The AWOL Academy Review – Secrets are Revealed (Exclusive Review)

The AWOL Academy Review

Today’s post is a review of AWOL Academy to give my readers an honest report on what AWOL is all about before you go spending your money.

So let’s get into this in more detail.

Who is AWOL Academy?

Founders: Kameron George and Keala Kanae

Launch Date: 2015


Price: $49 – $2997

Recommendation: 40/100

Legitimate: Yes


For $49 ( the basics of Internet Marketing) you receive 4 video modules about our business. A marketing mindmap, info about creating digital assets, and a fast track formula, and also how to scale your business.

The Awol Academy Review

Then it’s up-sell time and for $99 ( Pro Academy) you get to learn about Sales funnels, how to gain leads, generate traffic to your site, a website, your own domain, and what is said to be an arsenal of marketing tips and tricks.

And onwards we go with yet another up-sell for $449 and this is all about emails.

The Awol Academy Review

Then its time to pay again at a cost of $1797 to help you with “Struggling with Leads and how to get conversions.

The Awol Academy Review

And finally, here we go for the big dollars $2997 and this is if you want to buy more converting leads.

Ok, this is a grand total of around $5385.00 and there may be more costs involved.

I didn’t sign up when I found this as I feel it is very expensive especially when I have experienced using the NO.1 platform on the Internet to create and build a truly successful business for a fraction of this price and with everything I have mentioned above except for buying leads as I don’t feel this is beneficial having tried this strategy in the past.

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I cannot believe AWOL Academy is charging all these different prices when it is not necessary to do this.

I also found on tube 2 videos from 2 different company’s with 2 different actors claiming they live there as their home because of all the money they have made with AWOL Academy. NOT TRUE- They are paid actors from Fiverr as usual.

So is AWOL Academy a Scam? My answer is NO, it is a legitimate business and the reason it is not a scam is that they have products they sell. It’s just a shame they are selling these products at such exorbitant prices when inside the platform I recommend.

You will never experience up-sells and the price you pay hasn’t changed for the past 10 years, because the owners believe in paying it forward and helping people learn how to become successful online without them spending a lot of money.

For as much as a cup of coffee per day, you can create and build a truly successful business. I have 2 now and I love everything about my recommendation and hope you will as well.

Everything is offered in an honest manner with support 24/7 if you need it and you get your own mentor to keep you moving forward.

If you want to learn more about what I do before you join for free to have a look please click here for more information on this great platform.

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I chose this great place to learn the skills I needed and anyone who likes to focus, wants to learn and also for people who really want to make a full-time living then go check out my suggestion. No risk at all. No Credit Card needed when you join and if you choose to go premium then great, you will be on your way to Online success owning your own business.

Over 4 billion people are surfing the Internet looking to buy. sell, learn and teach and more and more companies are selling products online as this is how the future is trending and more and more Internet/Affiliate Marketers are needed so go get started and make 2019 and beyond awesome.


Would I recommend you joining AWOL Academy? No, I wouldn’t advise this at all because I know for a fact there are way better places that cost a lot less and give you everything you will ever need.

AWOL Academy does offer a refund if you are not happy within 14 days so I guess that’s something.

If you checked out Chris’s video on youtube, I am sure you will see for yourself, it is a lot of money spent, and by what Chris said, there are even more charges to get your own personal coach inside AWOL.

In the platform I recommend, you get 1 on 1 mentoring, over 1900 experts helping out inside the platform and there is also site support for technical issues should you need them. Plus the live chat where you meet other members, get your questions answered and connect with other awesome members from all around the world all focused on growing a successful business online and you can join us inside whenever you feel like getting started.

I promise you there will be no pressure to pay for premium although being premium opens every door inside the platform which is wonderful as there are some gold nuggets you will find in there that will set you up for life online and success and a full-time income if you work hard and learn all you can.

Thank you for stopping by tonight and I hope to connect with you inside my NO.1 Recommendation for free to check out what I’m talking about tonight.

Until next time. Go well and Grow big.

“The Internet is our Future”


Founder of

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6 thoughts on “The AWOL Academy Review – Secrets are Revealed (Exclusive Review)”

  1. Very insightful review. Seeing how you pointed out all the upsells, makes me run away…FAST. Usually upsells only serve to drain your bank account, and AWOL seems to be no different. On the other hand, I see from you link that Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership and websites. That seems like a much better program. Anyone who’d let you join for free must really believe in their program.


    • Isn’t that the truth Michael and how many times do we see this online? not often- Only when the company is reputable that is for sure.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is fabulous

  2. Dear Vicki,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    To be honest I really hate too many upsells and in my personal opinion if there is too many upsells means the product is not complete. And the affordable front-end product cost is just like a ticket or opening door to get us into the upsells.

    If any program or products uses these fake testimonials from Fiverr actors means for sure it’s a red flag.

    Most of the time people who are trying to make money online are the ones who struggle with their finance and for sure they can’t afford these huge price or high ticket training programs. $5385.00 is a lot of money.

    Thanks for guiding people towards a genuine and affordable training platform. The same program which you are recommending helped me to become a full-time blogger.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul

      I got a red flag as well and I’m glad I shared this post and I am also really glad to share Wealthy Affiliate as the best on the Internet for people to learn everything they need to create success online.

      I am also glad it has created the lifestyle you want Paul. Happy days working from home with a full time income blogging 🙂 Awesome and thanks WA

  3. Good Morning Vicki,

    As the internet is such a vast place where you can find a million things I am happy you took the trouble to check on AWOL Academy. Thank you for this review as it saves me time. 

    I understand you get something for your money but if the product is worth your money needs to be discussed.

    From 1 upsell one goes to the next upsell, a never-ending story. For sure I did not like the final sum of $5385.00, who on earth can pay that?

    I looked at the video you included. That only confirmed my doubts I have on AWOL Academy. All in all, it is not a scam but far too expensive. Thank you for the warning.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske

      Good to see you again and thank you for your input about AWOL

      I kinda felt shocked at the charges especially when we get so much more than AWOL could ever do for $49 per month. 

      I appreciate your comment – thank you


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