The Benefits to Affiliate Marketing – (Your Future, Your Choice)

What is so great about Affiliate Marketing and why are more and more people learning about Affiliate Marketing?

With over 4 Billion people surfing online looking to buy products, sell products, and loads more, the need for excellent Affiliate Marketers is growing.

More and Businesses are turning to Online marketing to grow their Sales and with this being the future trend, it is perfect timing for you if you want to create a great future, to learn what Affiliate Marketing can bring you and your future.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing are huge and this post will give you the information you need if you are considering this as an online business building option, so let’s get into it.

Time and Effort

Before I add in the Benefits to Affiliate Marketing, I do want to point out to you, it takes consistent effort and works, and even if for now, you are working full time, You can still become successful, if you make time, sacrifice doing stuff you don’t really need to do and work on your business instead and if you do this consistently, You will become successful.

As you will realize it is like anything new you begin. It takes time to learn and become really great at what you do, no matter what it is you choose and Affiliate Marketing is no different.

Knowledge = Money

3 Women on their laptops

When I 1st started in my Affiliate Marketing journey, I knew nothing about this Industry so I joined a great platform and went through the 2 Training Programs offered to us as Premium members.

If you want to know more about this platform and what it offers, click here.

These 2 Programs were amazing. I learned how to choose a niche, create a website, and along the way learn everything about  Affiliate Marketing and without this training, I wouldn’t be here helping you today.

I would most likely still be trying to figure out how to get my site seen by Google, Bing, and Yahoo and I can almost guarantee without the knowledge I have obtained I would be struggling and maybe even given up on my future online.

Instead, I have 2 Websites now and Google, Bing, and Yahoo really like what I bring to the Internet and this is exciting.

If you would like to begin your Affiliate Marketing Journey Please click the button below-It’s FREE to get started

The more you learn, the better you become, and the more you grow as a person and as an Online Marketer, Website builder, SEO Expert, and heaps of other really cool things that create Income and an easier life.

Many people start growing their website and have a few posts on it and ask” When will I make money?” and myself and all the Experts I work with say the same thing” It takes time, learning and consistent effort to build a solid foundation for your website and your business”

Give yourself time, otherwise, you may become frustrated but as with everything you do in life, If you want to become excellent and make a full-time living, it will take effort, not just for a few days, true consistent effort to build a great income producing Affiliate Marketing Website.

money and trees growing

I hear people say” This is not working out,” I ask them how long they have been going and they answer “1 Month” and then I ask how many blog posts have you done? and they answer “10” There is the answer to why they don’t think it works. It is because they don’t really want it bad enough.

WHY, do you want this?

What is your motivator other than money?

When you answer these 2 questions, use this to motivate you all the way to the Top.

Money = Choices

Income from Affiliate Marketing is incredible. Income comes from loads of different sources in Affiliate Marketing for example:

  • Affiliate Sales from Companies relating to your niche
  • Affiliate Payments for referring great Digital Products, ones that you use to build your site or page builders such as Thrive Themes
  • Teaching People
  • Building websites for clients

Affiliate Sales from different companies create many streams of Passive Income.

You could also add Google Adsense – Google Adsense adds advertisements to your site automatically once it’s set up and when people click on the ads, you get paid.

Affiliate Payments for digital products: You may choose to use a Pro theme or Page builder or Aweber as your email responder and you can also become an affiliate for these companies and earn money.

Teaching People: You can learn how-to YouTube videos and create a YouTube Channel to teach people something and when you gain authority from excellent videos, you create an income doing this and then adding your referral which you recommend, and voila- You get paid.

Local Market: When you become knowledgeable on Website building, You may want to extend into the local market where you live and offer businesses your services to build a website for them and this is another income stream.

You could also offer local and Internation Companies the opportunity to place their banner on your site for a monthly fee. Yes, another Income.

Affiliate Marketing and learning all you need to, certainly sets you up for your future online especially if you are taught how to do everything properly from the get-go.

When you learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, there are so many benefits. You may even get samples of products to try and review once you gain some authority with your website and this is also very lucrative.

Choices = Doing what you want to do

Do you love to Travel?

Do you want to spend more time with your family?

Do you want extra income to buy some things?

Do you want to become successful and well known?

Do you want to spend more time doing things you enjoy?

Do you want to say Goodbye Boss?

How to attract more traffic at your website

I don’t know WHY you want to grow your business but I do know this. If you learn well, stay focused and work every chance you get, you can become truly successful with Affiliate Marketing and live a life, working from home or wherever you choose to live and make some serious money.

Money gives you choices, there is no argument with this and the benefits of Affiliate Marketing are many.


I mentioned earlier I belong to a great platform that teaches you everything you need to learn all about Affiliate Marketing and more so if you came here to find out the benefits and need to learn the skills, join me inside Wealthy Affiliate and get started.

Please leave a comment or ask me any questions you may have and thank you so much for taking the time to read through this blog post

Go well and live life on your terms 🙂

Vicki, signing out until tomorrow

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4 thoughts on “The Benefits to Affiliate Marketing – (Your Future, Your Choice)”

  1. Hi Vicki!
    Great post for those interested in affiliate marketing and want to start working as affiliate marketers. I have not so long ago started this journey myself, and I have to admit I have no regrets! It may even be one of the smartest decisions I ever made!

    And I agree with everything you mentioned in your article, specially about being patience and keeping your motivation up. I think this two factors are the reason why some people don’t achieve want they expected. But I think with a lot of hard work and persistence, people can actually make a living from affiliate marketing.



    • Hi Mariana

      Welcome to my site and thanks for your input.

      Yes, people often blame the place that helps them especially when they don’t work and expect money to flow to their bank accounts

      This is not how business works. Owning your own business takes hard work, learning and consistent effort

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts- Go well

  2. Hi Vicki, I’m starting off in the affiliate marketing business and I’m also working full time as well. With my full time hours and studying for my exam; I barely have time to write content on my page. It took me almost a month to write 2 post on my page. How did you balance your work life and your internet business? And how many posts would you recommend for someone to set as a goal to write for their website each month if they wanted to be successful in this business?

    • Hi Danielle

      Great question- Everyone works at their own pace when time allows. I suggest you try to add at least 4-5 post per month if you are working full time however you can only do what you do when you have time.

      I add 1 post every day but I am working at home full time on my business 

      Just keep adding excellent keyword-rich content every chance you get and slowly but surely you will build a good business


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