Wealthy Affiliate how to’s – Become a Super Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate how to’s – Become a Super Affiliate

I’m excited to be able to share my knowledge with you today on the Wealthy Affiliate How to’s, to become a Super Affiliate.

The reason I am excited is because I am a Super Affiliate in Wealthy Affiliate and I am loving every minute of it- Well almost.:)

Becoming a Super Affiliate is a challenge so if you are up for it read through this post.

I became an Affiliate with WA some time back and from the time I joined for free until today, my journey has been amazing and I am ready to share what I have learned and help you make an informed decision about this platform.

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded over 13 years ago by Kyle and Carson and since the day of inception these 2 men have worked tirelessly to make WA the best platform around.

With over 25 developers behind the scenes and over 1900 Experts, helping out inside Wealthy Affiliate, anyone who decides they want to learn the skills and use the awesome tools should consider Wealthy Affiliate seriously.

24/7 Support with the Live Chat, 24/7 Support from people in the community helping other people, and 24/7 support from the techy team to ensure any errors you may make can be fixed quickly to keep you moving forward.

I have never experienced such a place and I invite you to join me inside so you can get started on your new and exciting online journey.

The system is state of the art and because of the knowledge inside the platform, all the members know that if they work consistently over time they will have something to be really proud of and an income that will change their lives.

For me, at 60 years young Wealthy Affiliate has given me the knowledge and the tools to create success online and I love my 2 sites and my life will never be like it was before I joined and got started on this amazing journey.

Wealthy Affiliate NO.1 on the Internet

I joined Wealthy Affiliate after reading through a review about this platform, never realizing what I was actually going to experience.

I joined for free and took a look inside this place and the more I looked the more excited I became.

Everywhere I looked there were tools to use, resources, live chat, and heaps of other really cool stuff going on.

I decided to invest in myself and my retirement fund and went premium and got started with the OEC training- That’s the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course consisting of 50 lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate how to's

Before I got started I worked out my Goals and then made a plan for the next 12 months and then I got started with the 1st lesson. Lesson complete and now it’s time to complete the tasks for this lesson. Awesome!!! Done and onto the next lesson in the module.

Every day I spent at least 6 hours inside Wealthy Affiliate. I bought my 1st domain name with dot-com which felt amazing and I was building my 1st website, well not really building it but adding to the one that was created.

Better mention how that’s done. Ok, you buy a domain name relating to the niche you have chosen and then you choose a theme from the 3000 WordPress Themes available and when that jobs are done, you then click the create website button and within around 30-40 seconds, you have your very own business website. Exciting stuff. 🙂

Investing in yourself

Anyone who wants to become successful online has to believe in themselves and invest in themselves as well.

Now I am not saying to go spend thousands of dollars on programs and products as this is something you should avoid, however joining the NO.1 Platform on the Internet to learn everything you need is a sure way to get yourself up there with the top guns.

The Wealthy Affiliate fee is $49 per month and if you break this down to a daily amount, it’s a cup of coffee.

Now I knew that investing in myself would eventually pay off and it has and is increasing now for me and it can for you as well if you apply yourself.

If you join now I will make sure you get my bonus offer

Work Ethic

Wealthy Affiliate how to's

I found the easiest way to look at this is by asking yourself this question. WHY, do you want this? What will extra income give you?

Where will you go? What will you do differently with say an extra $1000 per month coming in?

I teach everyone I work with to use their WHY as the motivator to an excellent work ethic and guess what! It works every time.

There are times when you will be going through the training and have a challenging time of it and this is when you need your WHY, to help push you through to the next stage.

Some people say they get writer’s block. I feel this is because they don’t do enough research. Invest your time wisely, research your niche, and get familiar with new things you learn to use.

Become great friends with Google and search for ideas based on your niche to help open your thoughts for writing.

To become a Super Affiliate and build a truly great future online, you need to work hard and if you work full-time, please allow a certain amount of time every day to add something to your business.

Work when you have at least 1-hour everyday minimum to do the work you need to do and no matter what, don’t stop.

So many people start off with a hiss and a roar and fizzle out a few weeks later saying it doesn’t work.

Well, I am here to tell you, it does work, but you need to work consistently and believe it works and learn all you can from the training and extra resources offered to you inside WA.

Click here to read a review on Wealthy Affiliate if you want to check it out further.


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For those of you who have read through this post on wealthy Affiliate how to’s to become a Super Affiliate and want to start learning, please click the banner below.

 You will be offered my bonus by clicking this link 🙂

Thank you for coming to learn how to become a Super Affiliate and if you have further questions, please ask in the comments below, otherwise, let’s get you started so you can make 2019 and beyond your success story

Go well and I look forward to connecting with you inside Wealthy Affiliate should you join for free to check it out.

I will ask you one thing.

Please set up your account and profile so I can find you and offer my help if you need it. Thank you


Owner of Money and Freedom Online


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10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate how to’s – Become a Super Affiliate”

  1. Hello Vicki, excellent post you have up here and I could relate a little to the post but then, I joined Wealthy Affiliate already but it has not been easy at all. I have not made much progress. I kept on moving on a spot without having a clear idea of what my next step would be. Though I’m following the pieces of training it feels hard for me.

    How do I push through?

    • Hi Ro

      I suggest you back through the training and see that you are not jumping ahead too fast. This way you will see what you need to learn as well and this will help you move forward and don’t forget to think about WHY you want this and let it be your motivator

  2. This was a great explanation of how you can use the Wealthy Affiliate platform to become a super affiliate over time. Almost all the tools and training is there to make that happen. I started with them almost 4-years ago now, and although my usage and focus have evolved over that time, it is still a website that I am on every workday (which is about 6 days a week).

    In the first few months with them, I was able to get a couple of websites up and running using their hosting and a domain that I purchased elsewhere. I still have those websites and now they have hundreds of articles and reviews plus I am promoting my own online digital products through them.

    You are right that you have to take a long-term view and not get frustrated and give up too early. The owners are up-front that it will take time to start making much money, as the process requires that you keep adding more content on a regular basis. 

    There are a lot of good things about following the Wealthy Affiliate owner’s advice, as that work you do is a cumulative effort. I mean that over time you will be ranking for not only the keywords that you may be focusing on but others as well. This means more free traffic and good user experiences, plus more leads and sales or commissions too.

    I agree with you on the key factor for success being the mindset and work ethic. If both of these are in the right place (as in I will not give up and I will work on this every day) over time, you can start seeing a trickle of income coming in, and more and more as the months go by.

    Very motivational and frank post that clearly lays out the path to success when you join and learn the path that Wealthy Affiliate has taught thousands of other people just like you and me to use. It works, there are many testimonials and many, like myself, have used the training to expand into other online marketing segments with success.  

    • Hi Dave

      Good to connect with another Wealthy Affiliate member here in my site and thank you for your input. It does take effort and consistent effort to make it work but it’s worth every hour spent that is for sure Dave.

      Thank you so much for your support

  3. I agree with you that anyone who wants to become successful online has to believe in themselves and invest in themselves as well. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the number 1 program that offers the best training system to learn an online business with an affordable price that anyone can afford. I started my online business two months ago through Wealthy Affiliate, and today I earned the first $1.80 through Amazon purchase. I’m very happy that my website is working well and I get ranked on the first page in Yahoo. I recommend it to everyone who wants to earn an extra income. 

    • Hi Sam

      Well done and those amounts from all your affiliate programs will grow and turn into big money over time

      Awesome work

  4. The biggest reason I have found for people not joining Wealthy Affiliate is thinking they don’t have the money but most find the money when they really want success. The most common ways are to cut things out like smoking, drinking, dinner out, movie night, turning the thermostat up or down a degree or two to save money, or cutting out Starbucks. I know people who put a brick in their toilets, changed all their bulbs to CFL, and caulked windows to save the money to go premium.

    I myself started free, promoted a free affiliate program that pays residual commissions and earned my way up to going premium. Wealthy Affiliate offers so much for so little so if you have the money or have to save money to get the system go Premium as soon as possible.

    • Hey Andy

      Thank you for this fantastic comment and wow- you sure know how to get what you want.

      I am the same and Wealthy Affiliate is so cheap

      For me, I put away money every week into a separate bank account and voila- fee paid

      Thank you so much for your inout Andy

      Go well

  5. Great review of wealthy affiliate. I know it’s been around for a while; I didn’t know how long. It’s nice to see that they have the super affiliate training in there as I see many affiliates were so successful.

    Super affiliate training is pretty amazing. I love how Kyle provides the instruction to become a super affiliate.

    I can totally agree with you that a specific number of hours definitely need to be put in for a person to gain any success out of online marketing.

    I like how you work with the WHY. If there are so many questions by newbies of why they should do certain things, it seems that you’re providing some great answers to those WHYs. 

    I get writer’s block often, but as you say if the topic isn’t researched enough that’s probably why writer’s block comes in. I’m going to have to pay attention to that a little bit more next time I come up against the wall when writing.

    This is a lot of information you are providing. 


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