Should I go Back to College – Why not do both?

Should I go back to College? A question many people are asking and what is the answer to this question?

I guess only you can make the decision.

I ask you to do one thing. Before you choose what to do, please read through this entire post as it may have the answer you are looking for. Thank you.

People all over the world get a qualification and then find it impossible to get the career they want and end up with huge debt without the high paying job they hoped for, so is it worth all the struggle and huge financial debt?

What choices do I have?

Here are some figures you may be familiar with and these fees are not going down anytime soon so what to do is the big question.

cost for college

These figures are taken as the average for students attending different types of colleges as you will see in the image above.

Check this out- The highest costs- click here

University average costs are: costs

I remember many years ago I read a message somewhere saying “Don’t go to college and learn everything you need to know” Now, I apologize because I can’t remember where I read this as it was over 20 years ago but I remember it got me thinking and when I started studying Personal Development back on 2000 I soon realised I was learning a new way.

I still paid for courses in this niche however way less than College or University would have cost.

Now I am not saying don’t go to college as many of you may choose to do this and everything will work out for you. I’m just saying there are more options today to become financially independent doing other things.

Amazing Teachers

There are 2 people who come to mind as I write this.

Robert Kyosaki and T Harv Eker are amazingly successful men I have been fortunate to learn from over the years and I highly recommend you read these 2 books.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by Robert Kyosaki and Secrets of a Millionaire Mind written by T Harv Eker. These 2 books could change your whole outlook on life and your future.


I have read these books more than 3 times and they are remarkable. Yes, You may have to change your thinking but I can tell you, these 2 books were life-changing for myself and 1000’s of people all over the world.

They are completely transforming the lives of people so please go grab yourself a copy of each book and read them, then read them again.

Learn and build Part-time

laptop and people

You could also choose to learn how to become an Online Entrepreneur part-time and eventually build your online business into a full-time work anywhere business online.

I decided to do this just over a year ago and I learned from the best and you can do this as well.

I found a platform that has given me everything I need to become successful online in Affiliate Marketing and when I 1st began my journey I made a decision to give it everything, to commit 100% and learn it all step by step and today I have 2 businesses online that are both creating income and freedom and anyone who is prepared to work hard and learn can do this.

Why not do both

If you do decide to go to college, you could also learn and build your own Affiliate Marketing Business and do this part-time and if you do it well, it could earn you a substantial income which could help you with your fees plus so much more.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are some very young entrepreneurs who are earning way above what most people earn for instance Jerry who is only 21 is earning over 7k per month and there is no reason why you can’t do this.

You need a great attitude and an excellent work ethic and also be prepared to learn from the best and that’s it.

So College and building your own business- what a plan or no college fees and working building a business plus maybe a part-time job just while you are getting it all off the ground.

There are so many options and if you really want to create financial freedom, this is one of the best choices you could make and it’s fun.

Qualified and in Debt

clamped wallet

1000’s of students qualify each year and then a struggle to find a place to work especially in their chosen field and not only this but they are carrying a huge debt which adds to the pressure of what to do to make money and live life with ease.

By building a business online, you are not only creating a future for yourself but you are also building an income-earning future doing what you enjoy.

Financial Freedom

man on a yacht

Affiliate Marketing can definitely create a full-time income, in fact, it can create financial freedom if you are prepared to be patient and work on your business every chance you get.

To learn more about Affiliate Marketing please click here

Let’s say you love gaming- Why not build a website relating to gaming. maybe its gaming consoles you want to have as your niche.

What about Snowboarding or Fishing or Cycling. Hiking Gear, Tennis equipment, Health and Wellness, Keeping fit. CBD products.

The niche list is endless and if you choose to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, you can then make choices about what you want to do, where you want to live, where you are going to travel, in fact pretty much anything because you have the income to live life on your terms.

Maybe you want to invest in property or buy a home. whatever you want to do is made possible because you grew an income making website.

Investing in your future

man with laptop

Building and growing a future online even while you are still attending college is a great way to move out of financial dependence quicker than any other way- well apart from a lottery win and good luck with that.

4 billion people surf the internet looking to buy, sell, make, learn about products and this number is increasing rapidly, and becoming an Affiliate Marketer, gives anyone the opportunity to make great money, by helping people so if this is you, then please join my no.1 recommendation for free and have a look around, inside this platform, to see if it fits with you and your future.

You have nothing to lose, no credit card needed and no risk at all and you will be taught by experts in the industry who have been doing this type of business for over 14 years years.

Before I go

Thanks for reading through this post and I hope I have helped you answer your question: Should I go back to college or is there a better option.

As I said, you can do both or you could look at doing a part-time or full-time job plus build yourself a great future online and I look forward to working with you if you come aboard inside Wealthy Affiliate

Also please ask any questions in the comments below and share this post with your friends if you want to give them options as well.

For now, though, that’s it from me so go well and be awesome!!!

Vicki, signing out until tomorrow

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