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Every Blogger needs an excellent Keyword Tool as this will help with indexing and ranking if done correctly, so where do you go to find such a tool and how do you know which is the best.

Also when you are starting out online or an experienced marketer, you need great keywords and in this post, I hope to share the Keyword Research Tool for Free that I use daily and how ranking is easy when you know how, so let’s get into this in a bit more detail.

Why are Keywords important

Anyone can title a blog and write what they are interested in and never get noticed by Google Bing and Yahoo and if this is ok for you, then keep on doing it your way.

If you want to be noticed on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo, then Keyword Research is vital and should be researched before you write every blog post for your website or wherever you publish to.

Why I use Jaaxy

I belong to Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member and Jaaxy is built into our membership for free which is so awesome.

Jaaxy is rated right up there online as one of the best Keyword Research Tools to use so let me explain what Jaaxy does with the free version.

Let’s say we want to write a blog about dog grooming for example.

We open Jaaxy and type in Dog Grooming and click search and this is what shows on the screen.

Keyword Research Tool for FREE

As you can see above there is a list of possible titles but you want to make sure the Title you use has a good AVG which is the average of people looking for this online each month and a QSR lower than 100 as this means there are not many articles written around your title.

OK, Professional Dog Grooming Supplies is perfect to use because 319 people on average are looking for this and the QSR is only 61 so this will be a great title to use.

Ok, let’s do one more on Best Golf Club 2019

Keyword Research Tool for Free

This Title brought up some Excellent results as you will see in the image above.

Every one displayed, would be good to use for a blog post and this would also be a great niche to choose to look at the results here, especially if you are going to write reviews on Golf Clubs 2019 309 people average per month wanting to know more about this subject and the QSR is only 8 which is amazing.

Are you getting the picture of how this all fits together and helps with indexing and ranking?

Please check out your own keywords by using the Keyword search tool below

Keyword Stuffing

When you write a blog be sure not to do Keyword Stuffing- What this means is, never overuse your Title within your blog as Google, Bing, and Yahoo don’t take kindly to this and you will more than likely be penalized and lose good ranking positions.

I learned when I did my training in Wealthy Affiliate to use the Title Keyword in the 1st paragraph, maybe the 3rd if necessary, and the end paragraph but no more than that so I hope you follow these rules as well as they really do help with being on the 1st page of all three Search Engines

Here is an example of ranking position for a post, although it is not ranked on bing which is a little odd, it will give you an idea.

Being on page 1 of Google and Yahoo is pretty cool as this means this post will be read by everyone who is looking for more information on whether Clout Bucks is real or a scam so I know I am helping people, using the right Keyword and writing good content and this is why I am on page 1.

Within Jaaxy, there is a place where you can save your keywords to lists you create so you can write blogs with these saved Titles when you are ready which is very cool and often I will research say 10-12 Keyword Titles, then save them to a list relating to the title for future use and this is a big time saver.

Content writing

Normally I write 1 blog post every day to grow my business and to help people learn some of the essentials to becoming an excellent Blogger and when it comes to content writing, this is the key to everything.

There is nothing better than a well-written blog so what is considered a great blog.

!st, your Keyword researched Title, then captivating subtitles and most of all helpful honest and engaging content.

If you write from your heart, using the knowledge you have, and relate to people on a down to earth easy to understand level, you will do so great blogging.

Keyword Research Tool For Free

Also, please consider the amount you write. If you write 500 words about a subject, ask yourself, have I given enough information? Have I really given my readers something substantial?

500 words are so easy to write but don’t really give readers enough knowledge most of the time, so the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to have your readers come back, bookmark your site for future updates, and maybe even join your mailing list as well, which helps you grow as a blogger and gives you are really good online presence.

My average posts are around 1000- 2500 depending on what I am sharing but never below 1000 unless there is absolutely no more to give about what it is I am writing about.

Another thing to be aware of is writing for the sake of it as people will pick on the insincerity of this too and will stop revisiting sites like this as they don’t feel real.

How to Optimize with SEO

Over 4 billion people surf the Internet looking for products to buy, make, sell, and also to learn about new things and the numbers are increasing as more and more people turn to the online world to do business.

People are teaching, showing how to build different things, teaching music, gaming- you name it so if you are blogging, you are going to want to give your readers real value and keep them coming back to see what you are doing.

Before I finish

I hope you have learned about how to use the best Keyword Research Tool for Free and get that content on the 1st page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo where people look 1st.

Most people don’t go to the 2nd page so if you do your Keyword research correctly and write great engaging content, you will be up there rocking online and I hope this happens for you on your journey.

Goo well, write awesome blogs and I hope to see you again soon for more tips and tricks to become successful online

Bye for now and thanks for stopping by.

If you would like to share your feedback, please leave a comment and share this post to help more people.

You rock!!! 🙂

This is Vicki, signing out until tomorrow.


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6 thoughts on “Keyword Research Tool for FREE – Ranking made Easy”

  1. Hi Vicki

    Jaaxy has been a great tool for me too. I use it anytime I need to write a new post and it works well. I like how it is easy to use and to understand. I can do keywords research and create a list for all the post I am gonna use during the month which is very helpful and time saving.

    This is a great post illustrating what jaaxy can offer for any online business.`

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, Jaaxy is a very useful tool and I cannot do without it!

    This tool is also useful for knowing your site rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo. And also the Alphabet Soup Technique can be used in Jaaxy.  I normally use the Pro version of Jaaxy. This is the most popular version that WA members use. 

    Your review is to the point and explains in detail why it is necessary to have it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Stella

      Good to see you here and I am so glad you enjoy all Jaaxy offers too

      It really is a great program that’s for sure

      Go well and success in all you work for

  3. I belong to Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. It is nice to watch him show how to do certain tricks in style live, so I can just follow along. The site comments are a nice little touch for me as well. If you want to be noticed on page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, then Keyword Research is vital. So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.

    Thank you for writing such an amazing article. I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.


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