Making Money with a Website – (5 Top Options)

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Making Money with a website isn’t difficult and once you figure out what is working for you, you are on your way to earning great money.

Today I have put together this post to share the Top 5 Options for making money online with your website and I hope this helps you as you move forward with your online business pursuits.

Yes, there are 1000’s of people all trying to make money online these days but for many, they drift in and are soon gone due to not knowing the right things to do, the right tools to use and also often lack the work ethic to keep building and working hard especially in the early years of business.

So let’s look at my 1st option now

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing symbol

Over 4 billion people are surfing the Internet looking to buy, sell, make, teach and learn about products and with more and more companies moving online to grow their market share in sales, Affiliate Marketing is a great choice for you to make a really great passive income online.

If you don’t know much about Affiliate Marketing please click here to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer and if you already doing Affiliate Marketing, You have made a great choice.

Often people think all they need to do is build a website, add some links and they will make money but it’s a little more than this is you are going to have a long-lasting, successful online business.

Yes, you need to build a website so if you haven’t already done this please click here to get started for free and if you already have your website, you will need to do a few things before you apply to companies to become an Affiliate.

You will need a solid foundation for your site which means some excellent keyword-rich content helping people learn about your product/niche you are in, for example, if your niche is golf clubs for short people, you will want to add reviews on golf clubs suitable for short people.

Which brand of clubs are best, where to go to buy them, why you recommend these clubs and you may even like to write about golf clubs and what some of them offer members.

How about Golf Caddy’s? Review some of these as well to help people. Golf Shoes is another one, golf shirts, tops and pants.


Now once you have some  really great posts, you need to apply to different companies to become an affiliate and when you get accepted, then you can place banners and links on your site and in new posts and when people visit your site looking for information and click on the links they will be directed to the company’s website where if they purchase, you will get paid a commission.

Some places you can become an Affiliate is JVZOO, Clickbank, eBay, Awin, Media Vine and 100’s more.

Type into Google: Affiliate programs for….. and add your niche/product and I know you will be surprised at the number of programs there for you to join and get promoting.

The great part is with Affiliate Marketing is, You never have to handle the products, the sales or anything else, just the marketing in a very simple way which is great as this means you can focus on adding more and greater blog posts to your site, always with excellent Keyword Research.

Niche Ideas

Gaming Consoles, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Drones, Fishing gear, Baseball gear, Retirement planning, CBD Products, Baby strollers, Art Supplies, Best of… Watches, Jewellery, Model planes, boats, trains, Gardening equipment and the list goes on.

There are literally 10000’s of ideas for niches and if you learn and build a great site, you can earn a lot of income over time but only if you learn how to do this properly and work consistently.

This means even if you are working full time and you want this, you must set aside at least 1 hour every day to work on your future online and then one day you might say Goodbye Boss and work from anywhere full time. Great or Great?


YouTube gets over 1.5 billion visitors so marketing with YouTube is a great way to monetize your website/business however for some people this can be a little daunting.

I know it was for me when I 1st started with video content.

Again, when you create a video and upload it to YouTube, please make sure it is Keyword rich in the title because when people ask question on the Internet, it will be in your favour if you do this and you will attract visitors to your website via YouTube and when you have a load of subscribers to your channel, you will also make money from this as well.

There are a few video creation programs you can use and some of them are quite costly.

When I started creating videos, I chose to download ScreencastOMatic and it is a great program and so reasonable.

Here is a screenshot of the pricing plans

screencastomatic pricing plan

Compared to other programs, ScreencastOMatic is a great choice and does a very good job and is so easy to use.

Sell your own Products

You could choose to sell your own products from your site via Shopify or you could learn how to do eCommerce and build a substantial business this way, however, Affiliate Marketing wins on price with this choice as it can cost a lot of money to get it all set up and then you have to work hard with monetization.


Google Adsense + PPC

Google Adsense is good to sign up for when you have a good foundation built for your site and when you sign up to Google Adsense and add their code to your site, ads will be placed automatically and when people click on the ads, you get paid so this is another income stream for you. Their payout threshold is $100 which is quite high so you will need to have some patience. 🙂

PPC or Pay per click advertising is great when you are ready to do this. Beginners should not do this as it can be too much to pay out in the early days however once you have over 500 visitors to your site per month, you could learn how to do PPC as it is great to attract more visitors to your site and this, in turn, can create more income when people buy from your links and banners.

Bing is a good start as they are more reasonable than Google so when you are ready to trial some ads check out Bing Ads.

Digital Marketing and more

Ebooks are another great income earner unless of course, you give them away to visitors which is also recommended to build your email list as these are all potential clients in the future.

Course creation– you could also create your own course to teach people about something you know a lot about that could help them and these can be very lucrative if done correctly

Webinars– Gaining traffic and subscribers via webinars is also a good move and there are loads of webinar programs you can choose from when you are ready to do this. WebinarJam is around $479 per year as an example for you.

Selling Ad Spots: You could also offer different con=mpanies relative to your niche advertising space on your website. Another income stream as you move forward and perhaps you could offer the 1st month free and then say $45 per month or whatever price you feel is reasonable for your service. Maybe even consider a yearly payment with a discount for them.


Before I go

I hope this has helped you with your question on how to make money with a website and if I can help you out with any questions you may have, please ask me in the comments below and I reply to you within 24 hours or you could subscribe via the popup.

I know pop up’s are annoying but I promise we will never sell your details or spam you with junk as this is not how we operate here.

We only use pop up’s to help people 🙂

Well, that’s it from me tonight.

Please share this post to help others and thanks so much for stopping by







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2 thoughts on “Making Money with a Website – (5 Top Options)”

  1. Thanks for your post. It is timely information for me. I am in the process of monetizing my website. Your article gives me some new ideas. I have not initiated my affiliate product promotion on YouTube, since I don’t know which program to use. Your suggestion of ScreencastOMatic is a great help to me. The price is only $1.5/month, very reasonable. I am going to try it tomorrow.

    My initial niche is on cancer products. I am interesting on keto diets recently. Is it ok to combine these two kinds of product in one website? Sounds strange?!

    It is very kind of you sharing the very helpful information with us.

    • Screencast o matic is so easy to use and so reasonably priced Anthony- I am sure you will enjoy it and it will certainly help you with marketing

      As for combining 2 niches – i guess it could work but be careful not to go too broard

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