Make Money in Affiliate Marketing – ( Top Recommendations)

So how do we make money in Affiliate Marketing?

Often I get asked, how easy is it to make money in affiliate marketing and how long does it take until the money starts?

These are such popular questions as more and more people are seeking ways to create a passive income online and today I hope to share as much information as I can to help you learn how to make money in Affiliate Marketing.

So let’s get into this in more detail.

Make money in Affiliate Marketing

Build a foundation

Before you even consider joining Affiliate Programs it is important to build a solid foundation for your affiliate business so having a really great website with loads of helpful content is vital as this will attract visitors and once you have some good traffic visiting your website, then it’s time to consider options on which Affiliate programs to join.

Having 10 posts is not a solid foundation but having to say 20 really excellent keyword-rich blog posts on your site, indexed with Google, Bing, and Yahoo is a good start as long as you continue to build your business by adding posts relating to your niche to inform people about certain products, how to learn to do something and also what are the best products.

This is where it starts to get serious and this is where the income begins for you so what do you need to do to monetize your site?

Affiliate Programs

There are 1000’s of programs you can join and the 1st one is:

 Amazon is one of the largest online stores so go join Amazon as an associate and get started adding banners and product links to your site. Always be careful not to add too many links to each post as Google considers this spamming and you will not get ranked for doing this.

If you are creating a sales page, this is a little different of course but for blog posts please do not stuff your post full of links.
If you are not sure how to do this or need to learn Affiliate Marketing skills please consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a member there and I learned how to become successful online in Affiliate Marketing. Click here to learn more especially if you are new to Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank is another Affiliate Program with 100’s different programs relating to loads of niches so they are worth joining.

Awin is another great program with lots of programs you can join depending on your niche.

JVZoo, again another company with programs to join in a load of niches.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and there are 2 affiliate programs to earn a commission from and as a premium member the commission paid to members is of one the highest-paid %’s in the industry.

Google Adsense When you join Google Adsense, you apply to have Google place ads on your site and when people click on the ads you get paid a small % – This program is ok however the payout threshold is $130 which I feel is too high but I sometimes turn on my ads for a few days at a time as sometimes your site can look cluttered from loads of random ads and it’s annoying.

Rakuten is another company that has 1000’s different niche related programs to affiliate with.

Grammarly has a referral program plus it is good to join Grammarly and have it working for you all the time especially when you are adding content to your site regularly- Grammarly will save you loads of time so you can get on with other important stuff.

AWeber is an email marketing program that has a great affiliate program and they also offer an excellent email marketing program so a win-win for you as even though you pay for their service, you can also earn way more than you pay in commissions.

Thrive Themes is an excellent page builder that also offers a great Affiliate program

Elementor is also an excellent page builder who an affiliate program and they have just released a new theme “Hello” that runs smoothly with Elementor however so does GeneratePress

Elementor and Thrive themes work with loads of great themes and are both excellent page builders plus so much more to help Online Marketers grow their businesses.

YouTube is a great way to get traffic to your site which in turn makes you money- Yes it is a great way to help people, share information, and engage with people through videos and uploading regularly and building a large volume of followers and subscribers mean money in your bank.

I use a great program to record my videos, Screencast o Matic It is so easy to use and creates great videos so check them out. There is a lot of video creating programs that cost quite a lot of money and until you are making heaps of money always try to use programs that are well priced and can still do a great job.

Affiliate Programs for Niches

There are 1000;s of affiliate programs for every niche and the best way to go about finding good companies to affiliate with is to type a search into Google.

Let’s say your niche is Hiking and Camping. You type “Affiliate programs for Camping and Hiking” and check out the results. To give you an example I took a screenshot from a search saying this.

69 million results for this incredible niche. Out of these results check out at least 3 that seem like great companies to affiliate with and apply to each one. Sometimes you will be redirected to companies I mentioned above so all you do is go to the recommended company and apply there- Done.

Here is one more- Let’s say your niche is dog grooming gear- Ley’s check out Affiliate programs for this niche.

39 million results for dog grooming- amazing

No matter what niche you choose, there is always a lot of results and more and more companies are growing their online presence to increase market share and more sales so the need for Excellent Affiliate Marketers are growing, however, you have to do it right or you will disappear down the rabbit hole.

If you need to learn some skills click here and join the best training platform on the internet. Having excellent training and a platform where you can grow your business exponentially is the best and I certainly wouldn’t have become successful if I hadn’t joined Wealthy Affiliate and to learn more about them go read my review

Social Media Platforms

Join all the Social Media platforms even if you are not really into them. Having your brand and links on social media brings traffic and traffic is money so please join

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, FB, Linkedin, and Quora.

Quora is not a social media platform as such however it does allow you to share information, answer people’s questions relating to your niche and guess what, that also means traffic and traffic, means money.

Guest blogging, following people who are hugely successful, and learning from these people all, helps you move closer to huge success online.

The only negative I have to share with you is this.

Also, be aware of the scammers and the shiny objects – If it seems too good to be true it probably is, so be careful if you are about to spend your hard-earned money because there are a lot of places online that aren’t good places to invest in your future.

Fortunately, I found a place that is rated no.1 on the Internet and I hope you join me there as well if you want to belong to an amazing platform filled with 1000’s resources plus 2 training courses and loads more- To learn more click here.

I’m signing off now but before I go can you please do me 1 favor- Leave a comment or ask questions so I know I am helping you- Thanks

Go well and success to all who work hard to achieve great results


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