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A real business has to be built or bought and there is no other way to do it other than by hard work, focus and more focus and hard work. If you really want a successful online home business you are going to have to work to create and build it.


There are no shortcuts unless you have a lot of money to pay someone else to do it for you and this can cost from $4000 – $7500 plus hosting, updates and other extra costs each month.

The Internet is full of promises from people out to make quick money off unsuspecting people like you and I and this situation is growing so fast. It seems everytime you click on something, there is an offer to make you a millionaire while you are asleep. Yes, you can literally sign up, pay your money and the rest is done for you.WRONG!!!! SCAM ALERTS

.My No1. Recommendation teaches you everything you will ever need to become successful with an Online Home Business so let’s get into the details.

Wealthy Affiliate- The Best Online Marketing Platform

Why is this business my no.1 recommendation?

It’s not only my no.1 recommendation, its over 1 million members as well. You see Kyle and Carson the 2 men who started this business over 13 years ago and continued to build and develop it and continue to add more and more excellent tools, training and more all the time.

Behind the scenes, there are 25 developers who keep this state of the art platform running 100% 24/7 and as a member, I can testify, I have never had a problem within the platform.

Every day I am helping within the community answering questions for the newbies, creating simple add-on training along with blogs to encourage and empower members as they grow their business

I am an Ambassador within the Platform and this is an Honour – what this means is I am one of the experts helping people in many ways and this is Wealthy Affiliates way of thanking people who work hard within the platform

What Wealthy Affiliate Offers Members

There are 2 training platforms within Wealthy Affiliate. One is the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the other one is Bootcamp which is further education such as PPC, Ranking and heaps of other great learning.

As a member you will receive 1 on 1 Coaching if you need it, 24/7 Support, SEO, Analytics, SSL Security, Community Support, 50 Websites, 25 free with a subdomain Site Rubix and 25 with .com domains. Buying a domain costs around $15 for the year and can be purchased within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform which is so great as it keeps everything ready to go.

If you have a domain name somewhere else or a website somewhere else. you can have it transferred to Wealthy Affiliate should you choose to 🙂

There are weekly live training from Jay, the chief of video training 🙂 and there are also some amazing training videos and tutorials from experts within the platform all given to us for our premium membership.

What do I do when I join?

You most probably typed Online Home Business into Google Search so I am here to help you get started in the easiest way possible.

There are 2 options for membership with Wealthy Affiliate- you can join for free and stay free should you choose to, however I recommend this, if you are truly serious about building a business online working from home even if its part-time while you are starting out, I suggest you join for free and have a really good look around inside the platform.

Push all the Icons in the Dashboard, at the top of the page and also go to live chat and ask people questions. This is what I did and I soon realised Wealthy Affiliate had exactly what I needed so I became a premium member for $19 for the 1st month which I thought was so cheap considering what is offered within the platform.

You then have a choice of paying $49 monthly or going yearly for around $359, however, I have some really amazing news that has just been released today by the Owners Kyle and Carson and it is this.

If you join and pay $19 for your 1st month, in a couple of weeks for 4 days only Wealthy Affiliate is having a Black Friday Sale offered to all members and the cost for 1 year will be $299 which is amazing as it works out at around 74 cents per day to grown and own your own online business with everything handed to you to become really successful and also with the training offered we are way ahead of any competition online today.

You don’t have to accept this offer but if you can then go for it as this is an incredible price drop to help members.

I didn’t understand until I was in the platform for awhile how come there are so many added extras given to all the members for no up-sells,  no hidden costs, in fact, 1000’s of members all say the same thing. Why do Kyle and Carson continue to make it better without charging more and more to each member? Simple. These 2 Men believe in a pay it forward platform for all who are members and their mission is to help everyone who belongs to Wealthy Affiliate learn how to become truly successful online working from home.

I know 100%  this is one of the most amazing places I have ever had the honour and pleasure to be part of and I hope you come and join us and take a look for yourself. Join for free. You will not be asked for your credit card and the minute you arrive you will be welcomed by our wonderful community of business builders 🙂


Before I go, I want to say this to you. If you are serious about an Online Home Business and you want to be ahead of any online competition as you build your business, then Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you to become successful online. If you are working part-time and you want to be a full-time online Marketer, then get started and make it your Goal to say goodbye and thank you to your boss and work hard every chance you get to develop and grow your new business.

There are some awesome success posts in Wealthy Affiliate from members who are doing extremely well financially after 13 months of hard work and building and anyone can do this.

Hey, I knew nothing about this type of business and I now have 4 online businesses and work full time from home now and I love my life.

I go fishing when I feel like it, I help people become successful online and I have Time and money Freedom, something well worth working for don’t you think?

Remember Success starts with the 1st step and I am so glad I took the 1st step.

Do you want to create success for yourself and change how you live your life?

Creating something awesome feels so good and my invite to you is sincere as I would love to help you move forward in the Online world.

Go easy


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