Real Affiliate Marketing reviews

Real Affiliate Marketing Reviews – Is it really worth it?

Real Affiliate Marketing Reviews – Is it really worth it?

Time and time again people ask whether Affiliate Marketing is worth it and I guess you have read quite a few so-called real affiliate marketing reviews. so tonight I am writing this post because of what I have seen happen too many times.

This post is going to be candid and as if I was speaking to you so if you find the odd grammar error or wrong word used it is because I didn’t prepare for this post and feel this is how I give people my truth.

What is involved?

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is a great thing to do however you need to know what is involved.

Many people have this weird idea they are going to join a place like Wealthy Affiliate and within a few weeks if not sooner they will make money. WRONG!!!!!

The only way they will make money this quick is if they refer people to WA and are paid commission for this however this is not highly likely when you are a new business builder.


Real Affiliate Marketing Reviews

Unless you already have heaps of knowledge about Affiliate Marketing, you will need extensive training as you need to learn how to choose a Niche, How to get a great theme, a domain name and of course a website which you will build onto as you work forward.

Before I go any further, I am going to let you know, I am a Premium Member in Wealthy Affiliate and I am in the top 100 members of 1.4 million. How did I get this rank? Hard work, loads of learning and helping people inside this great platform.

When anyone wants to become an Affiliate Marketer there are some really important skills needed before you answer the question, is it worth it and going through a great training program is one of the things that are essential to your Affiliate Marketing Business.



Real Affiliate Marketing

If you want to become successful it helps to make some serious goals for yourself.

Do you want to spend more time at home?

What do you want to do with your life?

Where would you live?

What would you do for your family if you have one?

What would help you leave your full time or part time job?

If you are a veteran, what will make life easier for you?

Once you have set your Goals you are ready to go to the next step but please ensure you date your goals and sign them and place them somewhere you can see them all the time – well most of the time. Put them in a few places at home and in your wallet on a card so whenever you are at work and need a boost, pull out your card and read your statement, smile and keep going.

Ok next Essential

Work Ethic

Unless you are prepared to work hard every chance you get without stopping, you may as well leave now because, in order to become truly successful as an Affiliate Marketer, you are going to have to put in loads of time, learning and building your business online.

If you haven’t got an excellent work ethic, then you need to go try something totally different, however, whatever you choose will require lots of work.

If you come across a promise of pay $x’s and you do nothing. We do it all for you. PLEASE!!!!! Stay away from these kinds of sites as they are usually Scams and you will lose your money.

Please be careful if you keep searching as 1000’s of people are being hurt by scams and it’s not gonna stop any time soon as people are creating all kinds of dodgy sites to take people’s money so please do not be fooled by flashing lights and promises of millions or thousands. lolReal Affiliate Marketing Reviews

If you see sites with the guy standing by his flash red car- RUN!!!!! Leave the site and please don’t invest in yourself with this type of site as you will lose for sure.

Is Affiliate Marketing worth it?

Yes, if you have the qualities as written above then Yes, but there is one more thing you have to enjoy doing and this is writing content for your website. Lots of great product reviews post helping people learn something or save money on or buy a product.

Affiliate Marketing involves you having a Niche. So what is a Niche? See

A niche is: Something appealing to a market or a segment of the market is a niche.

Idea time: If you are still with me and still interested in Affiliate Marketing, write a list of all the things you enjoy, hobbies, products, sports, animals, cooking, sightseeing, travel, car, boats, planes, gaming… The list is infinite. Once you have completed your list, pick one that will make money somehow. Most niches will. Now you have chosen your niche, you are ready to learn everything else.

Success at Affiliate Marketing

If you choose to learn from the NO1 platform on the Internet, gain the skills, use the tools and build a solid foundation for your business over time, you will join many affiliate programs and once accepted, you will add banners and links from these companies to your website and when people visit your site, click on the links or banners, they will be directed to the company’s website and when they buy something, you will receive a commission.

This happens and there are 1000’s of Affiliate Marketers making over $6k per month and much more than this. Some people are earning $7k per month and these people are still dedicated to working on their businesses, and now they can do this from anywhere they choose because of the great income they are earning.

Here are a couple of people like this

Real Affiliate Marketingreviews

Real Affiliate Marketing reviews

Click the story above if you want to read more 🙂

Here is a screenshot of a few more successes from Wealthy Affiliate- These are Real Affiliate Marketing reviews the easy way 🙂

Real Affiliate Marketing Reviews

So there you go. there are some of the success pics and a story plus the image above to give you an idea on what happens if you choose the right place to learn all the skills and get everything you will ever need to build your own online future.

Affiliate Marketing is growing so fast with more and more companies turning to online to grow their business and extend their marketing to grow more sales and with over 4 billion people surfing the net, there is room for more and more affiliates to help all the different companies needing help.

Type into google your niche by typing this: Affiliate programs for…. and add your niche and I would love to know how many results you get.

In closing

There are probably a lot of real affiliate marketing reviews online, I’m not sure, however, I do know great affiliate marketers are needed and the great Affiliate Marketers I have had the pleasure to connect with, make a full-time income doing what they love and you can also do this.

I hope you join Wealthy Affiliate to take a look inside this truly awesome platform – you can do this for free and if you feel it is a good fit for you, then go premium and get learning as soon as you can.

I love everything about Affiliate Marketing and, I love the fact it gives me money and time freedom and I get to work in my own home. So awesome.

Thanks for visiting tonight and I hope to see you inside WA

GO well and please let me know your thoughts on this post and also connect with me by subscribing to my mailing list

This is Vicki signing out for now


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8 thoughts on “Real Affiliate Marketing Reviews – Is it really worth it?”

  1. Hello Vicki, thanks for this engaging post about affiliate marketing. Seriously, I was scammed on countless occasions by all these get rich quick scams. Though, I take it as totally my bad or greed. Hence, I realised in a hard way that making money online requires more than just getting out there and and making it overnight. It takes a lot of input and hard work with consistency. I also agree with you that affiliate marketing is very real because almost everyday, I keep seeing breakthrough messages and success stories. I really do hope I will get up to the level one day. And yes, I am a member of wealthy Affiliate and its been an awesome platform for me altogether.

    • Hi Ro

      Thanks for your input here in the comments

      Yes, often people chase shiny objects and get stung. I did

      Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate truly cares about all the members and Carson and Kyle do a fabulous job making sure all runs perfectly inside the platform

      Enjoy growing and be awesome

  2. Great article and definitely affiliate marketing is the best making money online model. It is really worth your time and effort if you take affiliate marketing business seriously because it can become super passive income for you in the long term. 

    You may ask is the Affiliate Marketing market saturated but the dream is far from over as the internet economy is booming and the recent statistic has shown exponential growth in online spending, therefore more affiliates are needed and it’s the right time to start an online business. I would advise you to get some real affiliate marketing training and be consistent in building up your affiliate marketing business.

    I was taught by Wealthy Affiliate and currently earn a decent income via affiliate marketing. I won’t hesitate to recommend this platform to anyone who is interested in starting an online business.

    Best wishes.

    • Great to connect Zayn and thank you for your input here in this comment

      Yes, the internet is growing so fast and the time to learn Affiliate Marketing couldn’t be better and I am so happy you are doing great

      Keep being awesome Zayn and good to meet you here

  3. Hi Vicki I came across your article while on facebook. Wonderful way to cut right to the facts.Yes affiliate marketing is totally worth it! And I am a premium member of WA myself i recommend it for anyone that wants time freedom but you will have to work at it and if you approach affiliate marketing as a business with that mindset you will go far.

    • You are amazing Cathy, thank you for taking the time to come and comment on this site
      Yes, you are so right. you do have to work hard consistently to make money online and build a strong business but if you are prepared to do this with all the learning and growing in WA, You can become so incredibly successful and I hope this is how everything is for you
      Go well and be awesome Cathy

  4. Hi Vicky; I feel refresh reading your pot. Real Affiliate Marketing. Some people do not make it with Affiliate marketing because they have the wrong concept. Some people believe the get rich mitt while some others believe the Done-for- you -hype. 

    However, those who desire to work hard for their success while being patience waiting for their change to success are those who can write their success stories.

    Affiliate Marketing is an excellent online business for online business seekers. Many have made their lives a success via Affiliate Marketing, and there are many more to come.


    • Hard work, great goals and the determination to achieve excellent results is all it takes Dorcas

      Thanks for your input tonight


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