Melaleuca Wellness Company – Is there a Better Option?

What is Melaleuca?

Founder: Frank Vandersloot

Year founded: 1985 in Idaho USA


Cost to join: $29 but often $1 plus product purchase or become a Direct Customer for no cost and pay retail for your products.

Products: Health Supplements and a Skin Care Range plus all household cleaning products- All Toxin-free using no formaldehyde or phosphate or chlorine. Totally safe for your family and pets.

Recommended– Yes and No

What does Melaleuca offer?

Melaleuca Wellness Company has been around for over 30 years and is still one of the best direct selling companies in the world with outstanding products and if you have a large network of people you can build a successful business with Melaleuca as an associate although it does take courage and loads of persistence and hard work as does any business you build.

Melaleuca offers bonus payments, special deals, and incentives to its associates most months to help people build their business but there are some drawbacks with this type of business.

Let’s look at the Pros.


  • Easy to join.
  • Excellent products, in fact over 500 products available.
  • Honest legitimate Company.
  • Reasonably priced products and household cleaning products are highly concentrated and are diluted into bottles you purchase once and use time after time, saving money and the use of plastics which is great for our planet.
  • Products are what people use every day and are essential to clean toxic-free living in your home.
  • A good business model.
  • Loyalty Dollars when you shop- these dollars are given back to you to spend as a bonus buy but you must still submit your standard monthly order 1st.
  • Passive income for those who work extremely hard.


  • Need to talk to at least 5 people minimum per day to get decent results with business growth.
  • The average monthly spend $125 which can be challenging if you live on a lower budget.
  • Autoship is a must to stay as a preferred/wholesale customer.
  • You must have a large network of people or be prepared to meet new people all the time to try and grow your business.
  • People come and go so you must always continue recruiting new members if you want this as a business.
  • You are not allowed to advertise your business by way of your own website- You must only recruit by abiding with the rules of Melaleuca.

If you want to learn more about my NO.1 Recommendation, please click here

Melaleuca says it’s a direct selling company and it is, however, it is also MLM or Network Marketing as it does have ranks and levels as part of its compensation plan, and once again the percentages are not high for earners unless you work extremely hard finding new people every day and I mean every day because this is the only way you will start to earn money and build your income.

Is there a Better Option?

There a literally 100’s of MLM Companies online and all of them have their own way of rewarding you for your efforts which is great however through my experience with a few including Melaleuca I found it so hard to keep my customers buying each month and as fast as I got new associates and so-called business builders, I would gather momentum and get a few, then lose a few and this seems to be how things go with MLM/Network Marketing although there are some people who make great money but statistically this is a small percentage.

A while ago now I took a look into Affiliate Marketing and I have to say although it requires hard work and consistent effort, there is no recruiting involved and no product purchases to be made unless of course, you want to buy products you need.

I was very dubious when I first heard about this way of making money but having been involved with Affiliate Marketing for over 18 months now I can honestly say, it has changed my life already.

I read a great review on an awesome platform and joined for free to take a look inside this platform and within a few hours I knew it was going to be a great place to build an online business so I invested in my future and got started as a premium member and it is already proving to be a great decision.

It’s not for everyone, but if you are prepared to learn the skills and work hard, it is worth every minute you spend growing a future online and if you would like to know more, please click here.


Melaleuca is a great company. It is honest and the products are superb and I still use Melaleuca in my home every day but have stopped pursuing the business side of it as it was just too difficult and time consuming for the amount of return I received.

Yes, you will get quality products and if you have approx $125 per month to invest in shopping at a different store online, then you will enjoy Melaleuca but if you are not into recruiting and chasing people to join then perhaps my other option is more in line with what you could do to make a full-time income over time.

I love the products Melaleuca offers people and you can purchase them on Amazon as well so if you want to try them, please click here and this will take you to the best skin repair creme I have ever used. If you type in Melaleuca once you get to the site other products will be shown as well.

If you would like to know more about my no.1 recommendation, please click here and you can go read more about my favorite place to own your own online business and really make your future shine.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope I have helped you learn more about a legitimate place to buy toxin-free products and perhaps pursue this as a business opportunity and also please check out my No. 1 recommendation.

It is my hope that you decide well and build a great business earning passive income for a long time to come to give you money and freedom to do whatever you like in the future.

With more and more job losses it is a great time to think about where you see yourself in the next 5 years. If you get started now, in 5 years from now, you will have your own awesome story to tell people and I hope I can help you along the way if you need it.

All the best and until next time

Vicki Crawford, signing out.

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Bye for now

Vicki 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Melaleuca Wellness Company – Is there a Better Option?”

  1. I remember melaleuca!  I used to have a bottle of it in the house at all times to use for various skin conditions.  It’s good stuff.

    I was approached at one time about the MLM “branch” of the company, but really didn’t want to try another MLM.  I was in one for a long time and did quite well with it, but you are correct — it required constant work.  In fact, that’s why I finally dropped out, as I was taking too much time away from my brick-and-mortar business.

    However, it is a good product, and I, too, would recommend it for household use.

  2. This was a great overview of Melaleuca. I like how you quickly dive into what Melaleuca is about and why it would be a decent company to work with. Many posts like this seem to have alot of “fluff” before getting to the main point of the post, but you waste no time explaining the pros and cons of this company. The post seems very honest and straightforward, allowing the reader to truly feel like they are making an informed decision with using the information you provided. Great post!

  3. Hey Vicki, nice review of Melaleuca. I have a few distant friends and associates who are a part of the Melaleuca family, I started to do Melaleuca back in ’01 but I didn’t follow through because of the amount of money that I had to spend on the membership (if I’m remembering that right). Ultimately, Melaleuca looks like a sure thing but it seems like its too much trouble to keep up with and it can get costly but at least its not fake or a pyramid scheme.

    • Not Rodney- It is real and a great company but the ongoing costs every month and recruiting people put me off 

      Aff marketing is way more fun

  4. Hi Vicki,

    Companies like are good and that is why the lasted this long. The only part I don’t like is the Muti-Level Marketing side. I am an affiliate marketing for some time now and I always steer away from Multi-Level Marketing platforms. The other platform you recommend, is it also a recruitment type of business where there are levels? Thanks for the information about Melaleuca.


  5. Hi Vicki. Thank you for your interesting review on Melaleuca Wellness co. The timing for your article couldn’t have been better. I am always looking for new ways to make a living from working online  and , even though I have had experience with MLM companies before, I had been thinking of giving this company a go. It was only because the products interested me. Your frank and honest discussion on them brought back memories of my Amway days. The idea that I would have to physically chase up at least 5 customers a week and auto pay out about $125 a month, tired me out just thinking about it.  I am really far more interested in making money online using a method where I won’t have to chase up customers all the time. It’s just like you mentioned, you continually have to replace the ones you lost. Jim

  6. Hi Vicki, the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) platform is great. You still have to work (without getting paid for a little while) though I look at it as doing a course that allows you to earn down the track. Too many courses you come out of without much practical experience though the hands on nature of WA is a terrific way to learn and apply the learning immediately. 

    The Melaleuca sounds a bit too uncertain to me and I am not fussed on having to sell to people just for the sake of selling. It can be alienating. But if you are passionate about their products then that is a different story…I am just not that guy.

    • I totally get that too Peter- I’m not into pressuring people to do anything and this is why I love WA so much

      Affiliate Marketing depends of you and how hard you work and that’s it

  7. Hello,

    I never heard  Melaleuca Wellness Company, so I was reading with interest.  In my opinion, start a business using  Melaleuca is useful for college students; they have a lot of friends ( dorm house), energy, etc. Anyway, your article is easy and interesting to read; your explanation is in detail: pros and cons. 

    I’m wondering what kind of cleaning supplies the Melaleuca is selling. Do they have unique cleaning products or regular?

    Thank you for the great review; knowledge is power.


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