Ways to Avoid Scams Online- ( Top 5 Red Flags!!!)

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Scam Alert

There are a few ways to avoid SCAMS online and I have written this post for you today to make you aware of what to look for and some homework you should do before you go spending your hard-earned money, only to lose it to Scam Artists Online.

With over 4 billion people surfing the net there are people who are creating so-called “Opportunities” everywhere you look and it’s not slowing down any time soon.

So let’s look at the 5 Top Red Flags

5 Red Flags

1.Hyped up Sales Pages

Hyped up Sales pages telling you, you only have a few minutes to buy before the price goes up, showing the countdown to put fear into you as a buyer. This is so scammy and really bad business practice.

Scam sites such as Secrets of the Wealthy and look at this image below.


Only $4.95 to join and test drive for 7 days and then you pay- $97 per month.

My question to you is this. Why would any business offer you the “Best program ever” for $4.95? Answer- So they hook you into their online scam and then feed you will all sorts of hooks to make you feel safe enough to blow your money.

Here is another one:scam alertAnother hook tactic to get people believing this guy made this much money in a month online- I am telling you now, this is not possible unless you have been marketing for many years and I still believe these figures are not real especially when this guy goes on to say everything is fully automated and you do not need to do anything.

2.Flashy Cars and Homes

How many times have you arrived on a landing page where is the owner of the business standing beside a Lambo or a Ferrari or he has filmed himself inside his Mansion?

I can tell you from all the research we have done online, these Mansions are everywhere and photoshop does a great job of making people look like millionaires and the car photos are the same.

Most people who are truly successful don’t show off what they own to try and hook you into buying from them. Integrity is lacking big time with these Scam artists and I am sure if you look around you will see some of these sites.scam car

Anyone can go to a car park and find some fancy cars to stand next to, to make themselves look rich and this is not how to sell yourself online or your products.

Check out this scam below- This guy claims he can tell you how to win the lottery and this my friend is another gigantic scam.

How can anyone tell you what numbers are going to come from a machine? This guy will take your money though and you will lose your money.

Richard Lustig has featured on news articles because of his hype but people who really know what is going on are not fooled by this scam artist.

scam artist

3.The promise of High Income

Do nothing, just plug into our system and earn $10000 every week/month

Have you come across promises of money like this before?

Be careful- These are usually scam sites and people have lost loads of money joining places like these.

You can’t join something and not do anything and expect money to fall into your bank account. it just doesn’t work like this.

In order to create and build a long-lasting income earning business, you need to learn the skills and work consistently to build trust with your visitors and until you have created trust, you will not make money.

Even places like click funnels expect you to learn how to use the tools they provide at a cost every month and Russell does give value for his costs if people want to learn his program.


There are loads of people online who try and get you to sign up to their “amazing” program where they will give you everything to become the Best Marketer online and when you look into their offer you find they are reselling other peoples products making out they own them and this to me is really unethical business practice.

5. Identical Sites all selling the same Scam

You may also find sites online that all have different URL’s but once you check them out, they are all the same person trying to scam you.

Sites like myincomeforlife.com have many sites under a different URL but all the sites are nearly identical and all of them are ripping people off and are scams. Please click here to read my review of this as it is an eye-opener and you will most likely have come across places like this while you are searching for a good place to build your business.

There are more sites that are also Data Stealers soo please be careful out there and don’t sign up to anything unless you have read reviews and checked each option thoroughly as I would hate to see any of my valued readers lose your money to scam artists online.


Please bookmark our website as we are always adding helpful content to help people make great decisions, learn how to do cool things and we are here to help you.

I am a successful Affiliate Marketer and I love working from home earning a full time living and if you are interested in learning how I do this, then click here for more details

The Internet is the perfect vehicle for anyone to create and build a great business however it does take time. Get Rich Quick is a SCAM– There is no such thing apart from winning a lottery and there is a very slim chance of that happening.

I learned from true, honest, hard-working people that if you want to become successful as they are, you will need to find a great platform to learn and build in and over time if you follow instruction, you will create success and guess what, these experts are spot on.

What is your passion?


What do you love to do in your spare time?


Maybe you might like to do what you love and create an income while you are doing it.

I would love to know where you see yourself in 2 years from now and if you want to learn how to become successful online, please click here to see what the Experts are doing

Also please do me a favour and leave a comment with your scam experience or your success and what you are doing online.

Thanks and I hope to see you again soon

Go well and be successful

Vicki, signing out until tomorrow

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2 thoughts on “Ways to Avoid Scams Online- ( Top 5 Red Flags!!!)”

  1. I remember when I first came online years and years ago – I was enthralled by all of this types of things.  Thank god I was broke or perhaps they would have got my money back then.

    I think most young people are aware of these scams.  However, I think it would be wise to educate the older population as they can often be targets.

    • Hi Kim

      Good to connect with you and Yes, I sure hope people who are not familiar with what to look for come and take a look at this post because 1000’s of people get ripped off every day by scams and it has to stop

      Thanks for your input and I am glad you are aware of this type of thing on the internet

      Go well

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