PLR Products Sale – 2019 Blowout Sale

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You are in business for yourself online and you want to make money by growing your site but you are not into writing your own ebooks or marketing books to sell or giveaway or maybe you just want to do other things on your site.

Having PLR Products is the way to go to extend your market to a higher level and bring more traffic to convert into sales.

The PLR Products Sale is huge and will help you immensely online so let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Marketing Tools

There are loads of marketing tools you can use to take your business to the next level and by buying PLR products, you can also get the resells rights to some really great products.

You can learn how to build an e-commerce business, YouTube Marketing, How to Become a Top Blogger, and loads more.

  • Marketing Software
  • Marketing Videos
  • SEO
  • Multimedia
  • Internet Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Email Marketing

and loads more products to take your business to the next level.

Even if you are working with an offline business, please check out what’s on offer to help you move forward to gain more business and more income.

lets get started buttin


Ebooks on Health and Wellness, Relationship, Natural Healing, Website growth, Internet Marketing, Product Marketing, Content Marketing, Pinterest Traffic Secrets, Twitter Marketing Success, Building a relationship with your email list.

If you are a newbie to Online Marketing, you can get help with the Newbie Marketing Kickstart.

What about Blog flipping? Yes, there is an ebook on this too.

What about learning how to become an awesome podcaster?

The Ultimate Internet Starting Guide is a great resource so go check it out.

There are literally 1000’s of PLR Products to choose from and at great prices for you so you can gain more traction online and earn more money.


Do you want to learn how to become great at dropshipping? There is help waiting for you with the Dropshipping 101 ebook and it is only going to cost you $6.14

As with so many of the great products offered, I am really pleased to share with you that most of the products are around $10 or below.

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Do you want to give away or sell products to your clients?


If you answered, Yes, then you will definitely want to go check out the PLR Resell Right Products as this can really take your list building and client list to the next level.

People love freebies and if you click the link above, you will find some really great products relating to your niche to give to people to build your email list.

With 100’s of niches online, you have to be generous with your approach to your readers and by offering them something special for free, you are engaging with them, helping them and they will keep coming back to your site to see what you are offering.

Writing helpful content is great and having giveaways is well worth the effort.

Let’s say you spent $20 on giveaways for people and your email list grew to over 1000 from the $20 you spend. How amazing will that be as this means more people, more sales and this equals more income. What could be better?

Whether it’s Aromatherapy or Geneology, Health, Fitness or Mastering the Web, the PLR Products Platform is a must-visit and I know from experience what giving away ebooks to people means. It means traffic, lots of new traffic and this means success online in whatever niche you are in.

PLR Products Sale even has a program to help you with PPC(Pay Per Click) Advertising with keyword-rich ads.

How much easier will it be to create those ads?

I know for me it has sometimes been a frustrating process and time-consuming trying to do it the right way so check it out at the sale.



There are PLR Products for hobbyists as well.

  • How to Bring More Joy into Your Hobby or Craft
  • How to Find New Craft Ideas
  • How to Find Your Passion with a Hobby
  • How to Market Your New Craft or Hobby
  • How to Organize Your Creative Hobby Space
  • How to Set up a Routine for Your Craft Time
  • How to Successfully Make Money with Your Craft
  • The Top Three Ways to Incorporate Your Hobby into Your Daily Life
  • Top Three Things to Make to Have a Successful and Lucrative Hobby
  • Visualize Your Way to Crafty

There is even a product to teach people how to fish.


Before I finish up today, I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post and I also hope you go check out this amazing PLR Product Sale to grab yourself some really good products to help you grow exponentially online.

We need all the help we can get and as an Affiliate Marketer, I have found these tools so great with my niche sites and because of PLR Products, my businesses are growing so much faster and yours can too.

I would really love to know what you think and also if you are new to the online world and not sure which direction to take, I invite you to take the FREE training offer below to get you started.

begin your online journey

Thanks again and I hope you will visit again soon to see what happens at Money and Freedom Online

Vicki Crawford

P.S.  Let’s make 2019 and beyond, a time to celebrate your success

Be great and go well 

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16 thoughts on “PLR Products Sale – 2019 Blowout Sale”

  1. Excellent information, thank you for sharing! I have heard about ebooks before but did not think that they could be used to help start an internet business. YouTube is also a great place to find this information, you are right. How much time do you typically have to put into something like this? I think that with these products it would free up my time so I could focus more on my content. Seems like there are PLR products for just about anything you could think about! Thank you again!

    • Considering how long it can take to write an ebook and also design the cover I am amazed at how quickly I received my products and within minutes I used some of them on my site

      I hope this helps

  2. To start with, it’s really thoughtful of you to make something as useful and interesting as this PLR product sale and it’s a great opportunity to me that I stumbled on it this moment. I’ll go check it out and see, I’m very sure I can use some of its offers especially some of those tools as they all deal with marketing. As soon as I do so, I’ll give you an update on how far am able to go. Thanks so much.

    • Awesome Jay- Enjoy whatever you choose- There are so many great choices for all types of niches and I look forward to you returning to share how it went and what you thought 🙂

      Go well

  3. Thank you very much for sharing about the PLR. I find it is interesting to reproduces ebooks or customize some digital tools for my followers need. Using it as giveaway is a brilliant idea! My main channel is blog. Do you have a recommendation where should I promote my giveaway to reach wider audience? Thanks

    • I suggest you either have it as a pop up as a free giveaway as this will grow your email list as well for futre giveaways and tip you could share with people

  4. I am trying to dish out freebies to my subscribers and sometimes I feel like I do not have enough or relevant freebies to give away. I love that the brand-able e-books and videos have a lot of products on different niches. I am even thinking of switching things up to accommodate more than one niche.This will really complement my content delivery. Thank you for these helpful list of PLR products. Great article.

    • Hi Carol

      I glad you got some help from this post and you will be quite surprised at the quality of these plr products for sale and the prices as well so enjoy and get back to me with some feedback once you have some downloaded

  5. I have been considering giving away an eBook to my subscribers. I started researching to write it but it’s way more work than I initially thought it would be. It’s literally writing a book. I don’t know why I thought it would be easier.

    But I’m glad to come to your post and discover PLR. I’ll check out this sale right away. It may be the solution I need. Thanks! 

  6. I haven’t done much to improve my site over the past few month of 2019 except create more content. I think I will need to do more than just that to get the best of success I really need and with the help of PLR products I hope to achieve that. Been thinking of getting started on podcasting and starting to build up an email list for my new site is one thing in going to have to do soon soon. I’m sure with the help of PLR Products which are also quite affordable I’ll be able to make my site glow as we enter 2020.

  7. Products like PLR are of immense benefits to marketers, by the virtue of the kind of tools that are this product have to offer it will be a great place to be for me as an Affiliate marketer and to others as well. I really like this product and I’m considering it right now but I have a little problem, please it’s about pricing, you didn’t include a price details for these offers in this article, please can you please do in order to make people know how much they’ll be putting in? You’ve got a really helpful article here, really nice of you to share.

    • I did mention that none of the products are over $10 and some of them are around $4.99

      I hope this helps

      Go check it out- All the prices are on the site

  8. Starting a business is a great idea, but haing to see that business grow to a bigger one which brings back better income is what we all are struggling to do. This is my first time coming across a post that talks about PLR products, and seeing the means at which it uses to help ones business grow make me have interest in it. When it comes to ebooks, its one of my favorite means to getting information because its easy to mobilize and one can access it at any time he/she wishes.I love the idea of email marketing as well which I see to be a great means to developing businesses because you get direct messages to people through mail. A great idea they offer.

    • Yes, Benson I feel PLR Products are so helpful and there are so many great products so enjoy checking them out and I hope you find some very useful for clients

      Go well


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