Scammers Online- What to Look out For and How to Avoid them

Scammers Online- What to Look out For and How to Avoid Them

Hi and welcome to Money and Freedom Online- Today’s post is about Scammers Online, what to look out for and How to Avoid Them

Thousands upon thousands of people are hooked into Scams on the Internet and it’s not ok.

The more knowledge we have on what to look out for and the more we share this knowledge will hopefully make people aware and save them a lot of money.

I have been hit by scammers many times and I have been burned a couple of times myself a few years back and nowadays, as soon as see certain things, I get warning Bells immediately.

So let’s go into this a more now, so you too can become aware more easily and perhaps you could share this post with friends you know who spend time searching for opportunities online.

We really do need to be getting the word out to everyone we can

Earn $1000 a day!!!!

“Join now- You are part of an elite group specially chosen today and you only have hours to act before time runs out and you will miss out on learning our Secrets to Earning $1000 every day just by plugging into our Proven System” RUNNNNN!!

Have you ever seen messages or landing pages like this or what about the video landing pages where you watch some guy claiming to know all there is about Marketing and Making Money online and all fully automated? All you have to do is pay $37 today to be part of this Money Making Machine– Hmmm- RUN!!!!!!

How about the images you see as the page opens – Like these 2 for examples.

Scammers Online

” I used to live in my car and thanks to…… I now live here. Sound familiar?

These people will go to great lengths to convince you that what they are offering is the real deal and if you don’t take action now, right now, you will never and I mean never get this opportunity again.

Well until you land on yet another landing page from the same  guys trying to hook you in by using other tactics, such as

” Do you want to live poor for the rest of your life. Do you want to make your family proud of you? Why do you keep living this way when there is a much better way if you click the button NOW”  Manipulation at its finest. Trying to trigger your mind into thinking you are a loser if you don’t join these people immediately.

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The Internet is filled with people promising you everything for doing nothing and if you ever come across something like this, my advice is to save your money for something real. I know it can be tempting as the thought of making lots of money while you are asleep is a cool idea and it can happen, however, if you keep reading you will see there is more to it than what scammers claim so keep reading

Look at places like and Polaris Global and Born to Prosper – All are associated with Shane Krider.

Now, I’m not saying their businesses are scams however if you join them, you will see how much it costs to become an associate for Shane and guess who makes all the big money? Yes, Shane and Rachel for creating a package that they up-sell to you so you can then up-sell to others to make money.

The winners are Shane and Rachel and you might say Fair enough, They created the system however what they really did, anyone can do so why not do it for yourself and make your own fortune instead of feeding others just because at the moment you may have limited knowledge.

Sound like a plan?

Online Business

Instead of looking online and getting caught up in the scammers and being played by the so-called big guns, why not take a look at how to build your own online business helping people.

Some of you reading this will be thinking. ” I can’t do that, I don’t know how to do that, I am technically challenged and this is way out of my league” and lots more excuses as to why you can’t become your own boss over time by working online.

Let me simplify it all for you here as you read more.

I knew nothing about how to build a website, what a niche product was or how to market anything but I did know, I didn’t want to work for someone else for the rest of my life so I went looking online for somewhere honest to learn the skills and get the tools I needed to become an Online Entrepreneur, (fancy title eh:) )

I mentioned I had been burned by scammers online before and I was very cautious as I looked around and one evening while I was doing some research for a friend, I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate and stopped to have a read as it looked fresh,  not flashy and real so into the site I went and I read a review written by a guy called Kevin.

He seemed genuine and he had a written a very informative article about this Wealthy Affiliate platform and how anyone even someone with no experience could learn everything about creating and building an Online future and the  whole time I was reading, I kept getting a really good gut feeling about this platform so I decided to join for free.

I became a free member with Wealthy Affiliate and for the next 2 days, I looked around inside this amazing platform to see and learn as much as possible on whether this place was what I needed and within that time, I knew Wealthy Affiliate was going to be my new online home and I was ready to go premium and learn everything offered within this platform.

70 lessons later I had completed the OEC, Online Entrepreneur Certification, I had built a really awesome website, was indexed with the big search engines and was on my way to success online. I remember feeling overwhelmed with joy. I had learned so much.

How to use Keywords, What great content was and how to write it, How to change a WordPress theme around and add cool things to it. What SEO is, What analytics are and how important all of it is and I did this thanks to the incredible training and the help from over 1800 experts within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Today, I have 3 Successful Online websites and I am now working on no.4 which is very exciting.

There are members in Wealthy Affiliate ranging from 17- 80 and everywhere in between, all working online, making money, learning, people who are experts now, people who are earning over $7k each month from their efforts and even people who have built their site and have now sold it 13 months later for $28,000.

Not bad for 13 months effort online and there are a lot more inspiring stories inside this truly great platform.

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Before I finish this post, I want to say thanks for stopping by and having a read and also I hope I have given you some important things to look for with scammers online and how to avoid getting taken in by these losers.

If you do decide to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate, I can guarantee you, you will not be asked for your credit card unless you decided to do what I did and go premium.

If you do this within the 1st 7 days you will receive a bonus offer of paying $19 for your 1st month which is pretty awesome considering how much it costs for hosting along and if you click below and join Wealthy Affiliate for free to check out this awesome platform.

All the best with your decision making and your Online Future





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