John Crestani Review – Super Affiliate System worth it?

If you are looking to find out more information on the Super Affiliate System and whether it is worth your money, you have come to the right place.

Here on this website, our promise to our readers is to give an honest review of anything we publish as this is the only way to keep our credibility.

Todays’ post is a John Crestani Review and is it worth your money?

I always give my best with my reviews so here are some facts for you to ponder

So what does the Super Affiliate System give you?

John Crestani Review - Super Affiliate System with it?

What is Super Affiliate System

Formally known as the Internet Jetset, Super Affiliate System is a program designed to help people become Super Affiliate Marketers. Click here to join

Products: Affiliate Marketing Training

Cost: $997 discounted from $1997

Recommendation to: Good for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Rating: 4/10

Having done my due diligence and heaps of research also chatting with people that have done the 1st part of John’s course, I can say this program is worth the investment as you will learn the basics to Affiliate Marketing.

Having said this, I do not recommend you take it any further and invest another $187 for reviews and stuff that John Affiliates for.

I pay $49 for my membership and get far more in this platform than anywhere on the Internet and I feel John is overpriced for what is offered to people. just my thoughts

What are yours?

Have you experienced this Super Affiliate System?

I would like you to let me know if you have.

So what does John offer?

For $997 discounted from $1997, you can get started on the 6-week course and this is what you will receive.

What you will learn from Super Affiliate System

  • Week one: how to get everything set up
  • Week two: Niche research, mindset, intent, and networks
  • Week three: copywriting skills
  • Week four: Google and Facebook ads
  • Week five: Native ads and YouTube
  • Week six: Scaling and automation
  • Week seven: Bing, Taboola ads, and LinkedIn

This is not worth $997

You are 1st sent to watch a webinar which doesn’t offer anything to help you, in fact, its just hype and full of the sales pitch and doesn’t share anything of particular use

I know John is a good marketer and so am I and if I was going to create a training platform I certainly would add this as part of my program.

John Crestani Review

All of these are affiliate programs John has joined and anyone can give these to people at no extra cost.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can join Tony Robbins, kindle money mastery, and recommend these programs and training to people so I am thinking this is just another hype to get you to stay.

If you want to join John Crestani SAS Program you can click here.

I have just found this ad online for the SAS

Product Name: The 6-Week Super Affiliate System™
Author/Creator: John Crestani
The normal price was $1,997. But now you can buy it at $1,997 $997 (save $1,000).

Could be a little bit ego-based with the pricing here. What are your thoughts?

At least there is a money-back guarantee because it is a ClickBank Product.

John does have a lot to offer and for some people this is ok but having read reviews from some of the top Affiliate Marketers on the Internet and also watching reviews on YouTube, I feel I am justified telling you there are much more professional places at a smaller price with loads more to offer members than the SAS- John Crestani.

In this John Crestani Review, talking about the Super Affiliate System is a challenge because although it is not a scam I would not recommend it to people.

For my recommendation and How I work at home earning a full-time living please click here to learn more.

Here is a review on YouTube

I could place quite a few on here all saying pretty much the same thing. My NO.1 recommendation is far better than SAS and when it comes to learning all the skills and getting all the tools, Wealthy Affiliate outdoes everything relating to Affiliate Marketing on the Internet.

I know this is a very bold statement however if you have spent as much time as I do online checking out all kinds of different platforms, you will agree with me.

It’s great these people are trying to make a living and I am sure John gets clients because you see his ads everywhere online which is costing him loads of money so I hope it’s working for him.

For me though it just isn’t enough to keep me there and I have spoken to others who feel the same.

Your Own Business

When you become an Affiliate Marketer, you are starting your own business so you need to learn every skill step by step and this will give you a head start in the Industry. If you don’t get it right by learning, you will most likely lose out and not keep going due to frustration, buying into crappy programs, or not working hard enough with the skills you need.

To belong to an honest truly pay it forward platform is the best and I now have 2 businesses online and will continue to grow as time allows.

I knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing when I started my journey and now I help people whenever they need help inside the NO.1 Platform for Affiliate Marketing so go check it out for free or click here to learn more.

SAS gives You

Here is my comparison chart so you can see for yourself.

I also want to add the income claims John Crestani makes are dishonest.

No-one can join a program and within a few hours make a commission and even $1,000 after your 1st week. This is so scammy and not real. it is impossible to do this unless you win some money and good luck with that as well.


Yes, the training you get is good

Pre-built templates for Landing Pages

A money-back Guarantee which is good


Only video training. No actual tools to help you

Unreal Income Claims

Lacking Support for people

Filled with the sales hype

Before I joined my favorite platform I did my due diligence and every review I read was awesome and everything I read is true.


This is not my longest review however the points I have covered should be enough for anyone to realize SAS is maybe not such a great investment of your money or your time.

I always try my best to give people an understanding of a company by writing honest reviews and SAS kind of reminds me i=of Six Figure Mentors, photos with fancy cars they have leased to look rich and famous when the business was terrible.

John Crestani Review

John standing beside a Lambo but is it his?

I’m not saying John’s business is terrible, I just feel very strongly that it is not a great choice.

With that comment, I am going to finish now

Please do me a favor, leave a comment so I know I am doing ok and if you disagree I’d love to hear from you too.

This is Vicki signing out until tomorrow


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12 thoughts on “John Crestani Review – Super Affiliate System worth it?”

  1. Here is the case of a successful affiliate marketer that has a good product but it’s overpriced and a bit hyped. I honestly think he is using his success and fame as a successful person to charge more for his product. He does deliver quality but it’s interwoven with all these dishonest income claims. So, I would not recommend SAS either.

    • Hi Henry and I agree with you

      Ego driven prices will not win in the end and I feel like you do this is what is happening with John.

      I am glad to share this review as there are way better platforms that give you everything you need and my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate 100%

  2. hello’ I like your review it shows honesty. John Crestani business could be a lucrative one seen that it involves training. But I think he is charging too much for such a short time, and his course subjects do not sound like they carry much vital information. 

    Crestani should know that not everyone who is mindful to do business online has the kind of money that he charges.


    • I agree Dorcas and thank you for your input today

      Wealthy Affiliate has everything anyone needs to become successful online and I feel John is pushing the boundaries of honesty here

  3. Dear Vicki,

    Thanks for the detailed and in-depth review post.

    The information you shared on what we will learn from this program is very helpful and I totally agree with you this not worth the huge investment.

    $997 Oops! The cost is quite expensive and I believe there are better training, support and tools available for Affiliate Marketing at a much cheaper price.

    I hate too much hype and unrealistic claims. One of my mentor always advised me to stay away from programs and products which claims and promise me to help me make Easy, Quick, Fast and Immediate money. I will stay away from Super Affiliate System.

    Based on my experience it will take time, effort and work in order to succeed online.

    Much Success!


    • Yes $997 is really not a good fee to pay especially when you are buying into John’s affiliate programs which anyone can join for free. kind of weird and doesn’t make me feel like this is a good investment either

  4. Online marketing schools and tutorials is making business out of Affiliate Marketing System. Most of what I read about do offer helpful trainig, however it’s a bit overpriced and has some inessential training in the package. I looked upon your comparison chart. A reader doesn’t have to be smart enough to understand that you can get more from Wealthy Affiliate that Super Affiliate. 

    I am a newbie and since I want to learn I would’ve asked a lot of questions for sure. If my inquiries wouldn’t be entertained by SA (because they don’t have coaching), then it’ll pose a problem for sure especially among the newbie group. As they say, It takes days to get a client but seconds to loose one.

    • Soo true and well-done getting started on Affiliate Marketing and I am so glad you chose my NO.1 recommendation as well 

      You rock

  5. Thanks for the reviews.

    I came across John, whilst he was marketing the previous guise of this site, which was a bit of a strange mix of not very much substantive. I see plenty of the same materials in his new venture, and that is where it immediately falls down for me, if an affiliate program is even nearly successful, why would it need to change it’s name?

    Time to turn around and run in the opposite direction.

  6. Hello Vicki and thanks for this review.

    I was looking at this but it was too expensive for my pocketbook and Right off the top, I was wondering if the cost is “one time” or is it a yearly cost? Answer to my question… a six-week course. So I guess my next question would be… Can you repeat this course?  I would presume so because, if it’s from Clickbank, you would have to download it to your computer so you can go through it over and over again.  I think I’m answering my own questions.

    The training does seem to be good but, there is also a lot missing and because of that, I don’t know why someone would want to buy this? It IS overpriced as you say and that’s all you get.  There doesn’t seem to be any support, no community to draw expertise from and I wonder if there would be free updates to the training as things change in the affiliate marketing genre change? 

    Wealthy Affiliate, your #1 recommendation, would be mine as well.  Quite simply, they have everything:  training, support, 24/7/365 help from a community that is second to none, free websites, access to the owners, tools, constant updates to the platform, and on and on.

    And, IT’S AFFORDABLE and, you can try it for free.

    Thanks, again, for this review,


    • Yes, Wayne, it does seem over the top and I think maybe a little bit ego priced rather than real pricing because John has been seen and heard on different places, he feels he can justify these costs I guess

      Kyle and Carson the owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate have no changed their prices for over 10 years as they truly want to help people and keep it affordable and the price that’s charged for everything members get, it is incredible and well worth investing in yourself by joining Wealthy Affiliate

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thought and all the very best online Wayne.


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