Online Survey Taker – Better ways to Make Money

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Online Survey Taker – A Better way to Make Money

Online Surveys will give you some money but as an Online Survey Taker previously to what I do these days, I feel obliged to share that there is a much better way to make money online.

As an Online survey taker, how much do you make for the effort you have to put in? $5, $2 or more. It depends on the company and the survey you complete, that’s of course if you are eligible.

Let’s look at why I do not recommend you become an Online Survey Taker and let’s also look into what I do recommend as the best choice online if you really want to make serious money.

Surveys and Money

For a few years, I was into research companies and worked for a few offline. I went out door knocking and asking people if they would complete the survey I had with me and I was fortunate to get good responses from people. Probably because I looked honest and I wasn’t pushy at all.

Online Survey Taker

Back then my hourly wage was $13.50 plus mileage but it was hard work, long hours, mostly in the weekends and a whole lot of paperwork before sending off your completed surveys to the appropriate companies.

These days most if this has ceased because Research Companies have gone online and this is where the offers come into people who want to earn money doing surveys.

The big downfall with this is, 1st you have to complete a whole lot of personal information  and then if you qualify, you can go to the next step and complete the survey, however sometimes when you are halfway through the survey, a screen comes up saying, you no longer qualify but, you have earned 10 points for participating.

How can companies do this to people? If you do complete the survey you will receive maybe 75, 100 or maybe 200 points depending on the survey and once you have 2500 points, you can withdraw $20. $20, are you kidding me, for all the effort you have put in for the company doing survey after survey and you get to draw down $20 at 2500 points.Online Survey Taker

And they wonder why people can’t be bothered with this type of work. Well some do but I have to say, people must be desperate or bored to do this kind of thing for a pittance while the survey companies are charging businesses a lot of money to put together a survey so who is winning here?

Yes, of course, the survey company as always and this is why I feel obliged to share what I do online and why I recommend this to anyone who is serious about making money online.

Affiliate Marketing

I was an Entertainer for 30 years and after I had a life changing event happen in my life, I retired from the stage and was looking online for something I could do to begin my online journey and came across an interesting review of a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

Kevin, the guy who wrote the review seemed very down to earth and I felt compelled to go take a look for free inside this platform.

I looked around everywhere and the more I looked at everything, I realised this place was going to be the place I began my online business building journey.

I knew nothing about what to do, how to create and build a website or anything else relative to being in business on the Internet so i started the Training Program – The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and completed the 50 lessons step by step learning so much along the way.

I m not going to go into the process here in this post but please click here to read more about why this is my NO.1 recommendation, along with over 1 million other people.

Wealthy Affiliate is ranked as the NO.1 Affiliate learning platform on the Internet and if you go check it out, you will see why for yourself.

A better way to make money

Surveys and Money doesn’t do it for me as I explained above and although it takes time and hard work and a small investment in yourself, Affiliate Marketing, if done properly can set you up for life and anyone of any age can learn how to become successful doing this type of business by learning all the skills and using all the amazing tools and resources you will find inside Wealthy Affiliate.

$5 here and $10 there is not going to give you Money and time Freedom and for many people working the grind at a full-time job, they have no real satisfaction or progression in the job.

Every day seems the same and with more and more people getting laid off from their jobs, wouldn’t it be cool if you could create your own online business and a full-time income worth much more than your current wage so you can do things you love to do and go where you want, when you want without being answerable to a boss.

Online survey Taker

Now. I’m not saying leave your job. That isn’t a good move, but what I am saying is, get started and build a new future for yourself step by step until you have built your business well and the income you receive is worth more to you than your Job.

That’s when its time to say, goodbye boss.

Online Survey Taker

For those of you who are at home raising a family looking for ways to make money, this is the perfect platform to open all the doors for you as long as you are prepared to knuckle down and work hard every chance you get.

Just as you see in the image above, if you start now and plant the seed, the seed will grow into a healthy plant or bank balance in this case but only if you believe you can do this and go do it consistently.


I have studied for many years in Personal Development and I am a Success Coach today as well as an Affiliate Marketer and my passion is helping people live their life doing what you enjoy, going places you want to  go, spending more time with loved ones, and living life on your terms, not someone else’s terms.

It is not going to happen overnight but inside Wealthy Affiliate, we earn while we learn which helps us pay for our monthly memberships or buy more domain names or whatever you choose.

We support each other inside the community in WA and 24/7 there is always someone to answer questions, fix things if you make an error and with over 1900 Experts teaching us, Wealthy Affiliate gives us the opportunity to become truly successful online not only as an Affiliate Marketer but also with e-commerce, drop shipping and other online ventures that may interest you.

As far and being an Online Survey Taker and thinking about surveys and money, I know 100% there is a much better way to make money time and time again so go join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and see what it’s all about and I hope to connect with you inside this awesome platform so please complete your profile and account set-up so I will be notified and then I will be there to help you whenever you need me.

Thank you

This is Vicki signing out for now but please do me a favour and leave a comment below and share with others so you can also help people along the way as I do.

Bye 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Online Survey Taker – Better ways to Make Money”

  1. Most college students like myself tend to go into the online survey gig because it’s kinda fast but I do agree that after a while, you realise that you’re not really making anything substantial because like you said, if you’re not qualified for the survey, it’s a bit of a waste of time. Thanks for sharing why we shouldn’t rely on surveys as the main income.

    • Yes a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to make a dollar with surveys and having a better option is so great and it works

      Go well

  2. Wow, this brought back good and bad memories to me.  I honestly couldn’t even add up the wasted hours I used not only looking into surveys but also the wasted time starting them only to find out 10 minutes later I didn’t even qualify for the survey in the first place.  

    I not even sure I would recommend survey’s to people I hate lol, I not that mean

    As for your alternative, yes happy memories now and I am sure I will still like wealthy affiliate in many years to come.  I been premium member more than 6 months and my only regret is I didn’t start years ago.  Wasted nearly 10 years trying all sorts of crap online till I found wealthy affiliate.

    • I hear ya Sam and isn’t is great we did find Wealthy Affiliate

      I hope all is going really great with you

      Success in all you do 

  3. Hi! I appreciate reading about your experience working with research companies offline doing surveys. Now they have moved online. And working with them does require giving a lot of personal information.

    On the other hand, working with surveys online is a time consuming activity and we’d not even get close to making $13.50 as an hourly wage. I really appreciate there are alternatives for earning money online. Thanks for your honest approach and guiding us in a better direction.

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