Top Affiliate Marketing Coaching – Learn with the Experts

Top Affiliate Marketing Coaching – Work with the Experts

Hi and welcome to Money and Freedom Online and good on you for deciding to begin your Affiliate Marketing journey.

Affiliate Marketing can be a very lucrative way of earning a substantial amount of money, however, if you are going it alone, it can be a struggle.

You may have also seen a few places online offering to teach you how to be the best and also charging you way too much money which can make things too difficult when you are starting out so I am glad you arrived here because I am happy to tell you, you will not be asked to give away all your hard-earned cash, in fact, the investment you make in your future might just surprise you.

So let’s look at how we can help you move forward and learn how to become a truly successful Affiliate Marketer.

An Excellent Learning Platform

When I decided I wanted to learn how to become a great affiliate marketer, I knew I needed to learn some great skills and I searched all over the Internet until one evening when I came across a really honest review of a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

After reading through this review, I decided to join WA for free and see what it offered and within a few hours of looking around and asking people in live chat questions, I knew this platform was going to give me all I needed so I went premium and got started on my journey with Affiliate Marketing and I can honestly tell you it was the best decision I have made in many many years regarding how to make a passive income working part-time from my own home.

So why is Wealthy Affiliate known as the NO.1 Platform online to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

Expert Coaches/Trainers

Kyle who is one of the owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate has created along with his team behind the scenes, the best training anyone could ever receive. This training course is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification or as we all call it the OEC.

It consists of 50 lessons starting at the beginning and goes through everything you will need to create and build a fully secured working Affiliate Business.

Carson, who is the other owner of Wealthy Affiliate, works behind the scenes making sure programs are updated and he works tirelessly alongside Kyle and these 2 men are dedicated to keeping everything up to date along with them helping people inside the community within WA.


Then we have Jay, who has been Wealthy Affiliate’s top trainer for over 10 years now and every week Jay runs a live video training inside Wealthy Affiliate to help all the Affiliate marketers learn more skills and tips and tools to make their businesses the best.

Jay works inside the platform and also gives people answers to questions and works very closely with Carson and Kyle and is also dedicated to helping members succeed online.

Alongside these 3 guys, there are also over 1900 Experts inside Wealthy Affiliate helping people every day 24/7 with answers to questions, extra tutorials, video training, and much more so as a member you will always have the answer to any questions you may have as you are learning.

There is also another training program called Affiliate Bootcamp which is more for members who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.  I went through the Bootcamp training and there are some real gems in this training to learn as well, such as PPC (pay per click) and so much more as you can see in the image below.

There are even more resources inside the platform to encourage your learning and give you all the skills and tools you will ever need to become a successful Affiliate Marketer and if you join for free, you can have a good look inside the platform and you are able to do the 1st 10 lessons of the training, including setting up your website through SiteRubix.

1 on 1 Affiliate Coaching

What is a great coach?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a 1 on 1 personal coach and this is brilliant because having a coach to help you move forward means your business will grow faster and if you work hard and learn well, this means earlier success for you.

Sometimes when people start learning and growing, they begin to have self-doubt and if this happens to you, your Coach is there for you to lean on and also give you the encouragement and help you need for pretty much all situations so asking your coach questions is a good idea as you learn and build.

The Community

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will become part of the awesome community of members and there are 100’s of members in the community 24/7 from all parts of the world, of all ages and different knowledge levels and there are also some real experts when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, email marketing and loads more so if you ever get stuck, these members are always around.

I am an Ambassador within WA as I spend time every day helping out and answering questions plus I spend time in the live chat to help other members with their questions and I love it.

Work with the Experts


To become truly successful online, of course, you will need to focus, learn the skills and use the tools required and you will need to invest a small amount each month for everything Wealthy Affiliate offers premium members and this makes sense because all businesses cost money and this is what you will create.

Your own business which over time could be worth a lot of money if you build it correctly so working with Experts and learning from these people will give you the best chance of success.

The only you have to do is get started for free, check out everything inside Wealthy Affiliate and if it’s for you, then go premium and get moving by starting the training. Step by step the training is set up to teach you the right way to do everything so if you follow it lesson by lesson and do the required tasks after each lesson, you will also build a great site and the more you add to your site the more better.

24/7 Experts are inside Wealthy Affiliate ready to help you progress and every member within the platform supports and encourages other members and we all love it when a member shares their progress in a blog inside WA.

The success stories are endless and the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate are amazing so come and join me inside to get you started on your new and exciting journey.

With Top affiliate marketing coaching and a great attitude, you can become another success story. Imagine how different life will be with extra money coming in month after month. Pretty awesome alright!!! I love it and 1.4 million other members love it as well and with more and more companies turning to the internet for their main source of marketing, the need for really good Affiliate Marketers just keeps growing.

Before I go

Think about what it would mean to you and your family if you have one, having extra money.

What would you do?

If you are single – what will you do?

Travel, invest in a home, buy a new car, travel the world, going hiking, buy an apartment, buy a rental…

The list is endless and if you work consistently, learn well, and build strong, You will create a future passive income that keeps building as you do.

Go well and I hope you come and take a look.

Thanks for stopping by

Vicki, signing out until next time

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8 thoughts on “Top Affiliate Marketing Coaching – Learn with the Experts”

  1. Awesome Review Vicki. To be honest, wealthy affiliate has being the best out there for a while now. The number of it’s members and testimonies here and there speaks volume of it. I’m a proud member of this great community, and I’ve always blessed the day I got to know about the community. The platform is built in such a way that you get the necessary guide step by step, till you achieve that financial freedom. Embedded with awesome tools and training that will get you going.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal 100%.


    • Absolutely Jordan and I am glad to connect with you here on my site and hope you are building success every step of the way with Wealthy Affiliate as Yes, it is the best there is so keep on growing 

      Success is yours!!

  2. Thanks for the insight into the top affiliate marketing coachers, Vicki. I have known Kyle from WA for over 2 years now and have never seen anyone like him. I have been in many affiliate marketing training platforms in the past but no one even comes close to Kyle and his team. His worth ethic and commitment to helping people succeed is unreal. Most gurus just take your money and run, well this isn’t the case with Kyle. Great list, will be back for more.

    • It sure is Brandon and the integrity they both have is so beautiful to experience and it feels so amazing to be part of this platform

      Keep on being you and rock the online world

  3. Hey Vicki, awesome article. You outlined WA perfectly, the experts, the training even the overall concept of the 24/7 site support. I love it all, I’m still with WA because I do like it and the training they offer is second to none. Also, I like being able to be in a community where everyone is looking out for everyone. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!

    • Hey Rodney- Great to see you and thanks for your input- I see you  in the community and often comment on your blogs inside WA – You are doing so great- Keep it up all the way to the top my friend

  4. Vickie, good review. I can tell your story comes from the heart. You are correct about many training programs are very costly. Not so with Wealthy Affiliate, the starter membership is free for life and with that membership anyone can learn to build 2 free websites and make them ready to make money. Thank you for spreading the good news of Wealthy Affiliate to those with a desire to earn money online.

    • Yes, Tom, I love all Wealthy Affiliate offers people and being able to join for free and build 2 sites is pretty cool although if people are really serious about building a truly great business I would go premium and buy my own dot-com domain for sure as this gives you more of a head start with everything


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