Making Money Affiliate Marketing- Earn + Learn while You are Building

Make Money Affiliate Marketing-Earn+ Learn While You are Building.

Building an Affiliate Marketing Business is one of the best choices you can make if you want to own your own business online.

Choosing the right platform is so important, especially with all the websites today promising you huge income by plugging into an automated system- What a load of Rubbish and some of the worst scam sites I have seen online.

They will charge you an extra special discount price lasting only for a few hours no matter what time you hit the site and then when you join, you will be charged up-sell after up-sell to get some tools that are meant to make you a millionaire in 12 months.

Take it from me if you see one of these sites, get out quick as they are scam sites and they are everywhere these days.

The people who build them, use landing pages and hooks to get people sucked in, then just as quickly as they arrive, they disappear with your money along with 100’s of other people who believe this type of offer works.

Sad but true and it’s always going to happen online as well as offline so I hope you will be more aware of these sites after reading this.

Ok, let’s learn more about Affiliate Marketing and if you want to see how to get started for free please click here and go take a look inside Wealthy Affiliate- NO1 on the Internet as a platform to build your future online.

The Best Place to Build

A while ago now, I joined Wealthy Affiliate after reading a very honest review written by Kevin who is a valued member and Ambassador within Wealthy Affiliate, and decided to join for free and take a look around inside the platform.

Within a couple of days, I knew this place was going to be perfect for me so I became a premium member and got started with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training offered to the members.

 I knew very little about anything to do with building a website, choosing a theme, and all the other things associated with building a solid foundation let alone anything about how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

Over the next few weeks, I did everything the training said to do. I learned about Keyword Research through Jaaxy which you get for being a premium member within the platform. I learned about SEO which is Search Engine Optimization, I learned about meta tags and how to use them in every post.

I learned about Google Analytics and Bing and Yahoo as well and I learned how excellent keywords and great content will get you indexed and ranked quickly if you do it the way we are taught in the training.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and the training plus 1800 Experts helping out 24/7 I have learned some truly amazing knowledge about Building a Website, SEO, Keywords and how to use them and so much more. I’m 60 and never thought this would be me rocking the online world in 2019. So incredible!!

Start for free so you can see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about

Earn and Learn as you are Building

Within the platform, there is a comment thread where you can offer comments on other member’s sites and in return, you can ask for comments for your site.

This is a Pay it forward system which really works well and if you give comments, you will become a certified commenter and when this is achieved which doesn’t take long at all, you then receive money for commenting and this can build up and you can even pay your membership fee if you choose to.

You can also do what I do and you can buy domain names you can keep and resell or use to build sites.

Another way to earn while you learn is to create training by doing a video or writing a tutorial to help the members learn from something you are knowledgable about and you will get paid for these as well. Another good way to earn some money.

What do I need to do to make Money Online?

 You need to be focused, have some serious Goals you want to achieve, the right mindset to keep you motivated, and a really strong WHY you want this.

If money is your only reason, you need to have something stronger as money is just used for transactions and comes and goes.

If you want to say, buy a home, a new car, go on a vacation, travel the world, have another home as an investment, want to say goodbye to your Boss, Create and build a solid retirement fund to live doing whatever you like when you are still young enough to have a ball, then these are some really great WHY’s to keep you moving forward, learning to build and growing your business every chance you get until the money starts flowing.

It won’t happen within the first few weeks as business ownership doesn’t work like that. whether you have a brick and mortar business offline or an Affiliate Marketing Business, you are going to have to work hard to achieve success and believe me it’s worth all the effort you put in.

Success comes to those who are committed to working hard and often, staying focused, and have the discipline and self-belief to make it happen, even when it may seem a little tough at times.

This is when you really need to push yourself and breakthrough to the smoother ground. 🙂

Before I go:

There is a lot of money to be made if you learn to do it right and fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate has a system that gives anyone the opportunity to learn the skills and use all the tools offered as part of your premium membership.

Making money affiliate marketing is the way of the future and now is the perfect time to start learning and building so you can also be another Success Story about your Online journey.

Imagine in 2 years from today, being able to do whatever you want, when you want, go anywhere you want, and have a really awesome income coming in every week to live life on your terms.

I’m not saying it will take 2 years. You will start earning way before that however 2 years is a great time frame to become completely Financially Independent and this should be everyone’s Goal 🙂

No more Boss!! Yay, how cool would that be?

I invite you to come to take a look inside Wealthy Affiliate, the NO.1 Affiliate Marketing Platform on the Internet and get started building your future online today.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I have shared enough information on Making Money Affiliate marketing and if you would like to know more click here to read another post relating to Affiliate Marketing.

Be awesome in 2019 and Beyond


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  1. you have said it all about wealthy affiliate; I joined over two months ago and ever since then my life hasnt remain thesame.

    I learn on daily basis from the trainings offered on the community, i also take my time  to build my website to the highest level. I will forever be grateful to the founders for this wonderful opportunity 


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