Melaleuca Wellness Company- Scam or Legitimate Opportunity

Today’s review is focused on the Melaleuca Wellness Company and whether it is a scam or a legitimate business opportunity and I feel very passionate about this review as you will find out when you read this post.

Melaleuca- Tea Tree = The Healing Tree but is it or is just another one of those really well-marketed company’s online?

My knowledge of this company is pretty extensive so let’s go into the details more so you can make your own informed decision whether to business with these people or not

Melaleuca Wellness Company

Melaleuca – “Enhancing the lives of people we touch by helping them reach their Goals

Yes, this is the mission from Frank Vandersloot the founder and CEO of Melaleuca

Frank was a potato farmer a long time ago and he came across 2 men who were struggling to get their tea tree oil business off the ground so he did some extensive research into all the benefits, pros and cons and decided to buy the company of these men and this was over 34 years ago now.

Frank went to work with a small team and they had a few products manufactured and decided the best way to seel these products was by way of Direct Marketing, which is similar to Network Marketing in many ways.

Over time Melaleuca has gone from strength to strength and now has over 500 products that people use daily in their homes and the products are in homes worldwide.

So why is it so popular?


Melaleuca Products are all made with no toxins, no formaldehyde, no phosphorous, no chlorine, no Sodium Laurel Sulphate, in fact, there are no safety lids on any of the products because they are so safe to adults, children and animals.

Go grab a shampoo from your bathroom and come back here- I’ll wait :)- Ok, look at the ingredients on the bottle.

Is there any Sodium Laurel Sulphate in your product? If yes, this is the base to anti-freeze used in aeroplanes and is extremely toxic

Even if you shop for eco-friendly products, they all still have chemicals in them that can cause all sorts of hideous illnesses, like cancer, dementia,  motor neurone, and more ( research ) so why anyone would want to use these products is beyond me.

Melaleuca’s cleansing bars have no animal fats, no chemicals and are French milled with no air bubbles so lasts 3 x as long as other bath bars.

Check out the lung studies done by clicking this link and you will see how bad chemical cleaning products are for you and your family.

Switch Stores and save money- Every product is highly concentrated using herbs, citrus, apricot and more and the products are divine and come with a 90 days money back guarantee as well.

Not sure about you, but if you go buy a product at the supermarket I don’t see them offering you this type of guarantee- do you?

Should you decide to buy Melaleuca Products there are some real benefits in doing this so let’s learn more


You can join Melaleuca as a Direct Customer and buy online and have the products shipped to your door, however, you will pay retail price if you do it this way.

If you become a preferred customer, you buy a 35 point order every month, which is easy to do when you have a family as there are always things you will need and you will receive all your products at a discount price plus Melaleuca have a reward system for PC Members and they are called Loyalty Dollars.

Everytime you shop, you receive Loyalty Dollars from your purchase and these add up and then when you feel like using them, when you do your 35 point order, you can add products for free using those Loyalty Dollars which is fun as many people use these products to share as gifts with friends and family so they too can experience these wonderful products.

Oh, yes I nearly forgot- When you join as a PC Member, you can also watch some short video clips to learn about the products and you receive loyalty dollars for watching and learning and over the 1st few months the loyalty dollar amount that can be earned is $100 which is great.

So how else can you earn?


Most people who join as PC’s make a choice.

1. Use the products at a discounted rate

2. Share their Melaleuca product story with people who then join as PC Members

3. Buy a Total Conversion Product box filled with a Home Conversion and work the opportunity as a Business, holding meetings with groups of people, attending webinars online every week and learning how to really market these amazing products to many people and in turn making a solid income from this.

there are a lot of Marketing Tools in your back office when you become a PC and there is also a lot of help within Melaleuca to help push you along if this is how you want to work.

You do not have to do this, however, if you choose to, the income and bonuses can be very worthwhile and also every month Melaleuca come up with a special offer to PC’s and new members who join. They continue to give everyone some truly great opportunities and the company is still growing exponentially after 34 years.

The reason for this is the Integrity of Frank and the team, the products and what they deliver and the compensation plan which is great if you work hard.


Go to and check everything out for yourself and if you are interested in joining this great company, please email me so I can help set you up to go shopping online.



Gorgeous products

Easy delivery to your door

Income to be earned should you choose

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Been in business over 34 Years

Member of the Direct Selling Institute and the BBB


I always buy too many products because I love them

35 Point order Monthly can be a pain if you live alone, however, if you work with a friend it makes it really easy to achieve to stay wholesale

Rating 7/10 because you have to prospect to make money and some people do not like doing this

Legitimate- !00% amazing company – I love all they stand for and their products I will use forever.

The customer retention rate with Melaleuca is 96% so this also goes to show how awesome this company and the products really are

They have Weight loss, fitness, protein shakes and bars, household cleaning, pets, children and an amazing skincare range called Sei Belle which is the rated up there with Lancome except the price is better.

I hope I have shared enough in this review today to assure you Melaleuca is legitimate and going nowhere. If you want to try the products, please let me know and I will make this happen for you.

Go well and thank you for stopping by to read this post


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