Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – Pros & Cons

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Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing 

 Pros & Cons

Network marketing vs Affiliate Marketing and the Pros and Cons of Both Business Models. Is either of them worth it?

Network Marketing/MLM has been around for a very long time- Amway being one of the 1st of the ground and is still going today.

Affiliate marketing has also been around for many years so which business model is better?

I have been involved with both and have learned a lot from both and in this post, I will share the Pros and Cons of both business models.

Network Marketing

What is Network marketing?

Network Marketing/MLM is a business model based on referrals and products and Yes, people have become very wealthy while involved with this type of business however it is very rare to see this happen.

Why? People are taught to talk to all their friends, family and associates, in fact, everyone about this really great “Opportunity” hoping to show them the plan and get a sign-up.

If people do sign up. they are then committed to spending anywhere from $80 – $200 on products which are automatically shipped to them so they don’t lose their position in their matrix.

There is also a Ranking order and as you grow your business, you are given titles- for example, Director 1 – 10, Diamond, Gold, Platinum and more and if you reach the top level- I want to know about it as I have only ever seen this happen when the Business 1st gets launched and everybody has a go at getting to the top which in turn makes some of the people some good money, however holding their position is not easy.

Members leave after a short time, others say they are going to build and don’t. They stop before they get momentum and others come and go so keeping the income coming in with this type of business can be a challenge.

I’m not saying this happens 100% of the time but from what I have seen with many of these businesses, you have to get in on the ground floor and keep going no matter what.

Another thing that happens is the Company goes belly up or closes down or sells out or is taken down by the authorities for bad practice.

Yes, there are many companies still going strong but are the newbies and the people down the bottom winning in this game? I would enjoy your comments on this if you are doing great- what is the secret.

Do you buy leads?

Do you pay month after month hoping for a different member count in your team?


  • A business model is already developed
  • Products are already manufactured ready for sale
  • Training packs can be purchased
  • Webinars are held in some cases to help members learn more


  • Can be expensive
  • Autoship every month, whether you need product or not
  • A team comes and goes
  • Having to pressure people you know to join you
  • Very small % payout for the effort required

Recommend 4/10

There is one Company I recommend and this is Melaleuca and the reason I recommend them is simple. They have over 500 products all made with no toxins or anything that could be harmful to people or animals. They have been around for over 35 years and all people do is sign up to buy their products wholesale each month and these products are the things family’s use every day in their homes so it is just a matter of switching stores.

If you like the products, then you tell people about them and if they choose to switch shops, you will receive a commission and that’s it.

Check Melaleuca out by clicking here

For people living in other Countries, when you arrive on the site, you can choose which country you want to view.

Recommend 7/10

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts?

What does this mean?

It means you build a website, you choose a Niche and you create reviews, articles, posts to help people with their buying decisions, or how to learn a skill, or what to do when you go camping, how about learning to play an instrument and then we have the Gamers. What about recommending the best gaming equipment to help people get the best.

Once you have a niche, and you have built a solid foundation for your business, you will apply to different companies to become an Affiliate for them. What this means is you will get banners and links from the companies and you will place these adverts on your website.

When visitors look for posts and arrive at your website, they may click on your recommendation and they will be taken directly to the Company you represent and if they buy something or sign up for something, You will receive a commission and that’s it.

Well not quite.

Where do I learn the skills?

You will need to learn how to build a website and this website will need SSL Security and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and a few more really important things so you will need to learn from the Experts.

I belong to Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member and I love it there.

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 Training Programs to teach you everything you need to create and build a truly successful Affiliate Marketing Business. All you have to do is get started on the training and follow each lesson and complete the required tasks and you will do what I have done.

There is only one more requirement- You need to want to work hard and be prepared to be patient while you are building your foundation.

As with any business, you are the Owner and You are responsible for your success. No-one can do it for you so if you are up for it, then go join Wealthy Affiliate for free and check it out to see if this is something you might enjoy.

Here is a blog from one of our members that Val wrote tonight. I had to share it as she wrote about MLM compared to what she is doing as an Affiliate Marketer. Click here


  • You are your own boss when you are working on your Affiliate Business
  • You work hours to suit you
  • No trying to get friends and family to join unless of course they come to you and ask if you could tell them more 🙂
  • No buying leads
  • No people above you taking the big dollars.
  • Equal opportunity

And more 🙂


  • You have to have the discipline
  • It takes time and hard work with consistent effort form you
  • Wealthy Affiliate is addictive because the Community of members are awesome

Wealthy Affiliate is a recommendation of 9/10 for anyone prepared to put in the learning and the work.

One day you can say Goodbye Boss and thank you. I will be working from home from now on, with my own online business in Affiliate Marketing.

How wonderful is this?

Before I go tonight

Every business, no matter what it is, takes hard work and a lot of it. Offline and Online, there is no difference in effort required.

The only difference is the cost- Offline costs thousands of dollars to set up or purchase and not much profit if any for the 1st 2-3 years.

With Affiliate Marketing, Yes, you pay a fee for everything and $49 per month or $359 per annum is nothing compared to many other places who offer a 1/3 of what you will receive within WA so let’s get you started so you can get building Your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing and the Pros and Cons- I hope I have helped give you some information about both types of businesses and whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.

If you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate for free to take a look inside the platform, you will not be asked for your credit card or debit card. You will be welcomed aboard by Carson, Kyle and Myself along with other members when you set up your account and Profile.

People will welcome you and offer to help you as this is how we all roll in the platform so go ahead and see what it’s like.

You might love it like 1.5 million people who are members do 🙂 If you would like to know more about Affiliate Marketing, please click here

Go easy and be awesome


I am the owner of Money and Freedom Online and I wish you success in all you work for.



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12 thoughts on “Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – Pros & Cons”

  1. This is a great article about network marketing and affiliate marketing, excellent writeup too I must confess. You really made a good impression in analysing these two forms of marketing and I learnt a great deal from your work. A lot of spotlight have been shed of areas where I’ve been curious for quite some time. Thanks for this, keep up the good work. 

    • I’m glad you stopped by to read this post and thank you for your kindness about my writing

      Always like to keep it real so people can learn the different options available to them

      Enjoy being successful

  2. Thanks for this article that consist of network marketing and affiliate marketing with there pro and con

    when it come to network marketing I dont always like to recommend it for newbie because at the end of the day most of them get stuck in the middle of the line. I can say it only good for person that like to talk to people any where and bold enough to market his product to them.

    i prefer  affiliate marketing because everything you need to do is online and source for traffic from all over the world and find people that need the product you are selling and you only get paid for the work you do unlike networking where you look for people to fill as your downlines.

    and thanks for your recommendation on wealthy affiliate as the best place to learn about affiliate marketing business and I know many will find it useful 

    • Hey Aji

      Thanks for your comment today and I hope you take Affiliate Marketing seriously and build success online as this is where the future is

  3. I and my family members have had tons of experience with Network Marketing and I can tell you, you were so right with all that you have said about Network Marketing /MLM is the whole truth. We almost never made anything before we gave up, the company bellied up or outright pulled an exit-scam, leaving us with our money in their pockets. 

    I wouldn’t advice anyone to get into MLM when there is Affiliate Marketing  which is a more better option seeing that one doesn’t need to convince, beg or cajole people to join just so that I can be able to go up the ladder. I’d take Affiliate Marketing over Network Marketing any day. T

  4. Great article Vicki. I think you have been really fair and summed up the issues around network marketing. I have known Tupperware agents do very well but they have worked very hard to earn a reasonable income. The world has changed and doing home parties to sell products is not the way people socialise today. The internet has had a massive influence on marketing and people’s buying habits,

    There have been some very indifferent networking companies and some very bad ones. The problem is that, as you say, the people who are in a new network early, do stand a chance of making good money. After that, it is a hard slog and once a new agent has run out of family and friends, the struggle to expand their business.

    Real food for thought here.

    Affiliate marketing is really the modern way to create a business which you can grow to the size you want. All it takes is hard work and study. (Yes, Vicki, I think you hit the nail on the head there.)

    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate is a major player here. Have they been going very long? I am always nervous of “new” companies on the net.

    I like to know that the business will suit me, as well. Can I check it out before I join up?

    Thanks for the info Vicki.

    • Yes, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and have a good look around

      There is no pressure to go premium however if you choose to do this within the 1st 7 days, you will only pay $19 for your 1st month which is so great and the monthly fee for all we get within the platform is so cheap and there is nowhere on the Internet except Wealthy Affiliate that offers what they do

      I hope this helps

      Go well

  5. I do them both so I know exactly what the good points are what which ones are not.

    Both of them requires a lot of time, one for the writing, the other one to visit people and to make your network. 

    Affiliate marketing for me doesn’t earn as good as the networking one, because you have to build your page, get friends with Google and so, and with the networking, it is way much easier. 

    Per example, last month I’ve made more than 10000 bucks with the network marketing, and only 500 with the affiliate one. 

    This is for me personally, it can differ from you. 

    But as I see it, both has his bad and good sides. 

    • Good to know you are doing great with your network marketing business Emmanuel and over time your Affiliate Marketing will gain momentum if you work hard too

      All the best earning a great income with both

  6. Hello Vicki , You do a good job ! You say truth by the comparison you do between network marketing and affiliate marketing . I was an IBO in Amway I feel you.
    The world has changed an the way we were doing business in the past is completely different today. The way you write this article tell me that you understand this industry.
    As a premium member, what should I do to be successful in online business like affiliate marketing?

    • Hi Jackson
      To create a truly successful Affiliate Marketing business I suggest you choose a niche/product, you are familiar with and enjoy or would like to know more about and make this your niche.
      I wrote a list of all the things I love and picked one from the list to get me started and even though I gave that site to a member inside WA, I bnow have 2 more sites that are doing great.
      Reach out if you need a hand and go well Jackson


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