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Building your own Online Home-based Business is a great choice for anyone who wants to create a passive income which if done well will more than likely create a great income recurring for you every month.

Yes, it takes time and some learning but if you are prepared to learn how to do what is needed, you will do great at this type of business.

I have been working from home, online for a while now and every day is exciting and fun as I grow my businesses.

I haven’t always done this but in 2006 I have life-saving brain surgery and needed to change careers from being a professional Entertainer, Singer/Songwriter to something way less strenuous and demanding.

I searched online, got stung by scams a couple of times, and then one evening I found a review about a platform which teaches Affiliate Marketing and Kevin, was very honest in this review which gave me a good feeling so I decided to check it out for free to see if I would like to do this type of business.

Within a couple of hours, I knew it would be so good for me so I upgraded my account and went premium and have enjoyed every moment since that evening and I am going to share this platform and all it offers you, so let’s go.

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What about Wealthy Affiliate?

If you decide to come aboard with  Wealthy Affiliate, you will see everything inside this great platform where people like yourself are at different stages of learning and building businesses online. You don’t have to build a business of course. You could just blog for fun however it is more fun to blog about what you love and also make money, Yes or Yes?

Wealthy Affiliate caters to people of all ages, all cultures, and with different learning abilities and if you go check out the training, you will see it is so easy to understand. Kyle and Carson have done a fabulous job creating all the training they offer and the really cool part is, you can also watch videos for each part of the training if you prefer learning this way.

There are 2 training programs with over 120 lessons and loads of resources plus every week, Jay the top trainer does live video pieces of training to help people grow their business, learn about other aspects of online marketing, plus local marketing and loads more. These video trainings are recorded so people can watch them whenever suits them.

Affiliate Marketing as a Choice

More and more companies are moving their products to online to gain more of the market and with over 4 billion people online every month there is a real need for excellent affiliate marketers, so what do you need to do?

Choose a Niche/Product

A niche is something aimed at a specific market, people interested in whatever the niche is, for example, let’s say your niche is snowboarding. You might have a board brand that you love and think is the best because of the features it has. This could be an awesome niche.

You may just want to write blogs about snowboarding boots to help people buy excellent boots.

Here is an image of what google results were for snowboard boots:

snowboard boots

Once you have a solid foundation for your website with some helpful blog posts you can apply to different companies to become an affiliate for these companies.

When you are accepted, you will be offered your own links and banners to add to your posts and site and when people come to your site, if they click on a particular link or banner, they are directed straight to the company’s website, where if they buy, you make a $%’s in commission and with a few companies aboard, you can make excellent money.

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Create and build a website in 60 seconds or less

Now it’s time to create a website with your own domain name and inside Wealthy Affiliate, you have 2 options.

1. Build a free site Rubix site and start building. When you are a free member you get to have 2 FREE websites.

If you already have a niche in mind, why not create your free domain now.

2. Buy your own. com domain name relating to your niche for around $13-99 and this includes SSL Security and hosting and as a Premium member, you get to have 25 FREE websites and 25. com, net, org, websites so over time you can build a lot of successful businesses and if you choose to, you can sell them and if you work smart and hard to build, your sites can end up worth loads of money.

This is a screenshot of one of the members inside WA(Wealthy Affiliate) who sold his blog/website after 13 months.

website sale image

This one of many stories from members inside Wealthy Affiliate and Dylan has shared some great success stories with us as he becomes more successful and he has only been with WA for 4 years and it has changed his life completely.

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I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and I can honestly tell you, it is the best place to learn all you need to know about how to build a great business online and from all the research I have done on different programs that teach Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate comes out on top every time.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate rated NO.1 on the Internet?

It’s easy really

Wealthy Affiliate offer members absolutely everything

Training, 24/7 Help Support if you make an error while building, The Live chat 24/7 to connect with other members and to ask questions and then there is the community with over 1900 working 24/7 to ensure all members have their questions answered and also to offer help if a member needs it.

Kyle and Carson, the 2 men who founded WA, work tirelessly as well and you will often see Kyle in live chat or adding a blog with helpful information to help all of us learn more and more as we go forward in there.

Carson is more a behind the scenes guy who works closely with over 25 developers and technicians to ensure this state of the art platform is 100% efficient 24/7 and this is so amazing.

For over 14 years now, Wealthy Affiliate has gone from strength to strength as a training provider to people all over the globe, and in the early days when Carson and Kyle, 1st started out, their vision was to keep this platform growing in a pay it forward way so anyone could join and learn and become successful and their price reflects this and hasn’t changed for many years and is not going to. Incredible!!

If you would like to learn about other programs please click here. This is also a great place to learn but Wealthy Affiliate still outdoes these guys with all that is offered to members.



Will I be asked for my credit card when I join for free?

NO, Absolutely not. you can remain a free member for as long as you like, however, if you are really serious about making money, then it is always better to invest in your future.

How long does it take to make money?

Everyone is different. Some work really hard, some learn real fast and work hard, and some just cruise along, and it all depends on how much you want financial freedom.

Can I leave anytime?

Yes, you can leave at any time, although you will have to transfer your sites to another hosting platform within 30 days of leaving to keep them alive.

Can I refer people and earn from this?

Most definitely and Wealthy Affiliate payout is one of the highest commission %’s which makes it a great earner and if you sign up a certain amount of people in a year, you will qualify for a free, all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas.

How long does the training take to complete?

Once again, everyone is different and has different abilities to learn. Some fast, some a little slower and some may take a long time. It really does depend on each individual.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Still Unsure?

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I understand you may be a little dubious or cautious about joining a new and unknown place and I get that. I was the same but I am so glad I took the chance to check out this platform as it has given me a future I would never have had if I didn’t take a look and get started on my Affiliate Marketing Journey and I hope you take a look to see for yourself.

If you still want more information before deciding then click here for more on Affiliate Marketing.

Ready to start your new Journey

Congratulations! You are about to take the 1st step into a new and exciting beginning creating and building yourself an online asset and I am looking forward to mentoring you along the way if you need me.

Yes, you will have moments where you are not sure when the fruit will ripen, and if you keep learning and working consistently the fruit will ripen my friend and you will look back and smile at how different life is for you.

I look forward to connecting with you inside Wealthy Affiliate so please make sure when you have joined, you set up your profile pic and also a little about yourself so myself and other members can welcome you.

Go easy and remember:

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P.S You can do anything you set your mind to, so why not make money while you are learning.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you can earn while you learn so come and see how this is done.

Vicki Crawford

Vicki Crawford

Affiliate Marketer

Business Owner

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14 thoughts on “Online Home Based Business – NO 1 Recommendation”

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity! I always see things like this online, but seems to be too good to be true. I like the idea that I can try this out without having to commit to it at first. I am excited to get started! How much time do you normally put in on an average week? Does the training help with coming up with the content for the web page? Thank you so much for the help!

    • Hi Travis

      Yes the training covers everything from building a website through to writing and marketing your business online so go well and enjoy the learning WA brings to all members

  2. Oh, this is very good. I didn’t think that i was going to see a post as awesome as this that will bring up wealthy affiliate in a brighter light. The platform is truly awesome and there are a couple of people who are always ready to motivate and help others. Like you, i was also scammed severally before finding wealthy affiliate and everything changed since then. Your post here serves as an inspiration to me as well. I am on training, i am sure i will be able to make a lot with time. Thank you.

  3. Vicki, thanks for the commitment about starting up an online home-based business I have loved your effort, and have also liked the work of appreciation in you by thanking those who guided you about wealthy affiliate and in advance thank you for sharing with us this great information and I will recommend to more people

  4. For me, Wealthy Affiliate was a big catch that helped me sort many things in my life, I was with no job and I needed to make something at least even if online, I was introduced to the platform by a friend of mine and it all started, the Journey of Affiliate marketing. In WA, you can earn as much as you can, all it takes is hardworking and patience, you receive free trainings in different angles of online marketing and others. WA is a safe platform will real owners and I strongly recommend it. Thanks.

    • So good to see you are happy with Wa

      It really does have it all for anyone wanting to create financial independence as long as you work consistently and you are so well done and keep on growing

  5. When i was looking for ways to make money online, i was overshadowed by the thoughts that i can make it quick and this was the major thing that broke me. I ran into a couple of platforms that were out there to take peoples money without anything real. I failed at surveys and i lost at some MLM programmes too. I was on a hunt online when i saw wealthy affiliate so i gave it a shot. It was a good decision. Many people are making money on wealthy affiliate but the truth is that it is not an easy task and it takes enough time and a whole lot of dedication to get to that stage. Hard work and determination is what is needed. Nice post here Vicki, great article.

  6. Hello, Thanks very much for this great opportunity. Actually I am a member at wealthy affiliate for two years now and I don’t regret anything. The training and support are the two things that make all of wealthy affiliate members successful. I had no knowledge about website development but now I do it professionally.

    Thanks for such a great article.

  7. Wealthy Affiliate offers a 7days free trial with the chance to opt out of not satisfied with what they do, I’ve not heard of anyone say they dropped out though. WA offers the best online University training on internet marketing and their pricing is very affordable. What made me really safe about the platform is that it is transparent, you can get in contact with the owners and interact and ask questions, and most importantly, unlike some other platforms they done require you to share your credit card details. It’s a place to earn a fortune for those who wants to. Try it out.


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