Make Money Online Free – 5 Great Tips to Create Income

How would you feel if you if you could create and Build a Business Online and do it all for free?


Kind of sounds a bit crazy really doesn’t it? Well, I have learned how to do this and that’s why I’m sharing this great info with you in this post.

I tried to make money online in various different platforms over the past few years, only to be let down by the deceit of what each place “offered” and as for the up-sells that appeared every time I wanted to grow my online presence-Well lets just ay $2000- $3750 is just ridiculous.

Then the best find happened some time ago when I was online looking as usual. I saw a review written about Wealthy Affiliate by a guy called Kevin and I thought it worth a read.

Kevin went into great detail about every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate and he seemed very honest and down to earth with the post he had written so I thought I would go check out his link and join this platform for free, to see how real it really was and also to see if Kevin was a man of his word.  (Thank you, Kevin)

And this is what I found: 🙂

The Real Deal

Wealthy Affiliate is over 13 years old now and is a state of the art platform where anyone who has the energy and the right attitude can learn how to become a successful Online Entrepreneur/Marketer.

All you need is the determination to become free financially over time by learning everything in the amazing training offered within Wealthy Affiliate. You can create and build your business and, Yes, you can earn really great money, however, I won’t try and fool you, it takes time and hard work to do this plus consistency and an excellent plan.

You can’t just sign up and ask” How long till I get paid” as so many people do. I’m giving it to you straight in this post.

You have to be in the right Mindset, You have to understand this is a Business, not a playground, You have to believe you can do this and work every chance you have to grow this business. no-one is going to do it for you unless you have lots of money and buy yourself a ready-made business and this is normally $10000’s of dollars you will need to have.

Why did I mention free in the title?

Was this a hook to get you to come and read this post? NO, not at all and I am going to explain how come the FREE word was mentioned and how you can make this happen.

Join for FREE   

I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free and after a couple of days of looking around, I realised this platform had everything I needed to create and build my own business online and become successful so I made the choice to go premium and this is the best choice in business I have made.

What? You said it was FREE!!!!!

Yes, I did and I will tell you how to make it free as I keep sharing 🙂

Business Tools

Are you ready to Own Your Own Business Online?

You are going to need a Website ✔

You are going to need a Niche ✔

You are going to need SEO, Analytics ✔

You are going to need Content ✔

You are going to need Training ✔

You are going to need SSL(High Security to keep your site safe) ✔

You are going to need technical support 24/7 ✔

All of this is offered to Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate plus a live training video every week, 1 on 1 coaching, a community of experts offering answers to your questions, Added tutorials to help you learn more and more about how to stay ahead of the competition and so much more.

Wealthy Affiliate is known by over 1 million members as being the NO.1 Platform to become Successful Online

1000;’s of members are earning full-time incomes as members of this awesome place, me being one of them. I now have 4 online businesses all successful and its thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and all we are given as Premium Members.

How do I get it for FREE?

OK, here we go.

Premium membership costs $19 for the 1st month as a bonus and $49 each month after that unless you buy a yearly Membership which is $359

Let’s work out now how you can do this for free 🙂

Within Wealthy Affiliate there a few ways of making Money

  • The Comment thread- this is where we help people by giving positive comments on their websites and we get paid to do this = Money
  • Creating pieces of training in areas of expertise- Social media, WordPress, SEO, Motivation, Writing, Meta Tags… = Money
  • Referrals – Inviting people to join Wealthy Affiliate = Money
  • Affiliate Marketing- Joining Affiliate Marketing Programs and getting paid for link sharing = Money
  • Video Training = Money
  • Content writing for people = Money
  • Buying Domain names and Selling them = Money

These are some of the ways you as a member can make really good money and it doesn’t take long to make well over $49 per month to have your business running for free

I did this after only 3 months and now all my membership fees are paid so all I have to do is continue to grow my online businesses and make more money. Pretty cool huh 🙂

Also as a Premium member, you get to have 25. com websites. All you need to do is buy a domain name for each site, however I do suggest to everyone who joins is that you build 1 really awesome website for your business before you go on and build more and more as you may yourself thin as it takes time and lot of focus and effort to build a really decent money producing site.

Domain names cost around $15 per year at Wealthy Affiliate which is really good as it means all your business is working out of one place and this makes life much easier, rather than having to transfer across from another hosting place. This can be done though so it’s up to the individual on what they prefer.

Mindset toward Success

Before you consider joining me in Wealthy Affiliate, I do want to ask you some really important questions.

Are you ready to learn how to become Successful Online?

Are you prepared to work hard every chance you get?

Are you prepared to make mistakes and grow from each one?

Are you coachable? Willing to learn?

Have you got dreams and plans to live a better life?

Are you ready for retirement? Do you want money to have fun with?

Have you got the energy to keep going even if it feels hard sometimes?

Are you a winner or a quitter? A winner never Quits and a Quitter never wins 🙂

Business = Growth and Success

To become truly successful online with your own business, you have to treat your Business as a Business 100% every single moment of every day.

If you are working full-time, you can still become really successful growing your own business part-time until you are earning a full-time income from your business

If you are working from home, please remember you are WORKING from home, not playing or mucking around online on Social Media or playing mindless games or chatting with friends- Make a time for this for sure but only a small amount of time otherwise you will be distracted and your business will suffer.

Set your work hours and your family time and your play time and stick to the plan as much as possible. Don’t make excuses and then moan if it doesn’t work.

Only you can determine your success, no-one else. Another great idea is to have another person doing what you are doing be your accountability partner and if you join me at Wealthy Affiliate and you need one, I am here for you.

I have worked with 100’s of people over the years and many say to me’ Yes, Vicki, I am serious about becoming successful” only to slip away into the dust of laziness, procrastination and eventually failure because they stopped working.

Success is there for everyone. It’s up to you to determine how much you want it and what you are willing to do to achieve the results you want to have time and Money Freedom.

Why- let this be your Motivator  

WHY– do you want to earn money?

I ask this question to all my clients I help online as this is the key to Success.

I ask this ‘Why do you want to Build a Business Online?” If they answer ” Because I want more money” I then ask WHY?

You see if money is the only reason to build a business, you may as well quit now.

In order to be truly successful in anything you do and especially online, you have to have a WHY.

My WHY as an example is this. I am growing my online businesses to help people become successful by teaching them strategies, showing them a great place to build a business and coaching them along the way so all the people I help will become successful and live the life they were born to live and stop just getting by.

That is my WHY.

Do you want to buy a new Home, A cool Vehicle, Pay for your Kids University, Leave your Current Job, Travel the World…?

What is your WHY?

Before I go today…

Please do me one favour if you will please. In the comments below share your WHY, do you want to become successful online with me and also if you are ready to begin creating and building your future online, join me for free at Wealthy Affiliate and Money Money Online Free with me and all the other awesome members.

I am one of the leaders at Wealthy Affiliate- We call them ambassadors and my passion is to help people so if you are ready to explode your online business growth, join me and let’s get moving you forward now.

2019 is fast approaching so let’s get a head start and turn 2019 into your best year ever 🙂

If you have any questions please ask as I may have missed something you feel important so please let me know.

And remember 


Begin now and I know you will look back in a year from today and go, WOW- I really am doing amazing and I am successful!!!






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4 thoughts on “Make Money Online Free – 5 Great Tips to Create Income”

  1. Hey Vicki, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate program too and I strongly suggest anyone to join this amazing platform. By being a member of WA, you have access to the wide range training they offer on the big topic ‘Make Money Online’ and take advantage of their technical platform that may me used to build a profitable business online. The keyword tool they use, Jaaxy, is the best tool you may use as a premium member. The best keywords I have ever found and used on my site, are coming from this great tool.

    • Hi Leo

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate has everything anyone could ever need to become successful online

      All people need is to work hard and build

  2. what a brilliant review of a brilliant platform! I was browsing the web for research and came across your website, I only realised it was about wealthy affiliate.

    I joined this platform and can totally endorse what you have written here. Wealthy affiliate really helped me get back in the saddle and become motivated again.

    I was like you I came across a review on WA when I was looking for something worthwhile to do online. 

    My motivation to succeed online is my kids, they are my reason why.

    • Hi Darren

      what a wonderful why you have

      Your WHY is always your best motivator and I wish you every success with WA as you move through all the training and grow an awesome business online


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