Viral Cash App is a Scam – Or is it?

Viral Cash App is a Scam Or is it?

2019 Review

Why I say, don’t bother with Viral Cash App – read through this review to see what Viral Cash App really is.

What is Viral Cash App

Founder- Matthew

Product: The Viral Cash App

Cost: $47 although it is discounted to $27 right now – Upsells to $197

Recommendation 4/10

Legitimate: Debatable – Read on further


Money-Back Guarantee – Yes, because it is a Clickbank product

Rating 3/10

I would not recommend this product.

What is Viral Cash App for?

Video software training to teach people how to share viral videos and get paid. Hmm, this feels odd to me.

This is a screenshot of the type of email that is sent out to people to get them to join

Congratulations! You’ve WON [[email]]
You’ve Just Been Selected! (private)
Congrats! You’re a WINNER! [[email]]
This is strictly private and confidential.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOU have Just Won <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
So I have specially arranged for YOU to
have VIP access to this before anyone else.
Only a few selected individuals WON and
were chosen. (and you’re one of them!)
==> Click Here To Claim Your Gift
Please let me know if you are not
interested and I will share it with
someone who is.

For me reading this and I have read many more in the site as well, there are red flags with this type of email. I receive spam emails like this every day from people posing to make me rich- Yeah Right!!! It’s wrong but it is happening more and more as people try to make money from people and when it gets “too hot” for these scammers, they recreate themselves and do it all again. WARNING

Here is another email hype with this screenshot

Your $200 Check – [[email]]
This is about your $200 daily check
==> Click Here To Claim It
It IS possible to pull in MINUMUM
$200 a DAY…
Once you know WHERE to look
==> Claim your Commissions Here
Thanks, NAME

Who are the winners of this type of Business?

The Owner, Matthew, and the Affiliates that market this product.

When you go to the video you will see ABC News mentioning these guys but you will also hear them ask if it is a Scam or not and then the video goes on to tell you, You have been secretly invited to join this program.

More RED FLAGS If it was that great, why would they say it is a special offer and it is a secret. This type of hype is used so often by people out to take people’s money and I get the distinct feeling this is another one.

Viral Cash App is a Scam

What are your thoughts on this?

Why would this even be part of a marketing plan when it’s not true- Anyone who wants to pay to join Viral Cash App can and this is no secret and not limited to a few suckers online.

Matthew has had quite a few different “Cash Cows” Online including Viral Traffic Hack, $5k formula system, Weapons of Mass, and so many more it kinda makes more and more RED Flags for this guy.

I went to YouTube to see if I find some more information on the Viral cash App and came across this video along with heaps more so check it out.

If you want to know how I became a Successful Online Entrepreneur and skilled Affiliate Marketer click below

What else does Matthews video say?

Viral Cash App is a Scam

Viral Cash App is a Scam

Viral Cash App is a Scam

RED FLAGS once again as the only way to build a truly successful business is to invest in yourself and work hard learning new skills and using the correct tools to build a sustainable online future for yourself and anyone that says, you just plugin and we will do the rest – well my advice is to run as fast as you can. Save your money.

Hey if I am wrong, I would love to hear from you and share your story with me.

The Set-Up Process

All you do is this

  1. Login to the viral cash app software
  2. Choose the category you want to focus on
  3. Pick a keyword
  4. Add ways to monetize
  5. Click “You’re done”

He then goes on to say you can get an email responder so go toGet Response and this will cost you around $15 per month and there is a free trial.

Matthew says you will have your own website and this is not true. He will own the website and you will use it to try and make him more money. There you go.

He also says you can sell your website. Yes, you can, however, you can’t sell his website and this is how it is.

If you want to learn how to build your own website for free, click here and start learning.

Matthew also mentions he doesn’t use paid traffic so you have to get your own and the only way to do this is by using Facebook and Facebook may bring you a small amount if you are lucky however in order to get traffic from Social Media sites, You have to pay.

Any newbies reading this, please be wary of this program, and for those of you who do have some marketing knowledge, I am guessing you are saying Scam as well.


Reading back through what I have written in this review I realize I called Viral Cash App a Scam and for many people, you may prefer to say, “it’s something I wouldn’t buy”.

I guess for me I see so many poor programs and writing reviews is part of my business and today I feel as if I have given you good information, and I hope this helps with your decision-making online.

I became part of an honest, hardworking platform and have built 2 great online businesses and love every day going to work at home and helping people learn how to become successful online, what my no.1 recommendation is and I also help people get started with their online journey and if I have helped you, then I have had a brilliant day.

Thank you again for stopping in to Money and Freedom Online.


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12 thoughts on “Viral Cash App is a Scam – Or is it?”

  1. Well… that looks fishy and scammy to me. It also looks kind of inaccurate. As if one wins at the first email….? Extremely suspicious.Thank you for these notifications.I believe nowadays it is so hard to know what is real and not; reason why I pray for God to reveal it to me first. 

  2. For myself I would have to say no way. After reading your review and checking out the video I would say danger red flags everywhere. As a marketer myself the emails alone scream click bait. It is a dishonest marketing tactic used to lore newbies into et another useless low quality product. Yes you can $200 and up per day with affiliate marketing but I don’t think Viral Cash App is the way to do it. If you want to learn how to produce and profit the right way go to the best platform on the web,Wealthy Affiliate and try it out for free.

  3. Hello Vicki, I am glad that I have read this review as I can share it on my Pinterest channel and save the money for many people. Folks today look for easy and fast money so it is not strange that many of them will waste their money on this. If that would so easy to earn cash by sharing videos all would be millionaires. I encourage people to better invest their hard-earned money in some quality training or platform than suspicious programs and services.

    • I agree to Daniel

      Investing in your future is wonderful but people also need to be aware of the programs to stay away from

      Only my opinion of course 🙂

      Go well and keep building

  4. Really a great review, Thanks a lot for sharing such reviews and showing the people that what is real and what is fake. This article can help a lot of people by making them aware of such scam and nowadays there are a lot of programs and people get scammed by those programs. 

    Thank you for review and this review can help a lot of people who try to join the viral cash app by giving clear information about the program.

  5. Dear Vicki,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed and in-depth review. Indeed, I too receive these types of emails and messages on my social media accounts.

    Nowadays many are not interested in working hard. They are looking for quick, fast, easy and immediate money, as a result these types of products are launched on a daily basis. And people fall as victim to these scams and products which under-delivers. I have fallen as a victim to few scam products and I know how it hurts and how it feels to lose our hard earned money.

    There are too many red flags with this product. As you mentioned reading these unrealistic claims we have just one option… To run away from this product. Thanks for revealing this scam.

    You are doing a great service via your reviews and I strongly believe this review post is going to save people time, trouble, effort and money. 

    Much Success!


  6. Hello, 
    it’s good that there are people like you out there to give a professional point of view on what is proposed as “easy money making apps”.
    As you describe it, sentences as “this video’s are not available for most people” although all people have access to it and “ don’t have to do the hard work” are certainly red flags. For me, it’s a stop and turns away sign.

    These communication techniques consisting of typical phrases which don’t stand the facts are also used in the world of “crooks” on the internet. People who tell you they sell a Steinway piano for 1,000$ and ask you half of the money in advance.

    I hope the people behind this Clickbank offer read your review and adapt there communication.

    Thank you so much for these insights you helped a lot of people wasting their time. Indeed, in my experience, a lot of people believe those sentences and fall into what is perhaps a scam or something promising more than what it really is.


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