Screencast O’Matic Review – (New Research 2019)

Screencast O’Matic Review – (New Research 2019)

I am so excited to be sharing this review with you. Screencast o Matic – Is it any good? Is it worth the money? It is easy to use?

This review is going to share as much information as possible that I have learned from using Screencast o Matic so let’s get into this review.

Screencast o matic review

What is Screencast o Matic?

It is a video software program that you can download to your pc or laptop to make videos then share with friends, on social media, and of course the big one on YouTube.

Founded: 2006

Original Author: A J Gregory

Product: Screencast o Matic is a screencasting and video editing software tool that can be launched directly from a browser

Price: Free with upgrades costing around $18.50 per year

Website: Video creation and management to get the job done.
Rating:  9/10

Recommended: YES, most definitely

How easy is it to use

I have tried so many different programs to create videos and get lost along the way.

It was suggested to me to try Screencast o Matic and I did and all I can say is WOW. This is the easiest way to create videos and for the price it is incredible.

I paid the fee and downloaded the program and when I opened it, I was blown away by the ease of use and the sound quality and picture quality.

You have to go check it out if you want to get started video creating – It really is so easy to use. I am amazed even now and have created my very 1st YouTube video about what I do and how to begin, I am still smiling.

Business development

Try it for free or purchase this great product and become a professional video creator and grow your presence on YouTube and other Social Media platforms.

I am a Super Affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and one of the challenges we have to do is create YouTube videos and I had been stuck with this challenge for weeks until a colleague suggested I use Screencast-O-Matic and I took a look and gave it a try and I love it.

Business development is crucial as you will know and having a YouTube video added every few days, not only helps people learn how to do things but also helps them build a rapport and trust with you which is so important for long-term relationships.

YouTube is the NO.1 place to get yourself seen and heard by billions of people and the more frequently you add great videos the more people will notice you.

Keyword research

Before you do your video I do suggest you do thorough Keyword research for each title of your video as this will help with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which in turn will attract ranking higher up in Youtube bringing you more traffic to your site and this is exactly what you want to happen.

I use a Keyword research program called Jaaxy and if you want to learn more about Jaaxy please click here and try it out for free

Using powerful Keywords will help you immensely and you will add so much more value to each video as well and this will help visitor rates to your site with the link you provide under each video.

A win for all Online Marketers.

Length of videos

When creating your videos, I was taught no to make really long ones but instead keep them relatively short and engaging.

I believe also it is always best to be completely natural when speaking in your video as people will gain trust in you and if you act all cocky, people may not like it and will quickly find someone else to watch.

Tell them how it is, or how to do something and be as natural as possible. Sure it may not be perfect but it will be honest and real and coming from a good place so please think about this seriously as you get creating.

Another great thing is you can use Screen o Matic with Powerpoint which makes teaching or helping people great as you can use slides while you talk them through the lesson or whatever it is you are showing people and it is again so easy to do.

Check out this Youtube video on how to do this.


I could go on and on about Screencast o Matic but I have the feeling you are getting the picture about this program and I suggest using this tool and become more successful by uploading it to YouTube and other great places.

Free to use or buy for around $18 per year- This is a very good price.

Have fun playing around and become familiar with what you are able to do and create videos for all kinds of things and have fun out there.

As I mentioned earlier I am a Super Affiliate in Wealthy Affiliate and if you would like to know more about how to do what I do, please click here and go read this blog post.

I love being an Affiliate Marketer and I enjoy all it gives me online and income as well and it has changed my life.

What I am really excited about is being able to use a great video product to get my name out there more and more as this is truly attraction marketing at its best.

I hope my Screencast o Matic Review has helped you learn more about video creation and also a great program to use for your future video creation needs.

Remember, it just takes the 1st step and when you complete your very 1st video, you will be more confident to make more and greater videos to share with people.

This is how it was for me and I feel so happy I did my 1st video and I am looking forward to adding 1 every few days to YouTube after doing my Keyword research 1st as this is a vital step in the process.

Go well and thanks for stopping into my site to read this post.

If I can help you in any way please ask me in the comments or email me at and I will reply within 24 hours

Have an awesome week ahead



Online Entrepreneur and Founder of Money and Freedom Online

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34 thoughts on “Screencast O’Matic Review – (New Research 2019)”

  1. I use this for a while and serious, it is the best I could have. Compare this to other similar programs and you will see. It is cheaper, easier to use, and it does the job well. If I did my site without o matic, I wouldn’t be so good as I’m now. Thanks for this review, I agree with what you’ve stated here. 

  2. Dear Vicki,

    One of my mentor informed me about the benefits of video content. I am amazed and shocked to know that Youtube is the second largest search engine. Also, he informed people prefer video content compared to text content. As a result I am interested in creating my video content.

    I am looking for helpful video software program and came to know about Screencast-O-Matic and wanted to do some research to know more information and found your helpful review which is a time saver for me.

    For sure gonna try Screencast-O-Matic. After reading your review immediately I signed for the free version and will see how it goes and then will go for Solo Deluxe upgrade.

    Much Success!


  3. I have also recently started to think about creating youtube videos but I have always heard that good video software are a bit pricey. I have heard good things about screencast o’ matic and with this post, I am well convinced that it is a really good video creating software.

    I definitely have to give this a try so I can know exactly how it works and the pricing is really cheap. Anybody should be able to easily afford this.

    • awesome Laura
      Please reach out if you need any help although once its downloaded it is so easy to start using
      Go well

  4. Hi Vicki!

    Great post and now I want to try out Screencast O’Matic too! I am really fond of video editing and have been trying out other softwares as well, but I have never heard of Screencast O’Matic before. From what you wrote, it seems really easy to use and fast to learn how to use it. Sometimes I spend a lot of time trying every tool I have in the software, but end up not finding what I needed. Maybe Screencast O’Matic would solve that for me.

    Thank you for writing this and I will check your other posts too!


    • Hi Mariana

      Yes, it truly is amazing and so easy to use 

      Let me know if you need any help but I don’t think you will as it is so simple to use this program and soo crisp and clear

      Go well

  5. Thanks a lot for this post!

    I’ve been looking for a tool like this for a while. I love the video poetry reading about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m willing to join you sooner than later there!

    I love the fact of having 15 full minutes within the freemium. Even though is well recognized a full hour of study a good minimum to absorb the majority of the info, in my personal experience I’ve found easier to get a lot of knowledge on “Bite-Sized” portions of it with periods of micro rest & reflection.

    The tool gives me for free all I need due to my way of work with video. 

    Great post!

  6. Hey,

    simplicity is the quality I value most about a product. As an affiliate marketer, you get in touch with so many ways to promote your content or just create content that using complicated tools for each method would be terrifying. This is why I love reviews about simple tools that work. Thanks for your review! I will definitely check out this tool!

    • Hi Alex

      Yes it is so easy to use and is also very professional 

      Screencast o matic have done a great job building this program for us to use

      I hope you get loads of videos produced

  7. Hi Vicki! I’m not a very tech guy and I get stressed with those complicated programs one comes across every once in a while. I love to follow your blog because you always recommend us the best platforms that are really intuitive to use. Love them. And Screencast-O-Matic hasn’t been different.

    It’s really cool that we can test drive Screencast-O-Matic without even signing up. I liked the video you made. And felt encourage to quickly give it a try! Love it!

    P.D.: I also loved the lyrics you wrote in your video! Cool indeed!

    • Hi Henry

      Thanks, heaps for your positive input and Yes, do go try screencast o matic for free. It is also very cheap to go pro with this program. I couldn’t believe the price when I bought it

      Enjoy and all the best

  8. I have been jittery about producing my own videos using this software so I am glad to come across your review on this tool. Always thought that you need to be some kind of video pro to get into this but the program seems easy to manage – at least that’s what it seems on your short video. 

    They have got a free plan so I am going to try that first to see if this whole video making is my kind of thing. Wish me luck!

    • You can do it Cathy- It is so easy to use this program and I love it and highly recommend you give it a go.

      My friend Laura just bought it and downloaded it and she said its awesome to use so get moving into video creation and lift your biz to the next level

  9. Thanks for a great post and the overview here on Screencast-omatic… have never heard of it before reading your article. Your videos look great and it does make good sense to use YouTube to boost traffic. 

    Sounds like you’re having some really great success with both YouTube and Wealthy Affiliate so I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know a bit more about how you’re using the keywords on YouTube. Thanks again and looking forward to learning more!

    • Hi Judy

      I am doing recordings to help people learn about Affiliate Marketing and also Wealthy Affiliate as I love being a member as you will have seen in my video

      Go well and give it a try

  10. Another great post.

    as i mentioned earlier I have been resisting the call to action on WA to start to use Youtube, to promote my business, partially because of not really wanting to broadcast my ugly mug to the world. 

    on the odd occasion that I have experimented with this I have either used free capture software, which was very limited and clunky and frustrating to use, and resulted in really poor footage. At one point though, in the past I did splash out a huge amount on one or the mainstream programs that many you tubers profess to using. OMG it took me an age to produce a 5-min slot and I got myself so confused with the complexities involved, let’s face it these programs are there to produce semi professional films, which is rather pointless when all you are looking for is a lowish quality video blog.

    Your post is the first time that I had learned about screen-o-matic, so thank you. If one day i can bring myself to start video blogging, I will definitely give it a try.

    Kind Regards


    • Glad I could help Adrian and Yes, even if you use the program to make videos with powerpoint and your voice this can boost your business really well

  11. Hi Vicki, I was looking for a good Screen recorder and one of my friends told me about Screencast O Matic. While doing my research I stumbled across your website. I must say, Im impressed by how thorough your review is, I haven’t come across another one like it to be honest. I know know what this program is capable of and I will be checking it out.

    • Hi Marvin

      It is so easy to use and so cheap to purchase. you will very surprised I am sure and enjoy it

      Watch out YouTube you are on your way!!

  12. Hi Vicki,

    Thank you for sharing this helpful information for beginners to make a video for the Youtube Channel. I started my website two months ago with Wealthy Affiliate and I want to create a YouTube Channel, so I would like to use The Screencast O Matic and learn more about it. The price is reasonable. I’d like to share your review with my friends to learn more about this amazing website.

  13. Thank you for sharing Vicki. I usually use DVD Video Soft and their whole package for editing and recording my videos. You really got me interested in Screencast. It is really easy to use, it is beginner friendly and I think anyone could edit successfuly with it.

    I will give it a try.

    Thank you. 


  14. Hi, Vicki! Thank you for this post. I didn’t know about screencast-o-matic. 

    Seems that it is user-friendly and especially useful for those who are camera shy. 

    I like that it can combine the screen option and webcam. 

    I assume you use this software. I have two questions: 1. How long it will take to get going with it? 2. Are there any cons?

    Thank you!

    • 5 minutes to download and you are ready to go 

      No cons at all- It really is great so go for it Ella and all the best

  15. I am so out of date! The last video creator I knew was Fillmore and even using that, I didn’t really know how. I must give this a try. I really want to do YouTube vids for my blog except I don’t want to do them alone. :/  I’ll probably get into it afer trying this new program out. I am so blessed to have read this article. 

    • Hi Linda

      Yes this is a fabulous program and so easy to use so go give it a try and let me know if you need a hand with anything


  16. Hey Vickie,

    Screencast o Matic is one of the best screen recorder available in the market.  The best part is you can try it for free, but it’s so handy with its Chrome extension.  

    Also, you can use Screencast o Matic for education, you can make videos for tutorials and upload directly to YouTube or just send a link to your students.

    Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, it’s important for content creators to produce content in video format as well, and it gives a boost to your traffic also, so a win-win situation:)

    But can I record streaming music with Screencast O Matic?



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