way you can start a business and make a million or even $1 per week after a few minutes after buying a program- I mean, For Goodness Sake. Sorry, rant over.

I have reviewed quite a few so-called business opportunities to help make people aware and I can pick a scam as soon as the site opens now and although people like this are getting caught, there are still scams being created every minute so be aware of this. 🙂

What are some of the Companies you could Affiliate for?

  • Walmart, Etsy, Amazon, Google Adsense(not as an affiliate), Awin, Mediavine, ClickBank, JV Zoo and the list keeps growing. There are thousands of Affiliate Programs.

Here is an example of Affiliate Programs for Fly Rods.

What are the best ways to make money online

As you can see there over 7 million results just for fly rods and every time I type Affiliate Program for… and add a niche I am amazed at the results.

There are literally millions of Affiliate Programs to suit any niche so have a try and see what results, you get for your niche.


How do you become a Super Affiliate Marketer?

The is only one place on the Internet that has absolutely everything you will ever need and this platform I am honored to say is Wealthy Affiliate.

Why do I feel this way along with over 1.4 million other people? Simple- Integrity is one of the main reasons Wealthy Affiliate is rated as the NO.1 platform is because of everything that is offered to the members.


Within WA (Wealthy Affiliate) there are 2 training programs.

The 1st one to take is the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) which is 50 lessons each with tasks to complete and here is an image of the 1st 10 lessons in this training.

What are the best ways to make online

This truly is the beginning of your journey to success as an Affiliate Marketer. I remember all the learning, the tasks, and the excitement when I went through the OEC and how awesome it felt when I completed this course.

I still sit here sometimes thinking to myself- I know how to build a website, become indexed and ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But, how do I use all the marketing tools needed and even better, seeing income start to come in?

You will learn about Keywords, How to use Meta Tags, How to optimize SEO, How to write content that indexes quickly and ranks with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For some of you reading this, some things may seem a little daunting. I know they did for me but as I worked through the OEC Training, everything fell into place and those terms I just used have become second nature to me now as I am sure they will for you as well along the way.

When you have completed the OEC, then if you want to you can go through Affiliate BootCamp, and again you will learn more advanced ways to monetize your sites or site and the Bootcamp training really pushes you to the next level in building your business.

Another 70 lessons really advancing you further and a great challenge to complete.

I am still amazed at the whole process and how Kyle and Carson, The 2 guys that own WA, have built this incredible platform and for the past 10 years have not put the price of memberships up. These 2 men are so great and work tirelessly to help members and make sure everything runs smoothly.

What are the best ways to make money online

How long has Wealthy Affiliate been around?

Founded in 2005 and it’s now 2019 so that says it all really. This business platform beats University hands down if you are wanting to learn how to build a commercial business online, do woo-commerce, become an Affiliate Marketer, start a shop online or whatever you might be into. WA has everything for anyone who is willing to learn and work hard every chance they get.

This is a state of the art system, with top security and loads of incredible information and resources we get to use on a daily basis and there is also a live video each week from Jay, Wealthy Affiliates no.1 trainer.

Every week Jay has something really informative to share with us and the members all learn so much from Jay at no extra cost to us.

You can also watch all of Jay’s videos from previous live ones under training in the dashboard. Also under training, there are 1000’s of tutorials, video training from experts in WA, and also in the top search bar, you can type your question in there and be taken to even more resources to answer your questions.

There are 25 developers working behind the scenes and a technical team who work 24/7. That alone is so awesome.

What else do you have to do?

What are the best ways to make money online? What else do you have to do?

There is only one way to become truly successful online and the best way to become successful is to join the best platform and get started on your new and exciting journey to become an Affiliate Marketer.

What are the best ways to make money online

There are some things you must be prepared to do to make it work for you and your future.

  • Be teachable
  • Don’t skip lessons
  • Be prepared to commit to all your working toward.
  • Set Goals and Make a plan
  • Focus
  • Be determined
  • NEVER give up
  • Have balance- If you are working full time for now, please make a plan on what times you WILL work on your future and do this every day-EVERY DAY if you want success
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Don’t listen to people who say it won’t work – These people will see one day how awesome your business is and want a part of it too.

Here is a screenshot of some of the successful posts from Members inside WA.

What are the best ways to make money online

When I 1st started in Wealthy Affiliate, I read different blogs inside WA from members who were doing great and I followed the training of one of them that she had placed inside WA for members.

I did this after I had completed the training from Kyle and I follow Grace’s training and do exactly what she taught in her training and now I am more advanced than ever before- WHY? Because I want to be able to say in 5 years time. I did it!! I have Money and Time Freedom and I am gonna do whatever I want from here on in.

I will be able to help people by being generous, give to people who need a hand, and travel to places I have always wanted to go.

WHY? This is Your Reason for wanting success online. Your WHY is going to keep you motivated, help keep you working hard and staying focused. Make sure money is not the only reason you want this.

Ask yourself this: If you have an extra $6k per month, WHAT would you do with it? And that my friend is your WHY

The Cost

How much do you think business costs to build and manage and grow and keep running smoothly?

$4k, $5. $100, 000 – Yes it does in some cases and sometimes a lot more than that, however, to learn how to become a Super Affiliate Marketer it will cost you just over the cost of 1 coffee per day to rock the Online World.

$49 per month plus around $13.99 for your dot.com name relating to your chosen niche and you are away. Of course, if you pay for a year, you will only pay $359 which is pretty cool considering what this place is worth to your future.

Here is what the 2 Memberships offer 🙂

For me and after many years of looking around, trying out programs, and getting burned in the wallet, I came across Wealthy Affiliate via a review from a member and it said I could join for free and take a look around and if I should decide its for me, then go premium in your 1st 7 days and you will pay, only $19 for your 1st month.

This is exactly what I did and now I have 2 very successful businesses online and I am one of the Top 100 Affiliates inside WA and I invite you to go check it out for free as well and all I ask is, when you join, please set up your profile and your pic so I can connect with you and help you out if you need me.

Until then- Go well and Be Awesome


Also please leave a comment for me so I can answer any questions or help you out in some way

Thank you


I almost forgot to mention this. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are some incredible people from all over the world, different cultures, different knowledge levels, and we all help each other out and support each other as I am sure you will see once you are inside the platform.

The Community is filled with some experts as well and they are such wonderful teachers. All you do is go to live chat inside the platform and ask a question and there will be someone to help you out – So cool

Anyway- that’s it now

Bye for now

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