What about Wealthy Affiliate – (Exclusive 2019 Report) Reveals All

What about Wealthy Affiliate – (Exclusive 2019 Report) Reveals All

Today’s post is an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate and I hope the information I share here will help you with your Online business building decision.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by 2 Young Entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson back in 2005.

These guys wanted to create a business to help people learn how to become successful Online Marketers and Affiliate Marketing is a passion for these 2 men.

The business has gone from strength to strength over the years with now over 1.4 million members and every day more people join to learn the skills and use the tools provided in a state of the art platform for business builders.

What about Wealthy Affiliate

These guys are amazing – They both truly believe in what they have built and are updating, adding new tools, and keeping this place, the best place on the Internet for anyone interested in starting an Online business.

Both of them work tirelessly every day inside WA- Kyle is more the front man writing pieces of training, helping members while Carson is behind the scenes being creative.

With over 25 developers plus the technical team and of course all the experts within Wealthy Affiliate Community, you are in great company with this learning platform.

What does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

Within WA, you will see icons that will take you to different places on the platform.
Dashboard, Training, Websites, Live Events, Research, Affiliate Programs Live Chat, and of the Help Center.

Along with these places that are for your learning and growth within Wealthy Affiliate, you can also search for answers to questions by typing your question into the search bar at the top of the page, and inside there are 1000’s resources for you to use to help you along the way.

If you click Research a new page will open that looks like this image below.

Keyword research

What about Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy is our research program within WA and all members use this place to do Keyword Research, check site rankings, look for relevant Affiliate Programs that may be used when they are ready.

There is no up-sell for Jaaxy either- It is all included in our membership, however, you can upgrade to Jaaxy Enterprise for a fee to give more valuable tools to use but it is not necessary to do this, and will find Jaaxy lite all you need.

Jaaxy also offers you an Affiliate link to share with people on your site and social media and you make a commission from all referrals you get.


This is huge within WA. If you chose to go to University to learn what you learn with the 2 programs Wealthy Affiliate has, you would be looking at 1000’s dollars invested in your learning and I am still amazed to this day, what is offered for our membership fee.

Here is an image of the 1st 10 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification:

What about Wealthy Affiliate

And here is an image of all the modules in the OEC Training:

When you have completed the OEC, then you can begin Bootcamp and this will give you another 50-70 lessons to advance you further in Online Marketing, PPC, and loads more.

And over and above this every week Jay, our no.1 trainer shares his expertise by giving members a live video training on different topics, his most recent one was about Marketing/Sales funnels which were really informative and Yes, you got it, at no extra cost to us.

Tools you Use

Ok, We have Jaaxy, the best Keyword Research Tool on the Internet.

Under the training, you will find 100’s extra add on training for questions you may have. I have used this many times and always get what I need to keep me growing.

You have a Private Message service so you can ask people a question in private or support a member who may be troubled about a challenge they face and don’t want it noticed publically.

We have live chat which is going 24/7 for people to meet other members, connect from all over the world, get questions answered, and share great achievements.

Then we have the community. There are over 1900 experts working inside the community helping people out 24/7. Some are new members and many are older members, and they all have the expertise and know more than you could ever imagine. They also write blogs and do extra pieces of training to help you grow and learn more.

You can learn to make your own Landing Page by personalizing your own unique link to a page and placing it on your site and you can also use the tracking system to see what people use to join you in Wealthy Affiliate. By the way, if people do join you from your site, you will receive a commission every month they are a member and this alone can become a full-time income and if you get 300 referral who go premium in a year, you will get a trip to Las Vegas, fully paid by WA. amazing huh!!

Success Stories at WA

So many success stories and here are a few for you to check out:

What About Wealthy Affiliate

Here is another one: 

what About Wealthy Affiliate

And here is a screenshot of a few more bunched together.

My Personal views of Wealthy Affiliate

For years I had been looking for a platform that could teach me how to create and build a future online and one evening while I was still searching, I came across a review similar to this one I guess and it felt honest. Kevin the guy who wrote it shared a lot of information about Wealthy Affiliate and what is offered to members and I felt it was a good idea to join for free and check this place out for myself so I did.

I looked around at everything inside WA and after looking, I realized this platform was the place I wanted to stay to learn it all so I paid for my premium membership which was $19 because I did it within my 1st 7 days ( You can do this too) 🙂

Then I created my profile and wrote a wee bit about myself and then it was into the training I went and I loved every minute of it even though sometimes, I got stuck and had to ask questions and when I did, there was always someone or a few people ready to help me out with great responses to my questions.

Here is a screenshot of motivating posts from some members.What about Wealthy Affiliate
All the members are out to help each other, encourage each other and no-one is in competition with anyone because we are at different learning and growing levels and for me, this is a huge positive as there is no bitching which is so great. Unlike people in a workplace that’s for sure.

There is one thing that really stands out for me about Wealthy Affiliate. There are NO SECRETS!!!

Everything is out in the open. there are no up-sells, no prices going up and Kyle and Carson have kept it this way for over 10 years and the reason for this is, both of these awesome men want to truly help anybody who is prepared to learn and work hard to become a success and I feel so grateful and honored to call these men my friends now and also to get the opportunity to work with a platform that has everything anyone could ever need to grow a successful online business.


  • Excellent Training Programs
  • No Up-sells
  • Over 1900 Experts available 24/7
  • Site Support 24/7
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • As a Premium member, you can have 25 SiteRubix websites and 25 dot-com websites
  • 1 on 1 mentoring
  • Live training weekly
  • Top Security for our sites
  • Full back up included
  • Hosting included
  • A community of awesome people

and so much more



You are now Ready to Decide

Now it’s time to decide if you feel this could be for you and I invite you to join for free as I did and check everything out just as I did before you make a commitment to become premium.

As I mentioned earlier to go premium in your 1st 7 days it is $19 and after that, it will cost $49 and this is the monthly fee to own your own business and get everything offered within Wealthy Affiliate and for me, as a business owner, I look at the price this way. For just over the price of a coffee per day, You can be in business online. Pretty cool huh 🙂

Here is an image of the hosting comparisons remembering this is included in our membership fee and this fee is tax-deductible as well.

There are of course other hosting platforms online but be aware they have up-seels for SSL, backups etc.

Oh Yes, if you are already with someone else and you want to bring your site across to WA and carrying on the building, the transfer is no cost.

What about Wealthy Affiliate

First, thank you so much for coming to read my post and I hope I have given you a thorough review of your question: What about Wealthy Affiliate with this exclusive review for 2019 and I hope to connect with you on the inside to help you with anything you need moving forward.

If you feel you would like to check out some more information on Affiliate Marketing please click here or join Wealthy Affiliate and learn it all in there.

Go well, be awesome and I hope 2019 and beyond is your time to become successful




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26 thoughts on “What about Wealthy Affiliate – (Exclusive 2019 Report) Reveals All”

  1. Ya, WealthyAffiliate is a good place to start create Business Online. There are a lot of training that can help us to solve the problem along the way. Furthermore, the training are not outdated, every week, there are new training coming out to talk about newest tread or topic about affiliate marketing or other online business.

    Also, with the support of the community here, we are are able to overcome the fear on the start and keep on pushing ourself to success.

    • Hi Chee

      You are so right- WA keeps updating, adding great resources and training and every day I see something extra inside the platform to help all the member grow bigger and better online.

      The community is the best and I hope you enjoy a long and truly successful journey 

  2. Hi Vicki

    This is an informative article about Wealthy affiliate. First of all , I’m a premium member of wealthy affiliate program. Honestly saying it is one of the best affiliate marketing platform. After joining there I learn a lot of things from the top ranking of training videos by wealthy affiliate. I also got help from the friendly community. I think everyone should join wealthy affiliate for making money online. Thanks for the article.

    • Hi Touhidar and thank you for your positive input in your comment

      I am so glad you love Wealthy Affiliate as well. Yes we are so fortunate to get everything we could ever need to become successful and I wish you a long and mighty journey

  3. I’ve been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for around a year now, and I absolutely love it. It’s been instrumental in helping me learn how to build a business from scratch.

    One of the major reasons I joined was because of the honesty of Kyle and Carson, while most businesses over-hype their product WA does the opposite telling you that it’s actually going to take some real effort on our part. It was a refreshing change from other programs I had tried.

    The tools that are provided are second to none, for example I get plenty of use out of Jaaxy without paying for the upgrade and am able to find keywords with minimum effort.

    I’d say the best part is that rather than just having an idea for an online business… you can actually start one with WA without having to purchase anything else. It’s definitely worth the monthly cost and annual is even a better value.

    I plan to stay a member for a very long time, and have currently saved enough money for my upcoming ANNUAL premium membership.

    • Hi Josh

      So glad you love WA as well and also glad you went yearly as it does save a lot of money for members

      Yes, it’s a long time that will bring you the greatest income and if you keep working hard every chance you get, you will get some outstanding results and your income will be proof of your hard work, so go well and keep being awesome

  4. Hi dear

    I like the approach you took with your review. It really gives more details about wealthy affiliate. 

    What I am always amazed about wealthy affiliate, it’s how everything is set for us to succeed. From the initial training to the weekly training on specific topic. It is a well thought platform where everything is designed for one goal, the one to help us make money online via a sustainable business model.

    Thanks for sharing


  5. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for anyone who wishes to become a worthy online presence to generate massive income. The training, ever ready community to help, support and the access to various experts that are ready to help you out. The access to communicate with the co-founders at will is another plus. Seriously, anyone who is ready to put in the work and consistency will surely reap the profit. Thanks

    • Hi Ro

      Yes thats it and I hope people realise this as the Internet continues to grow so rapidly. We need more awesome Affiliate Marketers and Wealthy Affiliate sure creates them 

      All the best growing Ro and thanks for stoppin by

  6. You know why I love the bunched up screenshot you’ve got on WA Success Stories?  The successes seem to come in different forms for different people, depending on the business they’ve chosen to work on in WA.

    I see successes posted by people who have generated $4k in one month in affiliate marketing, someone sold their blog for $28k after just 13 months, someone has had 10.5 million visitors, someone earned $70 commission with no website and no list, someone got featured on BuzzFeed etc etc etc.

    It seems WA offers great foundation for all types of successes in any potential business out there.

    Excellent breakdown, thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Cath- Yes I enjoy that shot as well as you are right, it tells some really interesting stories of success in many different ways and isn’t that so great for all the members

      Thanks, Cath- Glad you stopped by

  7. That’s an awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. This platform has been a game changer of many people around the world and it is very rare to read it’s negative review by anyone. Actually,  I have been looking for certain information about Wealthy Affiliate, as someone asked me this doubt: “If I cannot pay Premium membership for 3 months in a row, do I need to start my 4th-month over again?” I said you can resume from where you left off. Was I correct?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. It has refreshed my knowledge about Wealthy Affiliate Platform as well.

    • Hi Akshay

      If you left for 3 months but continued to pay your membership fee, you can begin again where you left off

      If you cancel your membership you will not be able to do this as this is a business platform and your fee covers everything you get within the platform including hosting

      I hope this helps

  8. Thanks for describing in details about wealthy affiliate. I am new on this platform. I just joined a few days back. I don’t have any prior knowledge about creating a new website. Hope I can make it after going through the training. Then I will move forward to the next steps. Thanks Vicki for the article. 

    • All the very best learning and growing Fahim

      You have chosen the best place ever on the Internet to become a successful Affiliate Marketer so get into the training and be awesome

  9. I think I’ve seen this Eric Cantu showed his proof of income with Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago. I was searching for some ways to make money with my laptop in Google and I accidentally landed on his blog. The amount he showed in the screenshot wasn’t that big then, so it surprised me to see how much he’s making through the success stories section of your blog post here. 

    Now, given the length of time these guys have started making money with Wealthy Affiliate to now and they’re still making that money, this shows this program has really the power to change people’s lives. 

    I’m convinced. I’m in now!

    • Hi Gomer

      Yes, Eric is rocking it and if you work consistently and stay focused on your WHY, You will become a success I am sure of it

      Wealthy Affiliate has it all and all you have to do is grab it with both hands

      Go well

  10. Hi Vicki,  I am a senior and my IT skills are somewhat limited.  How can I overcome this obstacle?  Wealthy Affiliates seem to provide everything else I would need e.g. training, help from community, tools and support etc.  However I am freaked by not being able to handle the tech aspects.  All beyond me!

    I have heard of Jaaxy being a great tool but again have no idea what it does.

    Look forward to hearing from you regarding IT.


  11. Thank you for this insightful review of Wealthy Affiliate.  I just live the step by step training and action check lists at the end of Kyle’s lessons. Prior to my joining Wealthy Affiliate I too was searching for the secrets to earning money online. I had spent close to $10,000 on so-called training courses that always had missing pieces which prevented me from fulfilling my dream of earning an online income. I am not sure how I discovered Wealthy Affiliate but I am so glad I did. Using the platform has taught me how the build and monetize my very own website. 

    I could not be more pleased. The weekly live training alone us worth the price of upgrading to Premium.


    • Hi Tom

      I am so glad you are with Wealthy Affiliate and you are doing so great

      Monetizing is a wonderful feeling as we grow and develop our own business online and I hope your income continues to grow in amazing amounts

      Go well and thanks for stopping by with this great feedback on WA

  12. Hi, First, accept my thanks for writing a very detailed and inspiring about Wealthy Affiliate article. I am happy you found this helpful post. I am new on this WA platform. I just joined a few days back. After joining there I learn a lot of things from the top ranking of training videos by a Wealthy Affiliate. The success seems to come in different forms for different people, depending on the business they’ve chosen to work on in Wealthy Affiliate. It seems Wealthy Affiliate offers a great foundation for all types of successes in any potential business out there. I think everyone should join a WA for making money online.

    Once again Excellent breakdown, thanks to you now I am sharing your post to my friends.

    • Hi Nasrin

      Although I appreciate you sharing my post, perhaps it will be more beneficial to you to go grab your unique referral link inside WA and share this with people you know because you will then get a commission if they join

      I hope this helps and all the very best as you build your future online

  13. Hi Vicki! This is a very nice platform to get started with affiliate marketing. One of the rules I follow when ever I join a platform is to check how active are the people that run the site. I check if they have done recent updates and if they can be easily contacted. And it seems I can mark positive all these with Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for the insight!

    • Good to see you again Henry and glad you joined WA

      Yes Carson and Kyle are in the platform most days helping out and behind the scenes keeping updates flowing and working very hard

      Such great guys and it certainly is the reason WA is ranked no1 on the Internet for Aff Marketers

      Thanks for your comment today and all the best building Henry


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