Is Trades of Hope a Scam

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So, Is Trades of Hope a Scam?

What is Trades of Hope?

Is Trades of Hope a Scam

Founded by: Gretchen Huijskens, Holly Wehde, Chelsie Antos, and Elisabeth Huijskens with their headquarters based in Florida

Trades of Hope is a Christian Based organization in the USA and is also an MLM business Opportunity and was founded in 2013.

It was developed to help underprivileged women/ artisans sell their creative products via MLM to give them a better life.

How does it work?

To join Trades of Hope you have 3 business packs to choose from to get you up and running. The way people market and sell the products is really simple.

You join Trades of Hope (Limited to the USA) and you invite people to view the products and you get sales. You also get team members to do the same.

You get a free website for the 1st month and then you pay a fee to continue using the website. This is to cover hosting costs and admin.


Cost to Join: See image below

Is Trades of Hope a Scam

There are 3 different options to become a business owner and it is recommended you go with the $199 if you are serious about building a business with Trades of Hope.

Is Trades of Hope a Scam?

No, it is a legitimate business. But, I can see a few things about this business that makes earning money a challenge.

You have to get people and then you have to get more people so you need a very strong network to work with and you must be ready to work constantly to keep your rank within the company.

MLM’s are everywhere and I hear stories a lot from people who have tried some and they all tell me it is hard to keep getting people.

I have also been involved with MLM’s over the years and my struggle was the same and another challenge was having to buy a product, just to keep your business alive. Every month, you must spend a certain amount to keep your level in the business, and who wins when you have to do this?

Of course, the people at the top.

I am involved in Affiliate Marketing and I am at the top of my own business, and I don’t recruit or push people around, and there is no inventory stacking up in one of my cupboards. So great. Click the link above to find out more for free.


I would have to rate this opportunity a 5/10 because although it’s honest and Yes, you will help people in different countries, less fortunate than the USA but you still have to recruit people all the time to build your team to keep your rank within the company and those people who join you, have to do this as well and the people who join them have to recruit and buy and sell.

I compensation plan to me, just doesn’t cut it either as it is the people at the top who are winning again when it should be the hard-working associates that get more income from this type of business.

My opinion, I know, but, having found a much better way to create an income I can’t rate this type of business any higher.

Go check it out for yourself by clicking here

Compassion in Business

Trades of Hope is certainly making a difference to people in different countries with their pay it forward ways and this is incredible as helping people live better lives is what people should be doing, however, I feel the people who are working very hard building a business within Trades of Hope need more income for their efforts and without limitations such as having to spend x amount to keep their business running at the same level or higher.

Is Trades of Hope a Scam?

I also know that by owning your own business and earning more than a full-time income, you have choices on who to support and who to give to without any limitations, monthly spending or recruiting and Affiliate Marketing gives me this type of Freedom.

Fair Trade

Is Trades of Hope a Scam

Trades of Hope is a member of the Fair Trades which is awesome as when I saw this I knew this business opportunity was legitimate and not some form of exploitation so that is wonderful to see and also there is a money-back guarantee on products which proves this company is offering people honesty with their trade/products.


Is Trades of Hope a Scam – NO. It is a good business with sound principles and good products, although a limited selection. I guess this will grow over time with more artisans selling their wares.

It is another MLM who is part of the Direct Selling Association so it is reputable and the people who own this company are truly helping people in different countries but is it worth your money and your time?

Only you can decide.

I found a better way to help people and make money without any MLM involvement and I love what I do every day online.

If you want to learn what I have learned and start your own online business, then I invite you to join me inside my no.1 recommendation-Affiliate Marketing, for free and once you have had a look around, setup up your account and profile, and gone through some of the awesome training, you will know whether it is right for you to continue and if it is, then great and if not, I wish you well with your future endeavors.

Before I go

thank you for reading through this post and if you do go join Trades of Hope, I wish you all the very best, and should you decide to join me inside the no1 platform online to begin your online business journey, then great and I look forward to connecting with you inside

Go well and be awesome


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  1. Thank you for giving the very detailed overview of Trades of Hope, their heart is pointing in the right directions, but where your heart is that’s where your treasure is and I don’t think their treasure is in the right direction. I personally agree with you on MLMs. I haven’t found a good one yet and really dislike how they say you own a business. The truth is, the company owns your business, not you. Find what you love, learn it so well that people take notice and then you will find your business.

    • Absolutely Nate- Great comment and you are spot on with all you have said thank you so much

      Go well and keep being awesome

  2. Hi,

    Trades of Hope sounds a bit like drop-shipping doesn’t it? I’m not too familiar with drop-shipping in particular but I think you need inventory to start. I have tried something similar to that but you’re right when you say that you need a huge network to get the ball rolling and money to buy the inventory as well so it becomes very difficult to maintain doesn’t it. 

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    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for this info. This was an article written by the previous owner of the website. I am in the process of updating it and I will take your advice and consider adding it to the content of the article. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the article.


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