What about Wealthy Affiliate (NO.1 Recommendation 2019)

What about Wealthy Affiliate as a choice to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

Over 1.4 million members since Wealthy Affiliate began in 2005 and with the state of the art system, Kyle and Carson and the 25 developers have designed, it’s no wonder these numbers are so high.

Built with Integrity and a true pay it forward attitude, Kyle and Carson have created a platform offering anyone the opportunity to learn and build success on the Internet.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you will ever need to become an Online Entrepreneur so let’s look into the platform a little more now.


There are 2 training programs inside the platform.

The 1st is the OEC or Online Entrepreneur Certification which consists of 50 lessons all with tasks to complete after each lesson and this will teach you everything you need to create and build a stunning site


There are over 1900 Experts inside Wealthy Affiliate to offer you help when needed and there is also a technical team behind the scenes called Site Support who are also available 24/7.

The Live chat is a great place to  visit to get questions answered as well and there is also a search bar at the top of the page where you can type in your question and be taken to 100’s of great resources relating to most questions.

Help is never far away


​Wealthy Affiliate has a community thread where members share their progress and successes and being part of this community is wonderful especially when you are working from home often alone.

Members all care for each other in a true pay it forward fashion, helping other members, supporting them and encouraging each other to do well.

I spend time in the community each day to help people and offer answers to questions from members and love how everyone is so caring as we empower each other along the way


There are 2 memberships to choose from and I suggest you start for FREE and see what it’s all about inside the platform.

You can set up your account and profile and share a little about yourself so other members can connect with you and then go do the 1st 10 lessons of the OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification and if you feel Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you all you need to become an excellent Online Marketer, then go premium as this will open all the doors inside the platform.

Here is an image of the 2 memberships so you can see what will be available to you for both memberships.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate different?

There are loads of places online where you can go to learn different online marketing strategies however so many of them charge high prices making it unaffordable for people to get started and continue to learn and grow their future online and when you join Wealthy Affiliate there is only one fee for every premium member, no up-sells and the only extra costs you may incur are if you want a premium WordPress theme or Pro Page builder but these are certainly not necessary in the early stages of building your business.

You will be likely to buy a domain name for your business website and you can also do this within Wealthy Affiliate for around $13-99 per year and this includes hosting and SSL security.

All in all Wealthy Affiliate is outstanding with it’s products and training and Kyle and Carson and the team behind the scenes always ensure everything is running perfectly for the members.

No Risk No Credit Card Needed

Join for FREE and check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself and you feel it is worth the Investment, go premium within 7 days and receive the Bonus Offer and pay only $19 for your 1st month’s fees and $49 after that.

Extra Bonus info: Should you decide to join us inside Wealthy Affiliate, You will also have the opportunity to earn while you learn and this may even pay for your membership fee so come on in and see what the NO.1 Platform has to offer.

Thank you for stopping in and reading this post and I look forward to working with you should you join me and the other awesome members so you too can become another success story from Wealthy Affiliate training and everything else offered by this incredible platform.

I knew very little when i started and I now enjoy every day working from the comfort of my own home- It is wonderful although you do need to be disciplined and treat your home as a work space for a certain amount of time each day if you are serious about success

Please leave a comment and ask any questions you may have and if you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing before you join, please click here

See you on the inside ?

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2 thoughts on “What about Wealthy Affiliate (NO.1 Recommendation 2019)”

  1. I love your site, it’s very cleverly presented with lots of helpful information. I agree there are so many places to learn about how to make money online, but they are so expensive and it’s hard to know whether they are a scam or not, where as Wealthy Affiliate is so much better in that it’s more affordable. It allows anyone to have the potential to make an income online through an honest source. I love that you can learn for yourself how to earn an income online, as this is so empowering. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kat- Thanks for stopping by and also thank you for your positive comments and I am glad you found Wealthy Affiliate as I did. WA sure does have it all. All we have to do is learn and work hard to achieve our goals and this is what I hope happens with you along the way

      Go well and be awesome


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