Wealthy Affiliate in Review – Is WA for You?

Wealthy Affiliate in Review – Is WA for You?

Over 4 billion people surf the Internet looking for something of interest. Either to buy,  sell, build, teach or learn and this figure is growing so fast.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate some time ago I was dubious about this platform because I had been stung by scams a couple of times before and did not trust anything that was suggested to me, however after reading a review written by Kevin, I decided to join for free to take a look inside this place and see what it was all about.

In this post, I am going to share my take on Wealthy Affiliate and share the information I have been fortunate to learn, as a member of this platform so let’s get into it so you can see whether it is something you might like to do.

Growing a business takes time and skills plus tools and loads of hard work so if you are the kind of person who enjoys working hard and wants a great future then keep reading.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

Founded over 14 years ago by Kyle and Carson, 2 Entrepreneurs from Canada, Wealthy Affiliate is what I would call a Training and Building Platform for people who truly want to learn and grow a Super Successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

Kyle and Carson work tirelessly every day within Wealthy Affiliate to ensure all 1.4 million members receive the best of the best when it comes to training, a state of the art system, security, and all the other essentials that make this platform the best on the Internet.

There are 25 developers behind the scenes and a team of technical experts to help the members out if they get stuck or make an error while building their online businesses.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is also a community of people helping out 24/7 with the live chat and also over 1900 Experts within the Community to answer questions to blogs written by the members with efficiency and accuracy to keep the members moving forward and growing their online future.

What do Wealthy Affiliate Offer?


There are 2 Training Programs within the platform and every member goes through these pieces of training step by step following the video training and tutorials to teach them everything needed to create and build their business.

The 1st training program to go through is the OEC which is the Online Entrepreneur Certification and this training consists of around 50 lessons with tasks to complete before moving onto the next lesson

Wealthy Affiliate in Review 2019

Once you have completed the OEC you will then move onto Bootcamp training which I call the advanced training, giving you more tools to become more known and more successful and by the time you reach BootCamp, you will already have established a solid foundation for your website

Wealthy Affiliate in Review 2019

Taking your time to go through each lesson of both training programs is vital and essential to your knowledge and growth online and if you follow the steps you are taught without skipping any of the lessons, you will find yourself in a great position moving forward with the growth of your websites.


1st up is choose a niche and this is done by choosing something, you are passionate about or something you have always wanted to learn about so you can teach others.

Here are a couple of niches to give you an idea

Wealthy Affiliate in review 2019

As you can see by the 3 images above there are millions of search results relating to these 3 niches. There are many more companies turning to online marketing, so the need for Affiliate Marketers is growing exponentially. There are millions of choices to be made to start your own business online.

Content Writing/Keyword Research

When writing content to help people with their decision making, you need to be thorough, give people honest advice, true facts, and often best of reviews are a great way to help people make their buying decisions.

Before you write content it is important to use the best Keywords. Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is a program you have access to included in your Premium membership.

Jaaxy is rated as the best keyword research program to use and to get indexed and ranked which is what you want to happen you need to learn how to use Keywords

Jaaxy Keyword

Go take a look at Jaaxy and see how it works. Wealthy Affiliate has Keyword training for premium members as well which is wonderful as it gets you noticed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is so important when it comes to making money and being a successful Affiliate Marketer.

Keyword research is all about choosing the right title for your blog and it works like this:

You choose a high AVG which is the average visitors per month with the keywords

The QSR which is short for “Quoted Search Results” and the number, shown, indicates how many other websites are competing for that particular keyword.

Here is an example of what a good keyword would be for this example of a niche I have chosen to share with you.

As you can see the best snowboard for beginners has 128 visitor searches per month and the QSR is only 31 so this would be a perfect keyword for a blog title.

Once you have selected a great title now it’s time to write some excellent content to help people and I suggest 1000 words is a great number for a blog however if you haven’t finished writing please keep going until you feel you have shared enough information. Some blogs are well over 2500 words and some over 7000. There is no limit and it is always better to give more information than too little.

Some people write 500 words a lot and think it’s going to get them noticed and sometimes it does but it isn’t a good habit to form. The more good information you share the more trust you will gain with your readers and the more people will revisit your site as they know they are going to receive the best from you and this is how to build a successful online Affiliate Marketing Business.

Within Wealthy Affiliate you can read a lot of blogs and suggestions by members around this subject and 95% of the members all agree that excellent content is one of the Keys to Success Online.

Click here to go to the training

Also, it is really important to write content regularly for your readers, and if you are doing reviews, great as people visit sites to get recommendations and also to save themselves from falling for rubbish online and wasting money.

There are 1000’s of scams online and by writing reviews on products, “So-Called” opportunities that you know very well are not a good value, you are helping people. Please always be honest with your writing as it is so easy to spot someone who is being fraudulent and if you do this, you may as well stop and go do something else with your time as you will eventually go down for being dishonest.

If you don’t know something as a fact then be careful when writing product reviews or business reviews or opportunity reviews. Always research thoroughly and then write your blog for people.

What is Affiliate Marketing

When you have built a solid foundation for your website/business, it is now time to apply to Companies relating to your niche to become an Affiliate, and once again, there are millions of companies wanting Affiliates.

Here is an example of a search for an Affiliate Program relating to a Niche

Here is another one to give you more ideas on the results for Companies offering Affiliate Programs

How does it work

Once you have been accepted to become an Affiliate in your niche, you will then add banners and links to your site and when visitors click on the links you recommend they will be taken directly to the Company’s website and when they buy something, you will receive a commission from the company.

You do not handle products, shipping, or sales. The Company does all that for you. All you have to do is recommend the products or services and have links and banners working on your websites and the income will flow.

You can also join Google Adsense and have ads automatically placed on your site and when visitors click on the ads, you get a % and once it reaches a certain threshold, you get paid out. I think the threshold is $100 so it is well worth looking into.

This image tells you the process


24/7 Support is offered within Wealthy Affiliate for all members. There is the live chat where members help each other out and answer questions for people and this is also a great place to connect with people from all over the world with all sorts of different skill levels and personalities.

Technical support is also available 24/7 and the team behind the scenes is always quick to respond and sort out problems members have regarding their sites. Sometimes when learning mistakes are made and the tech team is always there to help.

Another benefit is having your own Mentor when you join and as a Mentor is is my pleasure helping all my referrals grow and learn.

We have a large community within the platform where members share their successes and their progress and also ask questions and the community is amazing people all out to help each other along on this exciting business journey.


I have been involved with other business opportunities online some of which were ok and some that are not recommended at all and for me, the only one that truly gives anyone who is prepared to learn and work hard a genuine opportunity to become hugely successful is Wealthy Affiliate.

With over 1.4 million members and growing every day this platform offers Premium Members everything to create and build an online future.

To become a Member there are 2 choices and I suggest you take the 1st choice and join for free so you can see what Wealthy Affiliate is for yourself. Go to the live chat, ask questions, push the icons, and see where you go. Do the 1st 10 lessons in the training if you feel this could be for you and if you do, then go premium.

There is a bonus offer to go premium within your 1st 7 days and I took this offer and paid $19 to go Premium and have never regretted one moment and have now got 2 successful businesses online and I love my life and the choices I have now.

Here is what the 2 Memberships offer. Amazingly a lot of companies charge more than we pay monthly just to host websites and this doesn’t include Security but with Wealthy Affiliate, we get it all

Check this out

Wealthy Affiliate in review

Here is a hosting comparison and as you will see Wealthy Affiliate really does offer so much to members and this is because Kyle and Carson wanted Wealthy Affiliate to be a pay it forward platform where we all help each other out, fees are low and people can become successful without stretching the limits of spending and you can do this as a part-time business until your income gives you the choice to go full time and no longer work for someone else.

How cool would that be?

As you can see by the comparisons, Wealthy Affiliate is the best by far.


Wealthy Affiliate- Founded over 14 years ago

Anyone who has a great work ethic can do this type of business

Legitimate? YES

Recommended 99/100

I hope Wealthy Affiliate in Review has given you the opportunity to learn how this truly amazing platform gives its members everything to build success in Affiliate Marketing and I invite you to join for free and get to see for yourself what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and also to ask any questions you may have.

I mentioned earlier, it takes time to build your business and time to make money and while you are learning within Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to earn money as well and this can go towards your monthly fee or you can draw it down to your own bank account via PayPal.

How? By helping out in the comments thread and by referring members to the platform. You will learn more about how this works once you are a member

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope it has helped you with your decision making regarding building an online business.

Go well and I hope to connect with you inside the platform.



I almost forgot. You are also able to pay yearly for your fees which are discounted heavily for you as an extra bonus.

There are no upsells within the platform. the only extra cost is when you buy your own, dot com domain name for your website and the fee for this is approx $13 per year.

If you already have a domain name somewhere else, you are able to transfer it to WA as part of being a premium member 🙂

There are most likely more things I have forgotten to add in this post as there is so much offered within the platform however I know I have given you a lot of information to digest and if you have questions, please ask me in the comments or join for free and ask within the community.

Bye for now



This could be yours!! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate in Review – Is WA for You?”

  1. First off, I LOVE the colour scheme and layout of your site. It is so vibrant and simplistic so it is very captivating and really inspired me to keep reading the review you have created for the Wealth Affiliate platform.  It is very precise, well delineated and chock full of very helpful and insightful graphics.  I think it is a powerful and impactful review and I am most appreciative of your thoroughness!  I will bookmark it and pass it along. This content is very helpful and generates a great understanding for anyone who is considering joining an affiliate program.  Well done and thank you!

    • Hi Bex – good to connect with you and thank you for your positive comments on this blog post

      All the best in your online endeavours

      Go well and be awesome

  2. Wealthy affiliate is the place to be if you want to learn, manage and scale your online business.

    With wealthy affiliate every single thing is put in place to help you succeed. From web hosting, an amazing keywords search tool to help you create fast ranking content, to a community to make sure your website receives comments and rank higher in the search engines.

    I joined wealthy affiliate some years back and my online business dream became a reality.

    Thanks for sharing about this great opportunity.

  3. I have also taken part in some online courses that were free and also paid for some but I don’t think anyone of them comes close to how awesome wealthy affiliate is. I mean there really are no upsells in the platform. This has been the payment from the first day the platform started and from what I found out it would always be the payment.

    The only payment I made outside my monthly membership subscription was just when I purchased my own domain name. A lot of people switch to this platform only for this reason but later realize that the platform has so much more to offer. Seriously, anyone looking to make money online would definitely require a platform like this. It is has everything you need to build your business from scratch. 

    • Hi Jay

      So glad you found WA too

      Yes, when people join they are all blown away by everything within the platform and I hope to help a lot more people become successful online when I mentor them inside WA

      Go well and keep building Jay

  4. Vicki,

    What a great review on Wealthy Affiliate, thoroughly written content about the subject of affiliate marketing and how anybody can be successful if they put their minds to it and complete the Wealthy Affiliate training.The online certification course is a great place to start because it deals with the fundamentals of starting an online affiliate marketing business. After completing that the bootcamp training looks a little deeper into how to find profitable keywords and write articles of more than 1,000 words so that the article will rank in the search engines. I think the advice that you gave on going into a niche market that you feel passionately about is very good advice because it is easier to write about something that you know about.

    Wealthy Affiliate is top of the class when it comes to training for anyone who wants to learn and become successful at affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Fintan 

      Good to connect with you and I hope all is going well for you in WA

      WA offers everything we need

      All we have to do is learn and work hard and success is ours

      Go well and be awesome

  5. Dear Vicki,

    In September 2016 I came across Wealthy Affiliate and did my research for one month and joined on November 2016. I was afraid and skeptical to join WA because of my past bad experiences with the make money online programs. 

    To cut the long story short…

    I am still with WA and since December 2017 I am a full-time blogger working from home its only possible because of WA. I tried many make money online programs and products since 2008 and lost nearly $4000+. Based on my experience WA is one of the very best training platform to learn about making money online.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for the readers and no additional research needed for sure. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works. You are guiding people in the right path hats off to you!

    Thank you for such a detailed and in-depth review about Wealthy Affiliate – if I wasn’t already a member of WA, you certainly would have piqued my interest!

    Much Success!


    • Hey Paul

      Thank you for such a positive response to this post and I am so glad you are doing great with WA

      Wealthy Affiliate truly is the best platform to secure an online future so keep being awesome and thank you

  6. Hi Vicki

    Congrats. This is a really well-written review of WA. While you are biased (and you should be 🙂  ), this is an honest and clearly sincere review.

    In general, my experience with WA has been very positive. There are some quirks I could do without, but I focus on the training aspects and the encouragement provided by the founders and the rest of the community.

    The detail (acronyms definitions) is great. You don’t always see that on sites.

    Also, pictures are great to keep your visitors interested, but too many can overwhelm the actual textual content. There is a balance. Your post seems juuuust right. 🙂



  7. Hi,

    First of all i want to thank you for sharing this article with us .I am a new member of wealthy affiliate and didn’t knew much about it before reading your article .After reading your article i acquired so many information about wealthy affiliate. Now i can surely say that it is best for affiliate marketing and it is best for me to join .I will share this article with my friends and family 

    Thank you again for sharing this post .It was helpful for me 

    • Glad I could help and I do hope you enjoy WA as much as 1.4 million members already do

      Success along the way to you in all you work for


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