Referral Pay – Review of this “Opportunity”

You have come to the right place to get all the details of Referral Pay and the so-called opportunity it presents.

This is one of many programs I have reviewed as I feel it is important to help people get the facts about a company before they waste their time and often money on programs that do not deserve any time or investment so let’s look at Referral Pay and see if it offers some good honest help for you.

Who is Referral Pay?

Website: is formerly known as Viral Pay.

Cost to Join: Free

Products: There aren’t any- This is just a place where the owners whoever they are gathering people’s data to possibly resell to other companies who then send spam emails to try and hook people into their so-called opportunities.

I would also like to point out that the business model these guys use is the same as SwagPay, CashOG, CloutPay, Paid4Clout, Kids Earn Cash, CloutBucks, and ViralMarket ad possible even more online that I have yet to come across.

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Referral Pay claims they will pay you $25 just for signing up although they also say- for a limited time and this is how they get away with not paying you.

I went to their about Us Page so I could share the people behind the scenes there and all I was able to find was this:

These are the people who run referral Pay- Not sure about you, but I am not going to join a place that is run by cartoon characters.

Then I went to their blog page to read more and again it is run by cartoon people and also refers to viral pay which shot up the Red Flags again.

Earn money by Referring friends to Referral Pay

Ok, let us look at the money earning potential- You will receive $2-$5 per person you sign up so how on earth does this equate to millions of dollars paid out when the membership is so low- Another Red Flag

To me, it seems these “people are scamming information to resell which is so unethical and totally wrong.

Please tell me this is not what is happening here.

Promotion for income

They also say they will pay you $50 for creating a promotional YouTube video to attract more members to their site- Good idea- Use you and your face behind them so they don’t have to show themselves- Not for me- My reputation is way too important- How about yours?

They also have a task wall so you can earn money doing the task, however, this will cost you money and this is how these people make their money.

Each task you go to takes you to a 3rd party where you have to leave your details and then it’s time to receive more spam emails with offers into your email inbox.

Yes or No

So- Is Referral Pay legit or a Scam? For me, I wouldn’t join a place like this or any other the other sites similar to this like CashOG who also have a similar team running this program

Meet their team

This is a screenshot of CashOG’s team and their website is the same as the others I mentioned earlier and I really do not recommend any of these places to anyone.

Red Flags galore with this so-called opportunity


These sites are all clones offering nothing substantial to people

You have to pay money to get paid by them if you are lucky enough to get paid

Their testimonials are actors or cartoons, not real people and every Youtube video I researched to gather more information says- NOT Recommended and online there are over 100 reviews of these places all saying they are terrible, some saying definite Scam alert and I have to agree with all of this.


While there are many places online you can make a genuine full-time income from, this is definitely not one of my recommendations.

I belong to a great platform, ranked no.1 on the Internet and this is because it was built with Integrity and a true pay it forward attitude to truly help anyone who wants to learn and work hard become successful online.

If you are interested in learning more about this platform, please join me for free and check it out for yourself.

This platform is highly recommended by over 1.4 million people and it just keeps giving and getting better as the owners update systems, add new helpful training, and inside there are over 1900 Experts working 24/7 to help you out if you need it.

Thanks for stopping by to read this review and I hope it has helped you learn about this program and I also hope you check out my no1 recommendation for free to see if you would enjoy all it offers and I look forward to connecting with you should you decide to go take a look.

Until next time

This is Vicki signing out

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4 thoughts on “Referral Pay – Review of this “Opportunity””

  1. Oh, those tricks people use to sign up new members, getting paid 25 dollars but “for a limited time”, good one 😂. A program where its members are cartoon characters is very fishy. Perhaps they should have used cartoon fish. I have not heard of them before but now that I have read this I will make sure not to fall for their scam, if I ever come across their website. The warning is definitely appreciated!

    The other platform you recommend is worth checking out. I have come across several reviews of that platform and they all speak very highly of them. 

    • Hi Christine

      Yes, I laughed too when I saw how many similar sites all offering the same scammy thing- I imagine 1 by 1 they will close and more will open.

      It’s neverending writing reviews about these sites and one day wouldn’t it be great to see more honest platforms built with integrity not money in mind

      Thanks, heaps for your input and I look forward to connecting with you should you join us inside WA

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