My Work For Life – SCAM Alert!!!!

My work for Life - Scam Alert

You have come to the right place if you want answers. My Work for Life is a Scam and I will show you why in this review.

Online, there are 100’s of Scams and my job is to share what I research with you to help you in your decisions online and if you want to make money online, this is NOT what to do.

This place is one of the worst sites I have come across and I even found out as fast as one site gets shut down another identical site with a new name pops up and I will show you this in the review.

This guy will eventually be stopped and the more people share this the better as he shouldn’t be allowed to do this type of thing and he is just one of the many scam sites out there so please be careful.

My advice is this. if you truly want to learn how to become a successful online marketer and learn from experts in the field and you are willing and open to learning the skills needed and use the right tools, then click here to learn more about what I do and have been doing for some time now.

It really is a great way to learn how to earn a full time living online, even if you start part-time and build your business into a substantial one over time.

What is My work for life?

Who is the Owner of this program? Who knows!!! Red Flag number one.

What about all the other sites that are identical to My work for Life

  • (Changed to
  • (Changed to

This is all I could find inside to help me get started plus an affiliate link but apart from this, there is nothing else.

My Work for Life- SCAM Alert

Even the FAQ’s give you no satisfaction or answers- It is so bizarre and feels so dishonest.

Check out these screenshots I took of 3 more identical sites all saying exactly the same things- RED Flag

My work for life SCAM Alert

My work for Life- SCAM Alert

My Work for Life- SCAM Alert

These sites are all identical telling people this:

My Work for Life- SCAM Alert

Why did I join?

To find out the facts so I could present an honest review to you, my valued readers and to help people online see what is good and what is terrible and this one gets a zero rating and a beware of the SCAM Sign on it and the other sites used as well.

OK, SO I joined this place to see what it’s all about, and immediately after I joined for free it said I have made $15 which is not true.

This is just a hook this person is using to gather information and make you want to share your Affiliate link to make more money which this person has no intention of paying out.

This place and all the other sites are gathering information from your personal details to sell and this is how I believe this person is making money. Tell me I’m wrong. 🙂

And another RED FLAG – You can’t withdraw your money until you have earned, wait for it $300 which is an extremely high threshold in fact the highest payout threshold I have seen online and I have been an Affiliate marketer long enough to know this is a huge RED Flag so please if you want to learn how to build a great business in an honest platform, click here to read my review.

SCAM Sites

My work for Life is a SCAM, there is no doubt about this and if you are new to the online world, please do not join this place.

I did this to see if it was real and what a load of rubbish.

There is no support, no community, no tutorials on how to make money, nothing, just an email address, and when you send them an email, it bounces back saying it’s not valid- Yet another RED flag.

Inside the platform itself, there is nothing to help you learn what to do, and when you click to get started you are taken back to the login or registration page. Another RED Flag

Who is the idiot behind this SCAM?

Someone who is trying to get personal information by offering false income earnings to people to attract them to join so he can scam their details and then send the details to other places to use the information gathered to send spam emails and false offers. Unreal!!!!

Why not learn the right way to do business by joining the platform I belong to so you can learn it all and become a success


I am still awaiting a confirmation email from this site as this always happens to prove you are real and nothing has appeared in the inbox. Another Red Flag.

I can confirm this is SCAM 100% and here is a comparison chart I did, to compare it to the platform I recommend.

Marketing tools

There are no training tutorials or videos, no banners, nothing but an affiliate link to place on social media sites and as we know Facebook doesn’t take too kindly when people add affiliate links and often this gets shut down and I have also heard from people who have had their sites suspended for spamming there so what is the real purpose for this person wanting people to place the Affiliate Link.

You got it- To get personal data from people so it can be sold and this is so wrong so please share this post everywhere to help people learn about this idiot and stop him before too many people get hurt.


How this person gets away with this is beyond me although some of the sites have been taken down so I guess the more information we share the faster this will happen, but when is this person going to do something worthwhile to people instead of scamming people?

It is a hideous way to behave online and along with all the other scams I have reviewed this one is perhaps one of the worst as he has so many sites out there so please share this with everyone to help people stay safe online.

I’m going to finish this review now and I hope I have given you the information you need to make the right choices and stay away from these Scam sites.

This is what I do as a successful Affiliate Marketer in the Make Money Online Niche and if you want to start an online business but feel you need to learn how to do this, then I recommend you join myself and over 1.4 million other people inside the NO.1 Platform on the Internet so you too, can learn how to become a successful Online Marketer.

It really isn’t hard. I knew very little when I started and now I am a successful Full-time Affiliate Marketer working from my home doing things I enjoy very much and You can do this as well.

Until next time

This is Vicki, signing out

Please leave a comment if you have seen or experienced scams online and also if you are ready to move forward and start a new journey online as I would love to help.

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Go well and be awesome!!

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10 thoughts on “My Work For Life – SCAM Alert!!!!”

  1. I’m aware of the many money making scams out there. I’ve just been aware of a pyramid scheme that I almost feel for a few years back. Glad there are bloggers that can give such comprehensive information instead of some info dumps as I see on other sites. I’ve personally never heard of this scam but I’ll be aware of it if I ever come across it.

  2. Thank You for this review! Nicely written, and easy to follow!

    I haven’t come across this particular scam, but I think his brother may be running another option of the same idea (Legit Jobs). 

    Working online can be very rewarding in so many ways, but it certainly isn’t an overnight success… nothing is!

    I question how they get away with it as well. It actually scares me when I see these types of offers!


    • Hi Shaunna and Yes, I agree and will check out Legit jobs as its probably the same person causing more nonsense online 

      Lets share and get rid of these fools

  3. Oh my goodness, Vicki, You are right this is a hideous scam. You said you arent sure how they don’t get shut down. Well if they have had that many sites, I bet each one is shut down, and then they start another. Scams have taken me but never anything this bad. 

    Your comparison chart is interesting. This Wealthy Affiliate business looks promising. I may step in and take a look. 

    Oh and I am not a fan of popups, but yours is so cute. How could I get annoyed by something like that?

    • Hi Laura and thanks for stopping by to read through this review

      Yes, it is a hideous excuse for business online and I am glad to have also seen my recommendation and I look forward to working with you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate

      Let’s make this happen for as well

  4. Thank you for your detective work on MyWorkForLife.I will make sure to spread out the words, cannot believe that this person has 6 identical sites! $300 threshold is unreal and I am thinking that $100 from Adsense is lot. I do not think it is ethical for the company to be holding the money that you deserve for too long, it is the same as working for a company for 2 weeks and the boss said I can’t pay you yet until you make $300. I hope this person will be stopped soon. 

    • Yes and I have just found out this person has even more sites so I will endeavour to write another review outlining this one as well and any others I come across to help people learn what Scams to look out for

      Thank you

  5. I was checking into this product for some friends so wanted to see what the review sites were writing prior to recommending it or not. You are the first place that I have checked, and I see that there is no need to look any further. The “My Work For Life” product is not something I would endorse.

    This is yet another cookie-cutter site that has been marketed in a number of ways and essentially appears to be nothing more than a scraping website where they can gather emails and names from people and do who knows what with the data. 

    It is amazing that there are so many identical websites operating under many titles, yet no owner is identified, no training provided, a fake income is provided, a high payout that means likely the unwary person will never get any money out, and so on. It is likely these products will all be taken down soon.

    Thanks for exposing this most obvious ploy I have seen in a long time to scam people and possibly have their personal information given to who knows who and for what purpose. This is a definite no-go for my friends!

    • Thanks for your endorsement Dave- It’s always good to see you here as I value your input and knowledge of places like this and this one by all accounts is so dodgy and I hope soon this person will have all his sites taken down by Google for Scamming people

      Thank you again Dave


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