Lifewave Reviews – Is Lifewave a Good Choice

Welcome to my Lifewave Review. I used to belong to Lifewave and have experienced the products 1st hand so is Lifewave a good choice.

After reading so many Lifewave reviews, I thought it was time to give my take on this company and their products so let’s get into this in more detail.

Lifewave the Company

Lifewave reviews

Founder: David Schmidt in 2004. David started studying and inventing many years before Life wave was launched and there is a video further down that explains the history of Lifewave.

Company: MLM using patches and other products

Purpose:  More energy, better sleep, reduced stress, sharper mental focus, and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.

Cost to Join:  With each kit that you purchase at different prices, you will receive product and marketing tools to help you promote and help people with Lifewave.

Here are the different prices in image form:


Recommended/ Yes

Rating: 8/10 

Product Review:

Lifewave products are amazing, in fact, I have experienced 1st hand the results from these products. By demonstrating Icewave patches on a gentleman who suffered from serious knee pain. When I placed the patches on him, the pain went within seconds, and he was so pleased to be pain-free.

For me, it was my elbows and as soon as the patches were placed in the area needed the pain disappeared.

I also used the weight loss patches and loved the results I had from them and other people I recommend try them noticed weight loss very soon after they began using them.

Snoring is a problem for many people the sleep patches are amazing and work 100%. My friend’s partner sounds like a train coming through the station and with the patches on, no more snoring! I can tell you, what a difference to their relationship.

Lifewave Reviews

The patches are used on children with ADHD, people who are depressed, in pain, overweight and so much more and I highly recommend these products to anyone who wants to use a product that is not harmful to the body or mind and can have lasting positive results from all the experiences I have had.

Here is a video now on the History of Life wave

I hope you enjoyed listening to David as he shared his story and I also hope if you need some sort of relief, you look into these products in-depth as 1000’s people have.

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Can you make money from Lifewave?

Yes, indeed you can. Again it costs quite a lot of money to get started, and you will have to network with friends, family, and others to get people to buy the product. This can be the downfall with this type of business unless you have a huge amount of people who need this type of thing.

I am not saying it is not worth it, however, I am saying it can be a challenge to get people to buy and stay as wholesale buyers and distributors but if this is the type of business you might enjoy, then go for it.

I stopped promoting Lifewave sometime ago as I couldn’t people to stay aboard and in the end, it was not worth it for me financially as it cost too much to justify every month on auto-ship to keep my distribution rights.

My #1 recommendation is perfect for me and over 1.4 million other members so please go check it out if you are looking for a place to build your own online business at very reasonable costs, in fact, for around $2.70 per day, you can start a career online where you hold the top position as the Owner of your Online Business.

If you would like to know more about what I do please go here for more information and I hope to see you on the inside of this platform if you decide to take a look for free.

What do the Patches do?

Lifewave reviews

Firstly you must take a drink of a large glass of water before you use the patches and then each LifeWave patch uses principles of acupressure to gently stimulate points on the body that restore balance and improve energy flow, providing a specific health benefit. The result is a natural way of promoting health without drugs, stimulants, chemicals, or needles entering the body.

Here is another video for you to watch regarding the IceWave patch being used 🙂


Please take a look at the testimonials that have been offered to Lifewave by clicking here as I am sure you will enjoy what real people have to say.

I have some good friends who are from Australia and both Bob and Barbie love their business and have grown substantially over the past few years and have the money to invest in this type of business and work very hard promoting Lifewave to all kinds of places they feel can benefit from the products.


  • Great products that really do work
  • Easy to join
  • Loads of help to learn
  • Great marketing Materials
  • Money can be made


  • Monthly auto-ship can be costly if you don’t need the product.
  • Money needed to market and network properly
  • Packs a little expensive however beneficial to your business

In conclusion

Lifewave is a legitimate company and David Schmidt is a very clever man who is helping loads of people through his amazing inventions.

Lifewave could work for you if you have investment capital and are prepared to work extremely hard and also prepared to be let down by people coming and going as you build. If you reach the right audience however this business could be really worthwhile.

I prefer to do what I do as an Affiliate Marketer and if you would like to know more about this interesting Online business please click here to go and read more

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this review has helped you learn more about Lifewave and if you have more information to add, please comment below as I enjoy hearing people experiences

See you soon with another product review and until then – Go well and be awesome


Owner of Money and Freedom Online

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10 thoughts on “Lifewave Reviews – Is Lifewave a Good Choice”

  1. thanks for this review and I so totally agree with you. Amazing products of which I too have had success in using. However as you stated it is extremely hard building an income without having a ‘reliable’ source of friends, family etc to continue month through month purchasing product as the autoship is hard to sustain.
    I too, also agree that affiliate marketing is much more lucurative…. and fun too.

    cheers, Linda

    • Hi Linda
      Thanks for your comment here and thanks for your positive input
      Yes this type of business as with many others can be so challenging and keeping people in the business even more so and being an Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate is way better in so many ways
      I am glad you enjoy it as well
      Go well and grow big

  2. I have never heard of this program until now but it seems like it would take a lot of work in order for it to be worth it and substantially profit from it. At least the products are good though. Do you think that lifewave is a contender in the affiliate space or should it just stick to products? Did you make profit from lifewave?

    • Hi Jon

      Unfortunately, they do not have an Affiliate Program and No, I didn’t make any money

      I kept giving away the patches to help people that needed it so no I didn’t

      Lucky I changed my path some time ago and now with Affiliate Marketing I am making money – Yat

      Go well and thank you

  3. Lifewave sounds like an interesting company. However, like many businesses both online and offline, the people who have the skill and patience to be a good salesperson are the ones who will thrive. Unfortunately, that’s not most people. As you discovered yourself, it can be expensive if you can’t sell the product idea to make it self-supporting and sustainable. I think most people would run out of money before they are able to get the business off and running.  It would be safe to say that most people trying to make money online don’t have a lot of extra money to spend. I’m sure it’s not a scam, but it’s not a business for everyone.

    • Hi Ray

      I worked very hard with Lifewave and believe in their products 100% but unfortunately,I gave so many patches aways there was no profit. Not because I am stupid but because people in pain made me want to help them immediately and these people often had no money and keeping people on my team was no easy feat

      I love Aff Marketing and I am so glad I moved on when I did

      I hope 2019 is going great with you- thank you

  4. Hi Vicki

    thank you for reviewing Lifewave, a close friend of mine does it and has been trying to get me to join (I have been reluctant). I like the concept of the business but was worried about being able to make money from it (I don’t have a large group of people in my life), I believe it would be great for the right people, and agree 💯 that affiliate marketing is very profitable. 

    in my conclusion I have to thank you for saving me a bunch of $$$. 

    cant wait to see your next review, keepup the good work.

    Samuel Cunningham

    • Hey Samuel

      I am glad you stopped by to read this post and if you haven’t got a large network to work with it can be a real struggle

      Stick with Aff Marketing and you will know true success online my friend and thanks for stopping by 

  5. Hi 

    I read your article on lifewave and it helped me a lot.Lifewave is helping a lot of people through their service and products.They have  various kind of patches which help in various way.As you said they have patches that reduces pain like knee pain ,elbow pain.They also have patches that reduces snoring and weight.They use patches on children who has ADHD.They also have patches for depression,pain.From your article I think this products are 100% legit. I have snoring problem and I think this lifewave products can help me. You also talked about making money with lifewave and I think if someone has the right financial background and also has interest in online business lifewave is a good option.However it’s a very challenging online business.But I agree with that affiliate marketing is very easy and it’s  reliable too.

    Thank you for this helpful article. 

    • Yes, Lifewave has extraordinary products and they help people all over the world but you do need money to get started properly

      For me,Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice

      Thanks for your input tonight


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